Greg Gutfeld: The Death of the Legacy Media

Greg Gutfeld is saying what I have been saying on this website.

The “meta story” here is the demise of the mainstream media. It was a spring chicken in the 1920s when New York was ascending in influence over American culture. It is now in its twilight years with New York descending both in dominance and influence over American culture in the 2020s. The censorship is a symptom of a media cartel in retreat which is losing its control over the narrative.

In the good old days, culture was beamed down vertically from media elites and gatekeepers in New York, Washington and Los Angeles to a public that still trusted “journalists” and passively consumed information. This is what Gov. George Wallace struggled with during the Civil Rights Movement. Today, the same trusted channels no longer work and no longer reach the same mass audience. There are too many people creating their own content and talking horizontally to each other through social media. Ideas and narratives spread from even the most disruptable sources like “hate sites” on the internet.

Even with all the draconian censorship, a generation has been raised on the internet. Virtually no one is going to watch Don Lemon or Nicolle Wallace on streaming platforms. There is too much leaking in the way that information is delivered now. There are too many ways to get around the mainstream narrative. If it became absolutely necessary to avoid the gatekeeping and censorship, information could still flow through private conversations on encrypted apps or through Telegram chats.

This is also happening at a time when “journalists” are becoming less and less good at their jobs. They are growing more and more out of touch with ordinary White people. They have no idea what people who live outside of their coastal metros and who didn’t go to their elite colleges are thinking or the way that people like Taylor Lorenz come across to people outside of their bubble.

Jim Acosta, for example, is preaching at us. Stephen Colbert and the New York Times are producing content for a niche audience. These aren’t “mainstream” or national institutions anymore. Most people agree now that “journalists” like Jim Acosta are an “enemy of the people.”


  1. I’ve benn watching a 1985 series called, The Day the Universe Changed.

    The elites spying on this blog should watch this series, so they can understand what is happening to them. The demise of their profession was baked in, the day the Internet was invented. It is pointless to try to fight it, because the change is inevitable. The best they can do is try learn to thrive in a new reality, where they are no longer relevant.

  2. They do not have a comeback when you agree with them. When these people accuse you of being a racist, or an extremist, or a white supremacist and you justify yourself and the way you are with reason they can not answer you and their whole method of attack is completely shot to hell. And it is panicking the living crap out of them. “I am a racist. I hate the blood of those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. and God is within in my righteous hatred.” They do not know how to answer.

  3. Commies get what they deserve.
    Also a brutal meme from the long gone Volkermord showing an SS officer executing NKVD.

  4. It will not actually die until the schlomos behind their curtain decides to stop spending money to pull their strings and levers. They haven’t been a genuinely viable business model for well over a decade. Just money-launderers now, for drugs, child-trafficking, and other Talmudic biznisss-s-s-s-s interetssssss-tsss.

  5. “So many words…
    …so little said”

    That is the epitome of American journalism, wear you down with words.

  6. Today’s “journalists” are Anti-White, shitlib propagandists. The internet is the great game changer disrupting and negating their propaganda.

  7. “culture was beamed down vertically from media elites and gatekeepers in New York, Washington and Los Angeles”:

    Culture, as such, is a natural, bottom-up, organic development. So-called “culture” that is “beamed down” to the mixed population of the imperial “homeland” is nothing but commercial advertising and imperial propaganda.

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