Jonathan Greenblatt Explains Why Whoopi Goldberg Shouldn’t Be Cancelled

Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from The View for offending the Jews.


    • I thought so too. This is all scripted to maintain the cry that “white supremacism” and “antisemitism” are flourishing. She really didn’t say anything bad about Jews, it was a lead-in for being able to bash whites.

    • If she was White, she wouldn’t get a two week time out, the jews would make sure she never works again in Hollywood, or anywhere else.

  1. There’s that 6 million number again. The amusing thing is that Karen could have said the opposite and Jews would still be kvetching. CNN is now “white supremacy” and “antisemitism” just about 24/7. Attempting to poison several white countries is probably going to have consequences. If this shit alters your DNA Iceland is gone. Probably most of the white population of Scandinavia too. Maybe it’s for the best. Very rapid selection.

  2. The funny thing is, according to the ADL itself and their new definition of “racism,” Whoopi is 100% correct. Greenblatt is using the older, outdated definition of “racism” here.

    Almost as if Jews are full of crap and tactically define the word in whatever way will benefit them the most in any given situation.

    • Lol, looks like the ADL realized this and just now changed their definition again.

      What is the cause of antisemitism, again? Must just be pure irrational virulent hate.

  3. “Jonathan Greenblatt Explains Why Whoopi Goldberg Shouldn’t Be Cancelled……….blah….blah…..blah…….”

    Exempt from the rules, jewish privilege.

  4. This is definitely a “who gives a flying f**k” media story. Such a contrived drama and only compelling to those that live in unreality like twatter er I mean twitter.

  5. “We are deeply troubled and saddened by Ms. Goldberg’s unfortunate choice of words in describing the most horrific event in human history. But our holy Talmud teaches us that schvartzes are nothing more than apes capable of mimicking human speech. They are also invaluable weapons in our ongoing war against the despised white Christian goyim. We therefore forgive Whoopi and will only suspend her for two weeks, during which time she will be required to watch Sophie’s Choice and Schindler’s List over and over again.”

    Jonathan Greensplatt, Chief Macher, Anti Gentile League

  6. The Jews are an inferior race. The Jews persecute and torment the weak and the innocent in open out and out defiance of Gods laws. How can you call yourself a civilized human being when you prey upon the weak and the innocent? Why did the Jews kill Christ? The only perfect person ever born, the only person ever born to never have sinned not even once, why? Because the Jews are human? Stop making me laugh.

    Whoopi, the Jews hate the innocent, and the Jews hate you without reason in the same way they hate Christ. It is in the blood.

    • “The Jews are an inferior race. The Jews persecute and torment the weak and the innocent in open out and out defiance of Gods laws”

      Oh come on, that sounds ridiculous. Jewish people are intelligent human beings. The whole problem is living in the diaspora warps peoples minds psychologically. When you don’t have a state, you don’t have an army to protect you and never have that “safety and security” at the base of the Maslow pyramid. The problem is the enlightenment led the west to let them have huge amounts of power and influence which most of them use not to run it like an ordinary gentile statesman, but to ease their fears and phobias to the detriment of the nation state. It’s really a tragic situation for both parties, Israel was the best thing to happen to them, too bad more of them with this need to “ease their paranoia” don’t move there.

      • Jews do all of the same things in Israel, though. It’s not because they’re a diaspora. It’s because they’re a genetically defective people.

      • Stalin was willing to give the Zhids their own autonomous oblast in the Soviet Far East. A safe, secure territory where nobody would bother them and they wouldn’t be displacing anyone. But establishing a jewish homeland was the furthest thing from their jewish minds.

      • Nightowl you are either really stupid or an Israeli barrack troll(I suspect the latter).Only a Jew uses the term”diaspora”.And you had to throw in Maslow.So obvious.Let me sum it up:Jews are the children of the Devil,Jesus said this.Jews are vampires who prey on nations,they are not weak and grasping.They have the power of Hell behind them.But the Lord God is infinitely more powerful and the Jews day of hurting God’s people is almost done.Christ is King.The Master Jesus is our protector .

  7. She’s seeing it from a black perspective as other whites feuding amongst themselves. From black think race is all about them. Well yes it was about race as Hitler perceived them as a foreign body. But of course in a way she’s right though, he killed them for their politics, not because of that blond hair blue eye misinformation crap they teach Americans. If the schools said the persecutions were about politics it might cause Americans to take a look at them and see just what exactly their politics are? And low and behold, it’s basically the shit sandwich being served by the democratic party.

  8. I wonder if the jew would feel the same if she was a White male? She was suspended for dare questioning the holohoax. Jews have no power, it’s all a conspiracy theory.

  9. @Nightowl,

    Cringe! You still buy into the “Final Solution ” narrative of the jews? There has never been found an order by Hitler or anyone else to exterminate the lying parasites.

  10. They have been waiting to sink their fangs into Whooping ever since she backed Mel Gibson during the jew’s hysteria over The Passion of the Christ film.

  11. The Hollow Hoax is the biggest BULLSHIT piece of fabricated history ever pushed on the West.

    1) Jews are not God’s People. Therefore, their death is MEANINGLESS to YHWH. as in NULL.
    Only the Church matters to Christ God. The Jews- not one fingernail of difference.

    2) The entire charade has been gone over, again and again, from Rassinier and Zundel, to Germar Rudolf, David Cole, and Fred Leuchter. SIX MILLION DID NOT DIE!!!!


    Joy Behar is the biggest HOAX on the View. Whoopi said NOTHING WRONG!

  12. The one great thing about the censorship and deplatforming of Pro-White activists and White Nationalists, is that is it has prevented them, via distraction, from getting in the way of those who are trying to destroy the White race, thereby saving the Anti-Whites from themselves. It was only a matter of time; we have at least 109 recorded historical instances where those who think they are the smartest people on this earth outsmarted themselves.

    There is a saying about how one should never interrupt one’s enemy when he is making a mistake. Well Nosferatu, thanks to the censorship and cancellation antics of his confreres, just made the classic Category 4 mistake:

    1. Major premise: Race does not exist, because it is only a social construct which falsely categorizes all people by race rather than the content of their character (I Have a Dream, Hallelujah!)
    2. Minor premise: Racism such as that practiced by White Supremacy supports this social construct.
    3. Conclusion: Jews are not a race.

    That’s where all the charges of Anti-Semiism, pogroms and the Holocaust of Hatred so encompassing that six million Jews are no longer on this earth to grace the rest of humanity with their Tikkum Olam.

    Whoopi assumes that the Holocaust Remembrance Day memorializes another aspect of sectarian violence plaguing Europe during the Middle Ages with Catholics versus Protestants, more Orthodox versus less Orthodox sects; thus concluding it concerned the genocide of European Jewry at the hands of European Christians. IOW, “Man’s inhumanity to man.”

    Then that cackling yenta, Joy Behar, and the media lynch mob assert … 4. Jews are not White. They were the ultimate victims of the “Master Race” of Whites who saw them as an inferior race.

    How dare Whoopi say otherwise! They then publicly humiliate her by loudly kvetching until she is publicly humiliated by wringing numerous apologies and then suspending her for two weeks to “reflect” on the pain she caused. Then they all kvell about what a “teachable moment” this is.

    Boy, was it ever. Nosferatu et al red-pilled every “goyim” on the planet about how they operate. Including various “people of color” who thought of themselves as the Jews’ equal partners against the Big Lie – Race – created by White Supremacists – rather than Useful Idiots employed as mere weapons against Whites.

    Yeah, Whoopi, who knows which side her bread is buttered on, apologized once, followed it up with groveling and begging forgiveness, but I could see the rage in her eyes. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one, because it looks like quite a few of the sharper knives in the Semitic drawer saw it and thus, the third definition in a futile attempt to lull the gentiles back to sleep. Good luck on that one, Nosferatu.

  13. Yup, Whoopi has had time to reflect and boy, is she pissed! It’s on! She is threatening to quit The View. I don’t think the issue is necessarily a “Take This Job and Shove It” scenario. I think she’s going to leverage it for a humongous pay raise to keep her on The View and with the proviso that they can’t punish her for anything she says no matter how outrageous or offensive, because Our Sassy Black Friend respects NO SACRED COWS!

  14. The glaring difference between the draconian treatment of Roseanne Barr at the time when her resurrected series was netting ABC 25 milliion new viewers and was Number One in the ratings and the rolled up newspaper smack on the snout to Whoopi Goldberg AKA Caryn Elaine Johnson’s much lower-rated squawking hen-fest that is The View is exposing a rather seismic political paradigm shift.

    The first African American woman to be president of ABC was named Channing Dungey who fired Roseanne Barr and canceled her show after Barr made a racist analogy to Planet of the Apes about former Obama advisor; the light-skinned African-American, Valerie Jarrett. She resigned shortly afterward and was quietly transferred to a less public position somewhere else in the entertainment industry in 2018.

    The current president of ABC is an African-American woman by the name of Kimberly Godwin.

    Godwin’s Law (of Nazi Analogies): The theory that, as (an online) discussion progresses, it becomes inevitable that someone or something will eventually be compared to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, regardless of the original topic.

    Publicly “Correcting” other people’s “errors” – like censoring or canceling anyone you disagree with, while casting yourself as the moral authority can speed up the invocation of Godwin’s Law.

    The best example of this is the arbitrary, authoritarian handling of COVID by trying to force experimental shots, which were quickly proven not only to be ineffective but cause even more harm while banning the use of proven effective treatment, if used early like HCQ, monoclonal antibodies, and Ivermectin because their patents had all expired years ago and they were very inexpensive, thus jeopardizing the profits the VAX-manufacturers were expecting.

    We presently see Godwin’s Law on Steroids going on, Now the “VAX” mandates are getting pushback, from the skeptics and other people who may be ignorant of precisely WHO is behind trying to force them to take an experimental treatment which only confers immunity from lawsuits if anything goes wrong. These good people are probably clueless as hell how Godwin’s Law upsets the owners of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and Astrozenica when they can all claim to have lost relatives to the Holocaust.

    At this point, I’ll end this post with an allusion to DATGOY, shorthand for Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (h/t to Adrian the name of whose website I forget) striking again! Proverbs 26:27l

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