Tim Pool: GoFundMe Seizes Freedom Convoy Fundraising, Plans To “Reallocate” Funds

This also strikes me as being more illiberal and authoritarian than anything I have going on at the moment. Is this another example of ugly freedoms though?


    • >This is the kind of thing that the SCOTUS really needs to take up and fix.

      Maybe — but looking ahead, what kind of country will it be when adjudication by courts or authorities in simple matters of decency and fairness is constantly necessary? — a LOT has already been lost, and I don’t see government and courts as a ‘fix’ for that.

  1. Addendum to my comment above.
    I see it’s the Canadian truckers and not the American convoy that’s being planned. I just watched the Tucker snippet.

    Still, it seems like this is some kind of breach of international law too. I’m assuming GoFundme is Silicon Valley based and the financial transaction is of course international in nature. Can SCOTUS get involved in that sort of thing too?

    • One company treats them like dirt, so they move to another company that treats them like dirt, so they move to another company that treats them like dirt, on into infinity.

      When will people learn to stop using these big tech companies, and build their own sites instead?

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  3. Gofundme released a statement saying the funds will be returned automatically to the donors in 7-10 days. I guess they didn’t want to be sued and charged penalties on charge backs.

    • >I guess they didn’t want to be sued and charged penalties on charge backs.

      It might be too late re charge backs — I saw a tweet yesterday saying every charge back costs GoFundMe $15, and suggesting everyone who donated preemptively notify GoFundMe that they donated in error and wanted their money back.

      If true, this is an obvious way to attempt to financially ding GoFundMe in the future: organize tame campaigns, coordinate donations to them, then have half the people request charge backs — I don’t know how much GoFundMe takes, but it should be simple to adjust the donations and charge backs on such hoax campaigns to make sure GoFundMe loses money — I don’t see how GoFundMe could easily detect and stop this — ?

      People suggesting the bad publicity from the Trucker fiasco will otherwise significantly harm GoFundMe are probably wrong — it’s an established fundraising platform, and quite well known at this point (including their ToS/politics) — if you want to finance your cat’s surgery or a dindu funeral it will still work, and lots of people who just don’t care about politics or are too lazy to look for an alternative will continue to use it.

  4. This is the beginning of the end of Go Fund me if they do this. Nobody will use them, this kind of business is entirely dependent on goodwill and respect. They blew it all up on account of whining of a small of blue state jerks. The truckers can make it hurt for them is they want to. Even a online company needs supplies. Also a lot of state laws don’t let companies do this. The must be lawyers salivating about this. Talk about suicide behavior.

  5. Update – after massive pressure, GoFundMe has agreed to pull back on their fraud, and automatically send refunds to all donors to the truckers

    Notable here that governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan, 2 of Canada’s 13 provinces/territories, have indicated they will drop the covid rules as the truckers wish

    Those are Western provinces with a similar mentality to the USA West – lotsa guns too – but a good chunk of Canada giving the truckers a victory


    • You would be surprised. Leftists will still use them and even some conservatives. I hope they are investigated for fraud and go under.

  6. All this fuss is about poorly-educated, misinformed workers resisting public health measures in a pandemic! WHITE truckers are protesting in Ottawa against their own interest, while their replacements, the colored and foreign truckers, now almost a quarter of the trucking workforce and increasing, are out hauling. The colored and foreign truckers are not so easily fooled.

    Ignore the ridiculous Anti-vaxx Truckers drama or psyop that plays right into the pockets of (further builds the wealth portfolios of) the big business elites, who want health measures to end and no holds barred business as usual to resume in the midst of a pandemic. Instead, pay attention to what They DON’T want you to be thinking about.

      • There could be good reason for a vaccine mandate, just as there is good reason for a government to exist instead of anarchy.

        Read the history of government response (and non-response) to the Black Death in Europe. A few enlightened city states applied the most advanced scientific knowledge, instead of cheap, superstitious witch doctory. They enforced month-long quarantines on traders and all other visitors in quarantine camps outside the cities and towns, hygienic separation, sanitation, even mask-wearing in public, with very good results, especially when compared to adjoining regions that were letting the disease rip. There never was any “herd immunity,” only herd decimation.

  7. I self-identify as vaxed, (and boostered), so I’m good. It’s my reality, and it’s true to me. So no one has the right to force his/her/its/zher reality on me.

    (If there are now women who have penises, then there have to be pure bloods who are vaxed, just because that’s their reality.)

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