The Daily Beast: The Supreme Court Is Democracy’s Enemy Now

Finally, we know why “our democracy” is in peril.

The Daily Beast:

“When retiring Justice Stephen Breyer invoked Abraham Lincoln’s observation that the nation’s “popular government has often been called an experiment,” it could hardly have been lost on him that the nation was recently, and for the first time since the Civil War, subject to an attempt to void a democratically elected government by force.

Nor could it have been lost on him that the Supreme Court – now under the firm control of an extreme right-wing super-majority – is embarked on an increasingly brazen reactionary project. …”

Basically, the real threat to “our democracy” is the Constitution and the Supreme Court and the pro-life movement, which conservatives championed long before Donald Trump came along.

Note: Democracy dies in the darkness when voters in the states are allowed to vote and settle the abortion issue. They weren’t consulted by the Supreme Court back in 1973.


  1. The supreme ct never followed the rule of law or as it was written in the constitution. In many ways they’re politicians sitting on then highest court making immoral and illegal decisions. The govt and all its pieces is corrupt beyond repair.

    • You have no idea, John…. Of course, HW will never read books that his readers suggest (witness my trying for over a decade at this) but Dr. Gary North’s 1989 bombshell, ‘Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism,” has been my semi-regular reading for the months of late December and January.. As Dr. North has pointed out, EVERYTHING that we did NOT want of our government…. “for US and OUR Posterity” was given to us, in 1789. And it’s only the very ineluctable nature of this godless covenant, that is at play in a Biden COUP world, now.

      “There is the impolite but inevitable question (to ask of useless A-millennial and pre-millennialists) “Why is Jesus a loser in History?” [Dr. North, Political Polytheism, p. 153]

      “If the Christian Church fails to build the visible kingdom (Christian civilization) by means of biblical law and the power of the gospel, despite the resurrection of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit, then what kind of religion are we preaching?” [Dr. North, Political Polytheism, p. 152]

      “The political problem which we face today is this: most Christians in the pews and voting booths do not yet understand that any pluralism-induced lull in the political war between God’s kingdom and satan’s is merely a temporary cease-fire. (This was written in 1989!) They have forgotten the Bible’s long-term judicial strategy: THE SUPPRESSION OF BIBLICALLY DEFINED PUBLIC EVIL IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE, by every covenant institution, each in its own God-authorized sphere of responsibility.”- North, Political Polytheism, p. 294.
      (The Three ‘covenant institutions’ are FAMILY, CHURCH, and the CIVIL SPHERE.)

      “The Law-Order of humanism leads only to anarchy. Lacking absolutes, a humanistic law-order tolerates everything which denies absolutes while warring against biblical faith.” North, Political Polytheism, p. 691.

      ” The Framers at the Constitutional Convention issued a death warrant against Christianity….the death sentence was officially delivered by the Fourteenth Amendment. It has been carried out with escalating enthusiasm since the 1950’s…To admit the historical truth of 1787-89 would mean that a restoration of so-called “original American Constitutionalism” would change nothing covenantally. The nation would still rest judicially on an APOSTATE COVENANT. [Why?] The text [of the Constitution] categorically prohibits the imposition of the biblical covenant oath in civil law. Let us put it covenantally: what the text of the U.S. Constitution prohibits is covenantal Christianity…. this worldwide legal transformation is the crisis of Western Civilization…” North, Political Polytheism, pp. 691-92,94.

    • This is true. Even the so called Right’s worship of Justice Scalia demonstrates how clueless most people really are about the SC. Scalia repeatedly extolled the “virtue” of Stare Decisis. So even if a prior decision is wrong, keep it because well that would just be disrespectful to overturn or correct it.

      What an idiotic notion.

  2. @ “Democracy dies in the darkness”, that would be fitting, democracy should experience death, just like the unborn, that it offers up in blood sacrifice…………

  3. State legislatures are far more competent to make political comprises on the subject of abortion. Rather than settling the issue in Roe v. Wade, SCOTUS made the issue of abortion a constant federal issue where federal judges find themselves in the impossible position of constructing granular state statutes rather than interpreting federal constitutional law.

  4. It’s funny how when the Left wants to overrule the Supreme Court in America that’s Democracy but when the Polish government does the same thing that’s Authoritarianism.

  5. Abortion is a slippery slope that the Jews are going to fight like wild animals to preserve. you can not have a civilized people protecting the defending the weak and the innocent it is anathema to the Jew. Once the civilized world come to realize protecting the innocent is much more important than equal rights for predators everything gets rolled back., for the protection of those most in need of protection, innocent women and children. Hey….. did you see how many innocent woman and kids old Joe killed the other day. Tell me again the Irish are just like us, I need a good chuckle. And Joe did his killing during his National Prayer Breakfast, such are the Irish.

    • Is it just me, or does anyone else agree the anti-catholic sentiment is misplaced? I know the Klan of the 20s was really opposed to it, but this isn’t the frickin’ 12th century anymore. Kennedy was the most prominent catholic politician yet, and his assassination by committed communist Lee Harvey Oswald should demonstrate who are the people to whom Kennedy was a real threat. At least, that’s what George Lincoln Rockwell thought..

      • My sentiments are not anti-catholic I am against those who betray Christ. Those who pray and go to church and the play the part of a religious person then kill innocent women and children in their sleep at the drop of a hat. The two faced, hypocrites are the ones I have a problem with. Why do the Irish hate Muslims? What in Gods name have Muslims ever done to the Irish? Are the Irish the henchmen for the Jews? It looks like it to me. Have you been Hannotized?

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