Brian Stelter: Jeff Zucker Just Resigned From CNN

Is this the end?

The boss has fallen on his sword.

What does it mean for “journalism” in America?

Note: Rumors are spreading on the internet that Chris Cuomo dropped dirt on Zucker.


  1. “What does it mean for “journalism” in America?”

    Uh, collapsing ratings.

    Get woke, go broke.

    (Common folks get fired, moneyed elite ‘resign’)

  2. ” PayPal stock is plunging after the company reported weaker-than-expected guidance”

    Stock down 25% in hours.

    Serves the SOBs , ban REDICE, RYAN DAWSON, ADAM GREEN etc.

    Hope they go bankrupt.

    Get woke, go broke.

  3. Repulsive character, including the Uncle Fester physiognomy.

    >Rumors are spreading on the internet that Chris Cuomo dropped dirt on Zucker.

    Why not? — media people are generally, and in every conceivable way, scum — the decline in CNN’s ratings (link) should have been enough to get him fired long ago, but apparently weren’t — so one could ask: On whom did he have dirt?

  4. Please ladies and gentlemen, do not panic! The network has assured me that Mr. Zucker will be replaced by another ugly, gentile-hating jew in a few days.

  5. It means: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Maybe they’ll find a dindu who converted to Talmudism to serve as frontman. Maybe the oligarchs who use it as a money-laundering operation decided to find a laundry that didn’t reek so bad.

  6. Good, maybe he can now hang out with Harvey Weinstein. Watching who’s in and out in the Je* media mafia is like following who’s in and out of Stalin’s Soviet Union where Stalin is using then discarding lots of loathsome J Bolsheviks and putting in new ones to be his henchmen.

    “It must, over and over again, be pointed out to the adherents of the movement and in a broader sense to the whole people that the Jew and his newspapers always lie and that even an occasional truth is only intended to cover a bigger falsification and is therefore itself in turn a deliberate untruth. The Jew is the great master in lying, and lies and deception are his weapons in struggle.

    Volume 1, Chapter 12

    It’s important to understand that the terrible anti Southern, anti White, anti America First lying media is dominated by a Je*ish media mafia, the same as organized crime from the 1920s-1980s was dominated by Sicilian Italian American organized crime – but neither was/is exclusively Je*ish or Italian. The Italian American Mafia had some very influential Je* criminals like Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schutz, Bugsy Siegel and that Je* Rothstein that fixed the 1919 Black Sox World Series.

    Not everyone at CNN or the Washington Post or in Hollywood is Je*ish, just like the Bolshevik Communists in Central and Eastern Europe 100 years ago there are other evil ethnic groups involved in the American Mainstream Media, fake Conservative National Review, Cuckservative opposition and at the top of Lib anti White Demorat Leftist politics like the Cuomo Family, the Clintons, some non practicing Irish Catholics even LDS Mormons. But at the top it’s the J ethnic media mafia masters. No one gets away with saying anything this J media mafia doesn’t like look at CNN’s White Hispanic Sanchez, or this week Woopie Goldberg.

    Yeah, folks … It’s the Je*s stupid.

  7. >Rumors are spreading on the internet that Chris Cuomo dropped dirt on Zucker.

    It looks like he would have the ‘dirt’ — in this context, an article from early 2021:

    Allison Gollust, CNN exec tied to Gov. Cuomo, accused of being reason Chris gets a pass

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t just have his brother Chris at CNN, he also has ties to one of its top executives — sparking accusations that it’s why the network has turned a blind eye to its star host’s involvement in his sibling’s sexual harassment scandal. … Allison Gollust was Cuomo’s communications director before becoming executive vice president at CNN — where she was even recently tapped to replace Jeff Zucker as Worldwide President, Fox News has noted.

    All of these people have non-jobs — none of them do anything useful or productive.

  8. I am shocked, the kyke liked a woman? What kind of Jew is that? Sick twisted perverted Jew bastard.

  9. He’s a multimillionaire. He can not work for the rest of his life and still live very comfortable. Hell probably go on speaking tours and than move to Israel.

  10. The judenpresse is like a hook-nosed shark: when one jew-tooth is lost, the conveyor belt-like jaws instantly replace it.

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