New York Times: Ugly Freedoms

The New York Times published a very important new op-ed this morning which is highly relevant to our current debates about so-called “free speech” and the rights of non-experts.

There are beautiful freedoms and ugly freedoms. The ability of someone like Donald Trump to reach a mass audience on social media is an ugly freedom. The ability of someone like Kyle Kulinski to have an unmoderated conversation with Joe Rogan on a platform that cuts out traditional gatekeepers and that dwarfs CNN and which is used to spread transphobia and misinformation which have a negative impact on marginalized communites is also an ugly freedom. In contrast, a beautiful freedom would be something like our civil rights laws which restrict freedom of association or CIA officers and experts “deprogramming” their fellow citizens with a “public health approach” to rightwing domestic extremism.

New York Times:

“It would seem there is a lot of “freedom” being trumpeted by state officials these days.

Within hours of becoming governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin signed an executive order to ban the teaching of critical race theory, explaining that the state must promote “freedom of thought.” He then moved to lift mask mandates in public schools, citing “individual liberty.” In mid-January, Florida lawmakers debated an “individual freedom” bill that would limit discussions about race and discrimination in schools and businesses.

Around the same time, conservative politicians in Georgia created a Freedom Caucus that seeks to, among other things, keep “dangerous ideology” out of schools. And, in Iowa, a Parental Freedom in Education Act would have allowed parents to prevent children from learning anything they find objectionable, inspect teachers’ curriculum and lesson plans at any time and challenge mask mandates. (The bill was rejected in the Iowa Senate.)

Each of these actions used the language of freedom to justify anti-democratic politics. These, then, are what I call “ugly freedoms”: used to block the teaching of certain ideas, diminish employees ability to have power in the workplace and undermine public health.

These are not merely misunderstood freedoms, or even just a cynical use of the language of freedom to frame bigoted policies. They manifest, instead, a particular interpretation of freedom that is not expansive, but exclusionary and coercive. …”

Extreme measures are needed to deal with these problematic ugly freedoms which are enshrined in antiquated white supremacist documents like the Constitution and its institutions.

I envision a new order in which the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, the filibuster, the Senate, the Electoral College and the Supreme Court have been blasted away by the “pro-democracy movement.” I envision empowering an all powerful class of professionals, experts and bureaucrats who live on our coasts and who have the college degrees necessary to perceive what is a beautiful freedom and an ugly freedom and what is democracy and giving those people unlimited power to make all the important decisions!


    • I don’t know.

      I didn’t bother to look it up. Even if she isn’t, these people all think the same and talk same which is what matters

    • Her Twitter handle is libankerDC; not sure what the ‘lib’ stands for, but I suppose I could guess — and yes, she is Jewish — link

      >which is what matters

      Maybe in this narrow context — but weren’t you prepared to take the opposite side in a debate with Kessler?

      And given the fact that organized Jewry is a massive Befürworter of censorship, it’s a little surprising you are not willing to more readily agree that whether or not she is Jewish is relevant — after all, organized Jewry is made up of Jews.

      • I don’t disagree with anything you said. It’s all true. Yes it is relevant she’s one of the tribe, just not in the way you might think. I think the point which we easily miss has to do with the strategy of derailing the Jewish power. This power will not be toppled by direct frontal assault – at least not at this stage. The key is to identify and attack the weakest links in the chains that bind our people. I suspect these will be the white PMCs who carry out Jew orders by seeking to please their masters. Wanker is one of the sources from which the shabbas-goys take their orders. Disrupting the chain of command in order to isolate and attack the shabbas-goys is how the power of Jews can be dismantled.

        That’s why HW’s focus on attacking the message rather than concentrating his fire on the Satanic bitch sending it out is more effective. Normies, and even most alleged Christians, hold Talmudic Satanists in high esteem because (for the alleged Christians) none them seem to have ever read the Gospel of John (for example). Of course the bitch is going to lie. It’s their nature. She is literally a congenital liar. Expect it. Our task is to expose what her statements as the lies they are. The worst self-hating whites are trying to climb the Jew-constructed social ladder. The ladder must be discredited and destroyed.

    • If I was a betting man I’d put my money on yes. There seems to be no dearth of Anti-White Jews but the worst Anti-Whites are White Anti-Whites.

  1. The People’s Committee for the Determination of Beautiful and Ugly Freedoms. That sounds exactly like something you’d find in Berkeley, CA or Amherst, MA.

  2. @ when you don’t trust yourself, you won’t trust anyone else, when you are a walking, talking lie, you fear the truth, in the case of our enemies, those with the reigns of power within their grasp, those who stand at.the bully pulpit, they think that if they rule america and the world for that matter, the people, gods creation, won’t know them, for who and what they are, that we won’t hate them and despise their evilness, our enemies are afraid, as guilty people should be, they thrash about wildly, their fear cripples them, no matter what they do or try, it’s falling apart and they know it and they know they can’t stop it, they made their choices, ain’t nobody’s fault, but theirs………

  3. And the more of this nonsense they blather about, the less effective it is. ” I am the Great and powerful Oz”! Says the Times to nobody outside the blue bubbles they live in.

      • >the role of media having been exposed as a paper tiger

        I’m not so sure I see it like that — not yet, anyway.

        >That’s a great analogy.

        Let me propose another analogy, or historical parallel if you prefer — David Irving agreed to testify in the second Zündel trial. saying he knew of nothing in the archives of German WWII documents proving Hitler ordered, or even knew about, the organized mass murder of Jews — at that trial, the defense introduced the Leuchter Report, which was a forensic examination of what were alleged to be gas chambers (in particular at Auschwitz); Leuchter found no evidence these rooms were ever used as gas chamber, and went further to claim it would have been technically impossible — Irving was impressed by the Leuchter Report, and after the trial became more or less what is today called a ‘Holocaust denier’ — you can find speeches he made at the time saying that within a very short time the ‘Holocaust’ would be exposed as a fraud.

        Of course that never happened — since then, even more countries have enacted laws against ‘Holocaust denial’, and today you hear more about the evil of ‘anti-Semitism’ than ever — organized Jewry went on to ruin Irving’s reputation and career; he was imprisoned for a time in Austria, lost a libel trial against über-Jew Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher, and is banned from entering a handful of countries — the Jews also ruined the professional life of Fred Leuchter (who also did short stints in jail).

        So I’m not quite ready to dance on the media’s grave.

  4. What a moron! Free speech is ok, ONLY, if it aligns with your twisted reality?
    Can this chick get any dumber? I pity the poor students who have to sit thru this crap.
    It”s no mystery all these college grads are brainless idiots with no capability of critical thinking.

  5. She is a Jew, Hillel faculty counselor George Washington University.

    And it is always a Jew who finds a need to insinuate themselves between our God and ourselves. Our rights and freedoms are granted to us by God and there is no room for any Jew thoughts and opinions between us and our God. Not one millionth of a millimeter.

  6. In the name of democracy and freedom let’s put an end to democracy and freedom. It’s really a struggle about staying in power and keeping others out it.

  7. The beautiful people and their beautiful freedoms. The dirt people and their ugly freedoms.

    It’s that simple

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