Glenn Greenwald: Democrats Are Pressuring Companies To Censor For Them

We live in a funhouse mirror world.

Nothing is really what it seems to be in this world.

In this world, “The Free Press” is mainly focused on censorship.

In this world, the “illiberals” are the people who are loudly opposed to that censorship and who support free speech. Meanwhile, the “liberals” are the people who want to censor the internet to stop the spread of “disinformation” and “misinformation.” Wrap your mind around that one.

In this world, the “authoritarians” are the people who despise Anthony Fauci and who mock the CDC and who want to mind their own business and be left alone. The “authoritarians” are the people who refuse to wear masks and get vaccinated. The “anti-authoritarians” are the people who support vaccine mandates and the state taking away the children of people who refuse to get vaccinated.

In this world, the “authoritarians” are the people who distrust all institutions. The “anti-authoritarians” are the professional class who dominate those institutions and who weaponize them – Big Tech, the Deep State, academia, the “intelligence community,” the media, the public health bureaucracy – to suppress their domestic opposition. The “anti-authoritarians” want a more powerful government. Again, if you are a PMC who is accustomed to bossing other people around, you are an “anti-authoritarian.”

In this world, the “liberals” are the people who like to spy on their neighbors, who invade their privacy, who try to get people fired from their jobs because their political and cultural beliefs, who engage in witch hunting, who can’t stand hearing any opinion other than their own, who go straight to censorship, who preach about how “our democracy” is in peril, etc. Meanwhile, the “illiberals” and the “bigots” are the people who enjoy mocking and ridiculing these people on the internet.

In this world, the “liberals” are hyper focused on their own moral purity and punishing any deviant who steps out of line. The “liberals” are the people who now know for certain what is good and evil. There is no ambiguity. They recognize “racism” and “hate speech” when they see it. It is not “racist” to explicitly base every public policy like distributing the COVID vaccine or access to COVID therapeutics on the basis of race and sex. It is not “racist” to create a complex racial hierarchy and a racial etiquette.

In this world, “liberals” are huge fans of the FBI and CIA, and the “illiberals” are opposed to these institutions. If you don’t care that other people in this country have a different opinion and believe they should be left to make up their own minds, congratulations, you’re the bigot.

If you believe it is legitimate to use violence to stop “fascism,” you are a “liberal.” If you think it is fine to attack the police with a molotov cocktail, you are a “liberal.” It is “illiberal” to believe that everyone has First Amendment rights which are protected by the Constitution.

Get this … the “liberals” are the people who support sending American troops to Poland and Romania to defend “democracy” and the “illiberals” are the people who are opposed to it. As Eric Levitz pointed out in New York Magazine this morning, “the Democratic Party is America’s only small-d democratic party.” After consulting with the American people, Joe Biden made this decision because it is what they wanted him to do. As usual, the “illiberals” and “authoritarians” are Putin’s useful idiots.

The common thread that connects the panic about “illiberalism” and “authoritarianism” with the cries for censorship by the “pro-democracy movement” is that … well, sadly, they are getting beaten at their own game. Coastal media is losing control of the narrative. The fact that Democrats don’t even want to watch the endless 1/6 coverage on CNN and MSNBC says it all.

Does the “mainstream media” even exist anymore when its own core audience doesn’t want to watch their awful programming? Are the “journalists” still reflecting the “mainstream” when over 50% of the public believes that they are the “enemy of the people?”

I’m just throwing spitballs at the wall here, but maybe what we used to think of as the “mainstream” ISN’T anymore? Maybe it has shrunk in size and influence and legitimacy in recent years relative to something else? It is no longer the center of gravity. It caters to more of a niche super woke progressive audience.


  1. Conservative are just as bad as liberals when it comes to censorship. Just look at those conservatives site like Getter and Parlor. Talk truthfully about jews and blacks and you will be banned or reported by those free speech conservatives.

    • Of course they ban their enemies. We should ban our enemies too. This is a war and if you don’t shoot, you will lose.

      Could you imagine, what could West be when western people suppressed communist propaganda, long ago ? No immigrants, no woke issues no climate no sexual perversity.

      Thanks to free speech, Jews managed to subvert entire West with their brainwashing lies and propaganda. When was the last time when free speech won the Jewish defamation machine ?

      • Wow. Imagine the Peace that would come, if EVERY JEW were silenced? By any means necessary.

        No more Hollow Hoax propaganda, no more claims of [sic] ‘anti-semitism,’ no more schvitzing, and plotzing, and kvetching….. It would be worth ‘anudda shoah’…. since it never took place, anyway.

      • Its more complicated than that Juri.

        Everything that has happened, is because the jews had free speech through their ownership of mass media, while the conservative public had none, and their votes were not respected, and still aren’t.

        Everything that has happened, is because political conservatism is corrupt, and in the pockets of extremely rich jews that rule globally. If we had no free speech at all, no one would be allowed to question this corrupt relationship, and the people that make websites like this would have died in gulags long ago.

  2. Of course there is censorship because there is a war going on. The U.S. is a perpetual war economy, and its satellites are involved in the war, and the nations that it is trying to conquer and control are also forced to become war economies, distortions of what they would be. Censorship, control of communications, and imprisonment of serially-disobedient independent journalists are all integral to the struggle of the elites and their system against the rise of common people in the U.S. and around the world.

    Censorship of the Left by the system is much worse, much more harsh than the system’s censorship of the too far right! Michael Parenti explains:

    • “Censorship of the Left by the system is much worse, much more harsh than the system’s censorship of the too far right!”

      Lol, not even close.

      “Michael Parenti explains”
      On a YouTube channel, that still exists.

      • “not even close”:

        No. He is EXACTLY CORRECT. You are thinking of the fake “left” that is very rarely censored. But the true Left that actually CROSSES THE LINE of capitalism, imperialism and Zionism is the most heavily censored position of all.

        “On a YouTube channel, that still exists”:

        Of course that University of California channel still exists, and Parenti’s talk almost 15 years ago, didn’t have many views even then, so it isn’t taken down. The speaker is getting very old now, but when he was still active he was being increasingly censored and shut out because he kept telling the truth about the system, war, Israel, etc. – albeit in a New York accent, and I’ll admit, he’s not a gifted speaker.

        • Yes, the tenured professor, published over a dozen times by mainstream publishers, welcomed in DC think tanks, and celebrated as a “progressive icon” for decades is censored lol. You’re a clown.

          When your political ideology is identical to the editorial line of Teen Vogue, I believe it’s safe to say you are not at all censored or a threat to anything lol.

          • “tenured professor, published over a dozen times”:

            Kevin MacDonald is tenured and has mainstream-published too (in the past); tenured professorship proves nothing about not being censored. Censorship of the Left is real and even harsher than censorship of the far right.

            “welcomed in DC think tanks”:

            Not welcome at any of the Neocon and Neoliberal think tanks. Others, such as social justice NGOs will accept what appears to be “progressive” window dressing.

            “celebrated as a progressive icon for decades”:

            Celebrated within a shrinking limited circle, and no longer invited to speak at important venues. Those who continue to challenge capitalism, imperialism and Zionism (Parenti does all that) and promote outright socialism are being increasingly censored, blocked, demonetized, grayed-out, shut out, and misrepresented as this “nation” swings even further to the right.

            I admit that Parenti an Italian New Yorker is a poor choice for me to cite here, since he is very weak on race and ethnicity in relation to socialism.

            Another useful piece by Parenti on methods of censorship:

          • Kevin MacDonald is not “far right.”

            Not being invited to important venues is not the same as being banned at all venues, banned from all mainstream publishing houses, banned from banking and money transfer services, banned from employment, etc. which the “far right” is. It isn’t comparable at all. The left is only ever censored as far as they challenge Israel (which they only do indirectly, and in the stupidest, most anti-White way possible by claiming Israel is an outpost of White supremacy). On everything else they are encouraged because their ideology reinforces ruling class ideology and agendas (all “leftism” itself being a subset of enlightenment liberal philosophy, rooted in the theology of papist Aquinas).

          • “Kevin MacDonald is not far right”:

            Parenti says (and I agree) that NPR and the New York Times are right-wing, which moves MacDonald further to the right than you recognise.

            “not the same as being banned at all venues, banned from all mainstream publishing houses, banned from banking and money transfer services, banned from employment, etc. which the ‘far right’ is”:

            No. All of that happens to the socialist Left as well – the Left that crosses the line of forbidden opposition to capitalism as such, imperialism, war and Zionism, and offers a better alternative. But there is much more drama, more attention paid to censorship of the “too far” right.

            “The left is only ever censored as far as they challenge Israel (which they only do indirectly, and in the stupidest, most anti-White way possible by claiming Israel is an outpost of White supremacy”:

            The Left I refer to do not call Zionism White supremacy, and they go beyond BDS.

  3. It is monumentally more difficult to gain the attention stuff like this requires to force these big institutions to comply with patients rights to the treatment they want when there’s been so much faggotry in the media and bloggosphere shilling government narratives about these alternative treatments.

    This never could have happened if the majority of conservative media like Fox and most of the click based “Independent” Media of social media platforms and blogs had been at all discerning in their coverage of the gayop.

    • ISA, our Host is strangely radio silent about that new John Hopkins study showing conclusively that all the Covid madness ( lockdowns) was useless in stopping the spread. Funny that. Now that Orange Man gone, the need to do penance had dissipated.

      Similarly, Sailer was eviscerated by his commenters at Unz Review when he did a limited hangout mea culpa on the subject recently. And Ron Unz himself gets gutted when he pontificates on Covid. Seems we plebs got it more together than the professional noticers on the Dissident Right.

      • The “Covid madness” of faked, inadequate hygienic control was not insane. It was planned. Hygiene (including separation, tracing, lockdowns, masking) does work to eradicate infectious diseases. It is “useless” only if it is done improperly. “Herd immunity” – letting the disease rip so that the profit-making of big business and banks would not be hindered by the pandemic – was always the de facto policy, from the very beginning. The U.S. could lead the world in eradicating this new class of human disease. But it can’t, because the U.S. is nothing but a huge protection arrangement for big businesses and the super-wealthy elites. Instead of eradicating Covid, the U.S. was the direct source of infection to most of the world (all of Latin America, most of Europe, much of Africa, Middle East and Oceania, proven by genetic studies of collected samples of the constantly mutating virus) and even now the demanding that China must end its Zero Covid policy.

        The System may fuss, fume and censor, but deep down it really LOVES, it NEEDS, right-wing opposition to national public health care (that does not even exist in the U.S.) and to international medical cooperation, laws and protocols. Right-wing opposition to science is the real madness.

        • There are also many fools in the US who refuse to practice decent hygiene when viruses are circulating. Once it got here, it wasn’t going to be stopped.

        • The Anti-vaxx (or “anti-mandate”) trucker invasion of the Canadian capital is just what the System needs. Almost half of truck drivers in urban areas in the U.S. and Canada are non-White now, and at least one quarter of long-distance truckers are non-White, including many foreigners. Nearly all the Anti-vaxx truckers demonstrating in Ottawa are White. They are demanding the “freedom” to spread disease and be sick and die if they choose; they are doing what the System wants (though the System would never say so): demonstrating themselves into complete slavery and poverty or right out of existence.

          • @ For the one millionth time it is about soverneigty, personal soverneigty, we have soverneigty, or we don’t, God in heaven is my God, this personal soverneigty I have, that the Lord give me, I am fighting too keep, along with my birthrite, you statist , whether left or right, are all the same, you got your nose up everybody’s ass, trying too boss everybody around…….

        • Mr. collectivist Real Socialism Anon, the hygiene you and our Host support, such as lockdowns, social distancing, masking, and etc., does not work. That is what the John Hopkins study shows. To effectively combat a virus, you would have to wear masks, decontaminate, lockdown, and so forth 100% of the time, even at home, even in bed. Otherwise, if a single particle containing the virus penetrates the barriers, the disease continues its life.

          The measures taken have a de minimus impact on controlling the contagion, so the purpose obviously is economic: eliminating jobs so as to render employees and small employers helpless against Leviathan. Any justified cost-benefit analysis says the benefit of the specific steps taken worldwide to control covid is vastly outweighed by the cost, literally and in human suffering and totalitarianism. That is what the JH study shows.

          The zero covid crowd, like Mr. Griffin, all have their reasons for supporting an unsupportable policy. Those reasons do not include care and concern for their fellow citizens. If your reason is as a cudgel to impose a government health care system, so be it, but that system must impose limits, because otherwise it will bankrupt us all. Without health, nothing else matters, so free health care would be consumed beyond the capacity of any society to provide that service. Sarah Palin was right; death panels would be the result, as well as simple denial of care to opponents of the regime. No thanks.

          • Do you know who cares about their fellow citizens? The people who don’t care that over 800,000 of them are dead now like, literally, the worst thing that ever happened in all of American history

          • Not taking the bait I see. Smart move. As noted above, the John Hopkins study shows all the steps you zero covid supporters (as is the Grinning Reaper Anthony Fauci- great company) HAVE NO IMPACT on slowing, much less eliminating, the virus and its cousins. So it is you who care nothing for those people negatively effected by public policy on covid.

            And you still fail to acknowledge the fake and gay covid death numbers, which are based on government reimbursement of health care organizations. People dying BECAUSE of covid are those with the genetic predisposition to do so, due to age or idiosyncratic preexisting conditions. So the reality is your caterwauling over covid ” deaths” is counterfactual.
            But you know that. Orange Man Bad trump’s (!!!) all. We all have our blind spots. Donald John Trump is yours. The rest of us have moved on.

          • Is it 800,000 or 900,000 deaths now? Again, who cares? Someone on the internet said that never happened. Every hospital and coroner in the United States is part of a vast conspiracy to pretend that people died of COVID

          • Re “Sarah Palin was right; death panels would be the result”:

            Sarah Palin has a closed mind unwilling to learn any factual history of national health care that absolutely disproves her “death panels” claim and your contention that it necessarily “would be consumed beyond the capacity of any society to provide that service.”

            The U.S.’s strictly private profit health care system (even Medicare is designed to support the private health insurance industry) is priced beyond the capacity of most people to receive sufficient service. It is by far the world’s most expensive health care system, and yields many poor results (especially poor and ineffective in relation to cost), and of course it is consumed very unequally, and often in a very distorted and wasteful manner (distorted by the profit motive, commercial advertising deception, etc.) while a small elite who can afford the best, most expensive care continue to receive excellent service. The population (I don’t call it a people) of the U.S. will continue to grow sicker and sicker, life expectancy will continue to drop (it’s already below many third world countries) and the old and weak continue to be culled like animals to achieve cost savings and “herd immunity,” while the owners of the two or three corporations that ultimately run the entire U.S. Health Industrial Complex grow richer and richer, and richer.

            You must either support the privileged, parasitic elites extracting rents for medical service, or stand with the people who are being forced to pay the rents. There is no third position!

          • Chloupek, the USA never implemented anything like “zero COVID” policies (not could the USA do so with such a fractured and polarized populace). We had a half-assed shut down of small businesses for a month, then states politely asking people to wear masks with few people actually enforcing it outside of a handful of coastal metros. Of course doing nothing, as the USA did, had no effect. And the USA maintained open borders the entire time, as usual.

            For contrast, I have a family member who lives in Thailand, and they have something approaching “zero COVID.” Not on the level of China, but the best they can do in a poorer country. Practically closed borders, despite tourism making up a large part of the Thai economy, actual quarantines, etc. Americans are asked to wear masks and they believe it’s literally the Apocalypse of John.

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