Axios: The Making of a Modern Republican

In retrospect, I got too blackpilled during the Trump era.

After everything that happened when Trump was president, I find it stunning to say that now. For a variety of reasons, I have flipped though over the past two years from pessimism to optimism.


“Who had the power:

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • The NRA
  • The Koch network
  • Heritage Action
  • The Drudge Report
  • National Review
  • Conservative movement groups such as Tea Party Express, FreedomWorks, and the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Who has power now:

  • Donald Trump
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Family and former aides to Trump
  • Fox News
  • Club for Growth
  • Daily Wire
  • Breitbart News
  • Online influencers including Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino, Joe Rogan, Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk and Marjorie Taylor-Greene.
  • Steve Bannon
  • Susan B. Anthony List

Between the lines: Most of these changes weren’t gradual. They were triggered by the shockwave of 2016. …”

Here’s why:

At the time, I was overly focused on Trump, Congress and their failure to push through a nationalist policy agenda. The Trump administration was a huge disappointment after the excitement of the 2016 campaign. Everything that I said about Dump’s personality cult turned out to be true.

In the background of all this, however, the old GOP was in the process of falling apart. Powerbrokers inside the rotten party were losing power. Polarization was increasing. “Journalists” were becoming tagged as “the enemy of the people.” Most importantly, the conservative media landscape was changing and the voters were changing. The base itself was changing a lot faster than the institutional party.

So, we ended up in a situation where we had a Boomer narcissist as president who was surrounded by incompetent cronies that owed their success to flattering his ego. We had a gerontocracy in Congress that was the product of the old conservative movement. We had an administration that was staffed with treacherous Con Inc. types. Trump worked with those people to secure “wins.”

Meanwhile, our real strength was specifically with younger conservatives under the age of 40. There is a massive gap on racial equality. 40% of older conservatives believe that racial equality is a very important issue compared to only 3.8% of younger conservatives. The split within the party is mainly an age divide. We’re not influencing Reaganites who settled on their ideology when we were in kindergarten.

As time has moved on, things haven’t “returned to normal.” Instead, the base of the party has become much more in flux and much more radical than when Dump was president. He spent his entire presidency ignoring White people. It wasn’t until last month that he brought up White people because of the story about COVID therapeutics that he had saw on FOX News.

Anyway, even if he wins the presidency in 2024, Trump himself will be gone in a few years. The old conservative movement will be long gone. The people who supported it will be gone too. American politics is going to become much more radical as younger people replace them.

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  1. This is eternal problem. Does something happen thanks to someone. Or something happens despite of someone.

    When there is divorce. Is the husband to blame because he is alcoholic. Or husband is innocent and did nothing to destroy the family because he was drunk every last day .

    I am not Russian agent. I work for Putin Kremlin and FSB 24/7 and I have no time to do anything for Russia.

    Now is the current mood because Donald failed presidency ? Or it is because super effective stable genius who managed to radicalize tens of millions people, drove enemy into madness and self destruction and launched a revolution. ?

    Jesus did nothing to defend Christianity. He got killed without causing damage to any enemy. .Did Jesus succeeded or failed ?

    “”..personality cult..””

    By some weird reason, people need leaders and warlords, not abstract ideas. Germans screamed Heil Hitler, not Heil Tax Cuts. Taliban screaming Allahu Akbar, not “support our troops”. Christians screamed Deus Vult , not “rise the defense budget”. Every successful war or revolution needs a leader with some personality cult. This is human nature and there is nothing we can do.

    This word was invented by our beloved comrade Khrushchev for Stalin. But Stalin was the giant who got things done and Khrushchev was clown then and is clown now..

  2. The CY category is just looking more libertarian and less fusionist according to this. Not really a good thing.

  3. The wording in this poll is so biased. It’s clearly a list made of up by libtards with a list of things important to libtards with some things they think matter to “conservatives,” like “religious liberty” and “taxes.” That being said, it’s not very inspiring. My biggest beef with the average right winger is their materialism, this fixation on money and business and the status. Now, I get everyone has to pay the bills. But too many right wingers I know (and I live in the Deep South) their priorities are, like those polled above, primarily those of “economic man.” The biggest concerns were “the economy,” “taxes” and “size of governemnt.” I know guys that were incensed that people got measly Covid checks because “they didn’t work for it,” their brains completely broken by people like Ben mother$&@?ing Shapiro and Dan Bongino. Just this stupid libertarian individualism and frankly I’m just so sick of it. The left dominates our society and our culture because the left has a moral framework, they have a vision for society. The right’s vision is “leave me alone and pay me more.” Leftists would rather have a prestigious job “changing the world” or “fighting inequality,” even if it means a pay cut, while the right winger too often care about personal success in financial terms. Sorry to rant, but to me this is the biggest obstacle on our side, and we will never get anywhere as long as this Milton Friedman Barry Goldwater bullshit reigns supreme.

  4. I’m just glad that “Christian” piece of shit Mike Pence has been exposed as the traitor he was and is. Let’s hope this is one more political career that is over for good. Now, can’t James O’Keefe dig up some evidence about Linsissy Graham being a cross-dressing pedophile? He’s got to go next.

  5. Some very good points were raised here, I still get upset myself when I see Republicans saying another war should be fought over the Ukranian border. The Ukraine isn’t worth getting Americans killed over. Somebody needs to point that out. Although Carlson is making the attempt.

  6. For a long time, the American left was begging for a situation where Republican-oriented donors, the NRA, the Chamber Pot of Commerce and religious conservatives lost their clout within the red team.

    They got what they wished for.

    Like the say, be careful what you wish for.

    It’s also why accelerationism is stupid, part too many to count. It’s because power vacuums are almost always filled in the ways opposite those which those who created the vaccum intended them to be filled.

  7. “Online influencers including Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino, Joe Rogan, Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk and Marjorie Taylor-Greene.”

    Most people think they are worthless. They are just entertainers. All of them are pro-you know who.
    I could care less what they say. They’d switch sides instantly if the money was better. Oh wait, Candace Owens already did that!

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