Dem Rep Asks About “Deprogramming” Americans Radicalized To Extremism

What is illiberalism?

What is authoritarianism?

What is domestic extremism?

In theory, liberalism is supposed to be about rational debate and tolerance for those who disagree and trusting other citizens who are adults to make up their own minds. Presumably, the “illiberals” are the people who are opposed to that and who want the government to crackdown on their opposition.

In our funhouse mirror world though, it is Rep. Elissa Slotkin here who is a former CIA officer who wants the government to start “deprogramming” Americans who she labels “domestic extremists” who do not share her own ideological views. This is the language of totalitarianism and authoritarianism, not liberalism. It is like something you would see in East Germany when the Stasi went after people. Fittingly, she it talking to Jonathan Greenblatt and Cynthia-Miller Idriss about this on Zoom.

The big news of the day is that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki ordered Spotify to censor Joe Rogan’s podcast. Spotify complied and censored … wait for it … our friend Kyle Kulinski!

Note: In case you were wondering, yes, Slotkin is Jewish.


  1. The jews have been trying to “deprogram” us lowly gentiles for decades with their iron grip on education and mass media. But the moment that grip is weakened the cattle start waking up again!

  2. >Slotkin is Jewish


    Appears to have been born into a wealthy family — studied sociology and other useless pursuits of the idle liberal class in college — afterward seems to have been dependent on taxpayer money her entire working life, i.e. she is completely ensconced in what amounts to a Wash DC bubble, and has adopted a bubble mindset — lives in 95% white Holly MI.

  3. Of course these kike scum see the Flyova Goyim not as citizens with guaranteed rights, but as cattle they have every right to (((correct))) with their many kinds of cattle prods.

  4. What is domestic extremism?

    Being a Jeffersonian republican who believes in true federalism and the original, pre-1865 Constitution.

    Southern Nationalism.


  5. The Eastern European communist states still fell regardless of attempts at programming the population with politically correct ideas.

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