Chris Hayes: The Mississippi Way

I watched this clip several times last night.

As far as I can tell, there are three points of views here:

1. Sen. Roger Wicker thinks it is ironic that Joe Biden is appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court since affirmative action is on the chopping block again at the Supreme Court and could be struck down. Affirmative action is deeply unpopular even in states like California. Most Americans would rather Joe Biden consider all possible nominees regardless of race and sex.

2. Chris Hayes thinks the Jim Crow South was a horrible, wicked place. As everyone in New York City knows, there used to be a racial caste system and a complex racial etiquette and a good ol’ boys network in Mississippi. The real problem with Jim Crow though is that Whites took their own side and discriminated against blacks. So, what we should do is bring it back and invert it and have a Jim Snow racial caste system and a woke racial etiquette and a good ol’ boys network where blacks like Jim Clyburn are in charge and favor other blacks like Michelle Childs and discriminate against non-blacks.

3. Finally, there is our side, which has always seen MLK and the Civil Rights Movement as a gigantic con that was pushed on America at a time when the mainstream media was a lot stronger than it is now. Gullible Whites were duped into believing that they were moving toward a “colorblind society.” Blacks never bought into this. Instead, it was nothing more than a cynical tactic that was used for a while to push their racial self interest, which was discarded as far back as the late 1960s. The open and explicit rejection of classic antiracism and colorblindness in favor of woke progressivism has confirmed our suspicions. Those of us who have always taken our own side and never felt any sense of racial guilt feel vindicated. Woke progressives like Chris Hayes are fine with racial discrimination as long as it is against Whites.

MLK was a con man. The Rev. Ralph Abernathy was a con man who spilled the beans in his book about the Civil Rights Movement. Jesse Jackson was a close associate of MLK and was at his side on the day he died in Memphis. The “Rev.” Jesse Jackson is a con man like his mentor. The “Rev.” Al Sharpton is such an obvious con man that no one outside of MSNBC doubts it. Malcolm X, too, was a con man.

Note: I see now that Chris Hayes was only carrying water for Chuck Schumer.

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  1. “Malcolm X, too, was a con man”:

    Malcolm Little (his real name) served time in prison for petty crime before beginning his political career, just like Pastor Manning. However Malcolm is different from the others you listed. He was different, because he was conning for the CORRECT view, don’t you think?

    Saul of Tarsus began as a mass murderer of Christians, and finished as the author of most of the New Testament. I am not implying that Malcolm Little became a saint, but he happened to preach, like Thomas Sankara, the correct view of racial/ethnic distinction and separation.

    ALL politicians turn out to be con men, and con women, if they can exist at all in this capitalist system of commercial advertising (lies), greed and exploitation.

    • Malcolm X was an ex-con who worked as a train porter, a pimp, a hustler and a burglar. But his conversion to Islam and his commitment to Black nationalism were real. ZOG is still afraid of him, almost 60 years after his assassination.

  2. Jim Crow = bad. Jim Snow = good. Because “white privilege”. Never ask or report on makeup of the 1% do they? As the ghost of Voltaire noted: If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you may not criticize.

  3. If Whites are the favored race, why are we always getting the short end of the political stick? Whites should be favored because we are the majority and our ancestors built this nation that is now being destroyed thanks to diversity and PC.

    • @ John, whites should be favored, because we earned it, we established standard’s and maintained them, we went above and beyond, where ever and when ever we could, we proved too be reliable, our personal honor and the honor of our people, actually meant something and we held our own people accountable for their actions and most importantly we obeyed our God, it doesn’t take a genius or a saint, too understand,!God favors those who obey him…………

  4. Blacks are merely pawns in Ostensibly White Men’s, and the Jew’s, political games. Some of them are actually starting to figure it out.

    Blacks have always been the chink in the South’s political armour, since the Yankees could never come up with a legal or political argument for why they should rule America, and enjoy all kinds of special rights and privileges.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    MASA- Make America Southern Again.

  5. Mississippi US senator Wicker is one of the loudest neoconservative voices for hybrid and direct warfare with Russia.

  6. Those Ole Miss students in HW’s header photo probably didn’t like colored folks too much. I recently visited Elvis’ boyhood home in Tupelo on my way to Memphis.

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