1. HW, the above banner “we want a WHITE school” is good.
    Do you have the one “integration will destroy our schools” held by a WHITE woman, circa 1955 ? That would be a good meme for unlimited banners, each time an article is published about the pathetic state of American schools.

  2. Is it a man or a woman? I go back to the Patriot when Mel Gibson didn’t want to fight in the war against the British. His reasons were….”Why should I trade in one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away? An elected legislator can trample a mans right just as easily as a king can. We are seeing that now in real time with all these tyrants. Each one is worse than king George.

    • “An elected legislator can trample a mans right just as easily as a king can. ”

      Far less likely, by orders of magnitude.
      Kings are too isolated from reality, legislators, not as much.
      That’s the reason for our constitution.

      We need more legislators, to diffuse the power among the many.
      100 senators to represent 330 million is too few, too much concentration of power.
      We need 10.000 senators, making it too difficult to bribe or coerce them.

      That’s why Athens had 5000 on their supreme court, hard to bribe that many

      • Look at how stable good monarchies are. They can literally last for centuries. Democracies are inherently unstable and corrupt. They invariably lead to chaos and despotism.

      • “That’s the reason for our constitution.”

        The constitution was written so there could be no one man or elected legislator to strip away the rights of the people. Same with the three branches of govt. The constitution was written for a smaller govt and population. It’s also a guide that no one follows. It has been amended and changed over the last 200 years.

        The people are supposed to be able to control their own fate, not some elected legislator or court. We are in this situation now because of all the courts, states and the federal level. One court decides one thing and the next court reverses that decision. It’s one big circle jerk. Justices can be easily corrupted as easy as a senator, congressman, mayor, governor, etc. The law is supposed to apply to all but we have seen if you have enough power and money, you can circumvent that law through bribes and payoffs. The system IMO is too big and corrupt.

  3. Until now, I have nobly resisted saying this woman has the face of a horse, but now I must conclude she deserves it.

    >School of Education and Department of Sociology

    Above is her (ahem) workplace — if you’re wondering what kind of work this horse-faced woman actually does, you are not alone.

  4. Needs to be asked——

    Professor, are you down with the totally awesome greatness of the Moshiach, yes or no?

  5. “Karen” is a blood libel against our women. They’ve been brainwashed into self-hatred & therefore,
    anti-white behavior. Slurring them as “Karen” does nothing to solve this not small problem. Please try to refrain from reinforcing this slur against our females.

    • With all the mayhem going on in the world this very minute, you thought this was what was a most pressing matter to bring to the forefront? Really? I see you acknowledged the problem “not small” your partly right, the problems are massive, life and death, good vs. evil .
      The “Karen’ issue can be dealt with when and if, it is still a problem after we defeat the oligarchy trying to enslave this world or the elite cull the population down to a manageable size so they don’t have to hide who they really are anymore.
      Really, This “Karen” thing is a point of contention? This isn’t even really part of the big picture. I have an Aunt Karen who isn’t bothered by it. It turns out we can choose to be offended or choose not to.

    • @ Just another reader ” This slur against our females ” really!? Seriously!? May we have your permission, too slur the mud sharks and dykes !? Or do they get a waiver too!?

    • You’d probably think the bible Verse, ‘thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’ is a ‘slur against [sic] our females, too.

      Such whoring women, such disobedient women, such abortion-loving women, are in REBELLION against the ‘heteronormative’ order, and deserve the fate of the verse, above….. because one has to always state, “It was not Adam that sinned first.”

    • They need something to shake them out of their intellectual and spiritual coprolite towers of lies. I’ll admit that even being gang-raped by dindus fails to bring most to reality unless it’s fatal, though their value-system is so twisted and insane a rhetorical trigger word like “Karen” potentially could. Most utterly fail to comprehend that Orca Winfree ain’t their ‘gurl-freyn’. This woman is probably well beyond any hope of redemption. What do you suggest for the younger ones she’s busy poisoning?

    • Turns out your white-knighting was for a Jewess (= non-white) hooked up to an Arab (also non-white). We don’t care what she’s called. She’s an enemy for sure. Not an American, but a paper-Murikan made so by Murika’s magic dirt. To hell with her. If you are concerned with white women, think of things that will cause them to see how truly repulsive she is. Far worse than any “Karen” out there.

      • @EC: Yeah gotta cop to that mistake – kneejerk to the pic; I’d heard of the name (when I read the OD entry) being J. No excuse but explanation … If you look white & act white, to me, you are white.

        Js – by their own ADL definition (see reaction to Goldberg, Whoopi) not white.

        As for the slur – stand by my position; guess we’ll all have to agree disagree on that. no big.
        I’m still confident my other views match at least 88% of OD readers/posters.

        White women the most susceptible female ethnicity to empathy & therefore anti-white guilt-tripping. I’m not going to reinforce that problem by calling them a name non-whites made up to use against our own.

        Call them what they are: empathetic white women whos point of view is anti-white, and then, as I know all the men here are (no sarc either), use logic & reason AND patience to bring them back around. Hell you might even get laid doing so …

        • @Just Another OD Reader – “White women the most susceptible female ethnicity to empathy & therefore anti-white guilt-tripping. I’m not going to reinforce that problem by calling them a name non-whites made up to use against our own.”

          ^^Thank you for writing that, and for having the courage and honor to stand by it. The women I know personally are well-intentioned, and support their White children and the White men in their lives. I don’t deny that the race-mixing, tattooed sluts (that are endlessly cataloged by the commenters on this website as the avatar of White womanhood) exist, but these are not the women I know.

          “Karen” is an anti-White slur used to pathologize White women for pointing out the standards of behavior that White people expect in a civilized society.

  6. Only a university professor could be so isolated from the average American to think “heteronormativity” is a thing, much less an “extremist threat.”

    • The Jews are anti-God, they have to destroy our relationship with God in order to make themselves God over us. Reproductive sex is by Gods doing, so the Jews attack it, pornography, abortion, the queers stuff, it goes on and on, but it is all done out of a hatred of God and of course his only son the Christ. And because the Jews are at war with God it should be God who fights and destroys them,not man. Our only reason for being is to live according to Gods laws and ways.

  7. Does she not get “subjective” as opposed to “objective”? Subjective laws lead to to tyranny.
    That some people are so immune to reality is a bit scary. However, I believe that such people are not the majority. I believe humanity is at a cross roads and what we do now will determine if face the same boogy men we have been facing for centuries, less the illusion of freedom, or finally learn our lessons and move on.

    Looking at the information from alternative sources and researching old documents and articles I have surmised that our opposition plays the “long game” very well. Indeed, we are living a plan, decades in the making. This is their end game. Whether or not it succeeds is up to us. Like George Carlin said ” its a big club and you ain’t in it’ Well our club is bigger. We only lack the knowledge of how powerful we really are.

    However, hope springs eternal, I see a world wide movement forming rather quickly. For once, the people of the world are in lock step with each other in recognizing and wishing to defeat the obvious threat to humanity that has taken center stage via Covid.19. People everywhere are waking up and standing up to these evil leaders who have sold them out for money and power.

    • “I see a world wide movement forming rather quickly. For once, the people of the world are in lock step with each other in recognizing and wishing to defeat the obvious threat to humanity that has taken center stage via Covid.19”:

      You would be surprised to learn that the vast majority of people in the world do not even agree with, let alone march in lock step with the big business orchestrated Anti-vaxx, anti-public-health-system, pandemic denial movement. Most people in real countries WANT a strong national health system. Most people know that health is a human right not a market or business opportunity.

  8. No a snowball’s chance in hell would this judeo- establishment apparatchik been a professor in any Third Reich universities.

    This is what the “victorious” all-lies produce 77 years downstream of WWII ending. Fitting.

  9. The root of her nose is flush even with her forehead. She has a “Slavic connection.” Ninety percent chance that she’s a Jewess.

    Jews fear order and social stability, and authoritarianism, because these things tend to want to reign them in, or to expell them altogether. What they call authoritarianism, is what we call law and order and tradition.
    Jewish authoritarianism, on the other hand, is what they call “freedom” and “Democracy.” For them, not us.

    “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews,’”

    — Ezra Pound.

  10. The congressman was well-intentioned, but failed to make any effective point revealing the professor’s totalitarian belief system. He started off well by focusing on her use of “heteronormativity” & its use by the Left to connect normal, straight American males with “terrorists,” potentially making a hundred million or so white males subject to secret government monitoring and forced “re-education.” But he stopped far short of pursuing her to that inescapable conclusion, allowing her an easy out & letting her bat away any negative implications of her statements. Was he poorly prepared by his staff or just too dull-witted himself to realize he was not landing any effective blows, just repeating the usual Fox News type whining against Wokeness?

      • Re: Kurdish Cryptos:

        Some Kurds claim to be, but the “pure” (European) Zionists aren’t admitting them, nor the Black “lost Jews” of Ethiopia and east and central Africa who want to come. Mizrahite (Middle Eastern) Jews are admitted, but as a lower caste to do menial jobs like the “Arabs” (Palestinians),

  11. What’s wrong with just “Cynthia Miller”? The name Idriss sounds Ethiopian. Is she married to a skinny? (Or a ” bluegum”, for you hypersensitive types)

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