Tucker Carlson Is Pulling Young Democrats

How bad is coastal media losing control over the narrative in the trenches to the “far right”? It is worse than you thought. They can’t even pull their own audience on cable these days.

The Wrap:

“There is an entire cottage industry within media dedicated to disseminating Tucker Carlson’s nightly Fox News musings to presumably liberal audiences who may not be tuning in to hear what the leading conservative voice is telling his large following. But recent data from Nielsen MRI Fusion suggests those nightly dispatches may not be necessary: In October, the most recent month for which data is available, Carlson’s 9 p.m. ET program was the top cable news show among Democrats in the advertiser-coveted age range of 25-54. …”

If you have already heard Chris Hayes on 1/6 a thousand times, why would you keep tuning in ?


“Pity the poor Fox News Channel viewer.

Caricatured in the press as Ivermectin-swallowing, knuckle-dragging know-nothings, typecast by liberal politicians as addicted to the conservative “echo chamber,” and dismissed by the Twitter cognoscenti as stump-stupid dupes of Trump, Fox News devotees also serve as a reliable punchline for stand-up comedians, unfit for polite company and unqualified for political discourse. …”

Is there a connection to all of these people watching Tucker Carlson and “disinformation” and “misinformation” spreading like wildfire and Joe Biden losing across the board on every issue?


  1. We need nationalists and their way of thinking, not conservatives who fold at every opportunity. We have seen what conservatives conserved over the last few decades, zilch. .

  2. CNN and MSNBC are on their last legs. Without Trump being their punching bag, they have nothing to offer. They have to keep manufacturing crisis after crisis to stay relevant. The media would be nothing without Trump.

    David Duke said during the 2016 Louisiana senate debate, “the media decides who our candidates are!”

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