Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million To Jump Ship From Spotify

Rumble is offering Joe Rogan a $25 million a year deal over four years. Is it worth it to avoid the hassle of corporate censorship?

Note: As with the conservative media bubble, the conservative tech industry will get off to a slower start and grow over time.


  1. I’m getting tired of hearing about this apologist. If he takes the offer he will continue with his apology tour and probably start lecturing on racism against blacks. No one is worth 100 million to mouth opinions and that goes for professional sports as well.

      • He won’t be called to account for it by the Church of Woke. One important principle to always keep in mind is the dictum of Napoleon the Pig from Orwell’s Animal Farm: “Some of us are more equal than others”. Remember the recently departed Gov. Coon-man of VA? He rode out the twitteratti with ease. The negroes voted for him in droves along with their Dominion machine doppelgangers. Coon-man wasn’t even one of the Kosher-Nostra, just another shabbas-goy like his successor.

        Despite all of the appearances of dindus being the top of the diversity totem-pole, the reality is that they are placeholders for those who really run the racket. Stern can put on blackface all he likes, but they already fired a warning shot at Whoopi Goldberg, reminding her in no uncertain terms that the master-race is not white. Massah Nosferatu told her he wasn’t pleased with her comment.

  2. The conservative media will grow much faster yet as long as the Left media snows such a tin ear to the public . They sure are stupidly helping us a lot. We practically don’t have to do anything.

  3. A useful insight into the source of the anti White central premise of CRT. Maoism and their cultural revolution.

    The dissident right has been hoodwinked into fanning the balls of the Chinese because of their ethnic cohesion, ascribing all things anti White to the Jews by autistic dollar store intellectuals, pretending some perceived nascent allyship because the Chinese are also racists just like us.

    The last several years have made it pretty clear that Jews have largely succumbed to the same rot of multiculturalism that they are necessarily the masterminds of if you subscribe to the assumptions of the JQ.

    Underestimating the extent to which China has informed the ideology of the Left, funded its rise to power through systematic corruption in the West and facilitating the decline of our countries has been the single greatest failure (one of many) in dissident thought in our circles.

    Do I want to go to war with the Chinese? No. Are the Jews a problem because they hate us for who we are? Yes. None of this changes the fact that now its the Chinese, not the Jews that increasingly hold sway in the global economy. Even the Jews are beginning to pay homage to the CCP. The Chinese hate us no less for who we are and like the Jews, are of the same certainty that they are inherently superior to us.

    Our continued singular focus on the Jews is myopic at best. They will largely be cast aside if a successful revival of an ethnically aware White society can be brought about in the ashes of this shambling late stage empire, because they are almost all completely bought into their teetering power structure of the hierarchy of the aggrieved and are rapidly losing their ability to act with impunity as Whitey becomes increasingly unruly under their abusive petty tyranny.

    Just because we don’t want to be at war with the Chinese is ro reason to ignore the fact that they will destroy us, or help us destroy ourselves for no reason other than its in their interest to. They aren’t our allies.

    • I disagree.

      China has little to do with the cultural rot of the United States or the bizarre cultural obsessions of the Left. Yes, it is true that China increasingly holds sway over the global economy, but whose fault is that?

        • I don’t think so.

          China is now a wealthy industrialized country. It is not the first in East Asia. U.S. policymakers spent the Cold War building up Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore before it. At the end of the Cold War, the assumption was that China should be brought into the American dominated world order and that spreading capitalism there would inevitably transform the country into a liberal democracy. American elites were stupid enough to believe this. Industrial jobs were also supposed to be replaced with IT jobs

          • Hunter, You’re saying this only because you don’t know Chinese. You have no experience with them. They hate whites with a burning passion. This isn’t something that they hide because they don’t have to with the language barrier. Australia and Canada have been dealing with the Chinese for decades now. I recommend you talk to some Australian, New Zealand, or Canadian nationalists. Ricardo Duchesne is a good place to start.

          • Basically, my view is that America’s elite transferred our industrial base to China through a combination of greed, short sightedness and naivite and that the rise of China is entirely consistent with the long term trend of building up other East Asian economic dynamos like Japan and Taiwan before it. All the key decisions were made in Washington

          • All the key decisions were made in Washington.

            Here we disagree. While the bad decisions were officially made in Washington, those who inked them were merely obeying orders of their paymasters who really made the decisions. The overlords were located in New York and (to a lesser degree) California. The Z-man covers the underlying problem in a very informative post today. As he notes, politicians have been corrupt since they started running for office in ancient times. That’s not what the Paleos were complaining about in the 1980s. As he notes:

            Cynics will say this all sounds naïve as politicians have always been crooked, but that confuses the personal with the systemic. Men are not angels and every system, no matter how ethical, will have some unethical people in it. The reason we know politicians are crooks is we used to regularly arrest crooked politicians for taking bribes or running schemes. In other words, they fell afoul of the rules. Note that we no longer arrest politicians for financial corruption.

            Not only do the corrupt pols (Biden being the perfect example) have zero fear of arrest, they openly rub everyone’s face in the fact that they are completely above the ostensible law, which has itself become completely corrupted. The last member of congress to be purged for corruption was one of the small fish (James Trafficante). He wasn’t really kicked out for corruption but for defending John Demanyuk, a citizen who lived in his district. If anyone somehow doubts that Jews have total control over the government, look no further than this case. Demanyuk was found not guilty by the Israeli high court, but nevertheless ended up dying in a German prison after be prosecuted over and over by the US DOJ’s special “Nazi hunting” division.

          • Economist Michael Hudson has written a new article that is relevant to this tangent. Excerpt: “America has de-industrialized as a deliberate policy of slashing production costs as its manufacturing companies have sought low-wage labor abroad, most notably in China. This shift was not a rivalry with China, but was viewed as mutual gain. American banks and investors were expected to secure control and the profits of Chinese industry as it was free marketized. The rivalry was between U.S. employers and U.S. labor, and the class-war weapon was offshoring and, in the process, cutting back government social spending (…) China’s offense is keeping the profits of its industrialization at home, retaining state ownership of significant corporations and, most of all, keeping money creation and the Bank of China as a public utility to fund its own capital formation instead of letting U.S. banks and brokerage houses provide its financing and siphon off its surplus in the form of interest, dividends and management fees. The one saving grace to U.S. corporate planners has been China’s role in deterring U.S. wages from rising by providing a source of low-priced labor to enable American manufacturers to offshore and outsource their production. The Democratic Party’s class war against unionized labor started in the Carter Administration and greatly accelerated when Bill Clinton opened the southern border with NAFTA. A string of maquiladoras were established along the border to supply low-priced handicraft labor. This became so successful a corporate profit center that Clinton pressed to admit China into the World Trade Organization in December 2001, in the closing month of his administration. The dream was for it to become a profit center for U.S. investors, producing for U.S. companies and financing its capital investment (and housing and government spending too, it was hoped) by borrowing U.S. dollars and organizing its industry in a stock market that, like that of Russia in 1994-96, would become a leading provider of finance-capital gains for U.S. and other foreign investors. Walmart, Apple and many other U.S. companies organized production facilities in China, which necessarily involved technology transfers and creation of an efficient infrastructure for export trade. Goldman Sachs led the financial incursion, and helped China’s stock market soar. All this was what America had been urging. Where did America’s neoliberal Cold War dream go wrong? For starters, China did not follow the World Bank’s policy of steering governments to borrow in dollars to hire U.S. engineering firms to provide export infrastructure. It industrialized in much the same way that the United States and Germany did in the late 19th century: By heavy public investment in infrastructure to provide basic needs at subsidized prices or freely, from health care and education to transportation and communications, in order to minimize the cost of living that employers and exporters had to pay. Most important, China avoided foreign debt service by creating its own money and keeping the most important production facilities in its own hands”:

          • @HW I think Mexicans are a bigger problem. Coming here to live off of us, and they hate us too. China is across the Pacific Ocean, not our open Southern border. Even when the border was closed, millions and millions came here.

          • I don’t blame Mexicans or Central Americans for coming here.

            It makes sense for them to come here given their situation. They come here because they are allowed to do so by our elites. The Biden administration has given up even trying to maintain the pretense of immigration enforcement. It is the same way with China. Of course we are being killed in trade with China. Of course China owns a larger and larger share of our debt. Is China really to blame for that though or is it something that we have done to ourselves? Did China force us to open our market to a flood of their exports?

            Some people blame Mexicans or Chinese or blacks. I personally blame the elites. Look at crime in the big cities. It is spiraling out of control. It is happening because the media demonized the police and bail was reformed and the prisons were emptied during COVID. Of course crime is going to explode when that happens. Same with homelessness. When homelessness is encouraged and subsidized and people are told they can openly buy heroin and shoot up heroin and live in filth and tents on the streets, surprise, we get more of that.

            I just prefer to blame the people who I see making the decisions and the policies.

        • Bannon’s sugar daddy Miles Guo is the biggest example of Chinese influence on American politics that comes to mind. Guo is anti-CCP.

          • Also keep in mind that CCP itself is no monolith. There are elements who want to go back to the way things were before Xi. (Lots of corruption, and a climate favorable for usurers so much that the Jew leadership made plans to move HQ of worldwide looting and asset-stripping to China in 2006).

          • Is it really possible for a billionaire to be a fugitive or political dissident, HW? Isn’t it more likely that Chinaman is a double agent working for Peking?

          • Thats all you can think of?

            Lets ignore the obvious that they have had undue financial interest on Biden and his son, provably so. Remember this?


            These are just overt signs of corruption. The CCP has had money and influence into the Left from the Democrat party itself to the Weather Underground since the 60’s. Vietnam wasn’t fought against the Vietnamese, it was the chinese by proxy slaughtering our guys. Same in Korea.

            Our relationship with China is way more than just aww shucks they took muh job. Through graft and bribery they’ve managed to gut the heartland of our country of practically all industrial work. There are always two parties to blame for treason. You understand this when you talk about Trump fellating the Jews, its the Jews coercing that reaction and Trump doing the deed. Its both. Its no different with the Chinese.


            Thats just one random article on the fentanyl trade. This drug production and distribution is state sponsored. How many White people has this killed?

            You could write for days on the different ways China has done its best to wreck our countries if you were looking.

          • Yes, Miles Guo is the only Chinese billionaire who comes to mind who is heavily involved in American politics and he is anti-CCP and Bannon’s patron. Do you know of anyone else who is the equivalent of Zuckerberg, Hoffman, Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Adelson and their ilk? The idea that Chinese money has more of a direct impact on American politics than Jewish money which floats both political parties, especially the Democrats, is preposterous. Aren’t we boycotting the Olympics right now?

            The American heartland was being gutted of industrial jobs for decades before the rise of China. See the electronics industry which was gone long before the rise of China. The jobs went to American allies like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan while China was making firecrackers, toys and textiles. American policymakers prioritized foreign policy over trade policy for decades during the Cold War. This continued with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The WTO was created in the 1990s. Bill Clinton signed off on PNTR with China at the end of his presidency. What happened was that China was brought into the global trading system after the collapse of the Soviet Union because it was expected to become a “liberal democracy” like America’s other allies in East Asia.

            China was a poor country thirty years ago and an even poorer one fifty years ago. It was still a relatively poor country when I started this blog. China has developed like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan before it. It was the Taiwanese who kicked off China’s development. All of those countries also developed export based economies that sold manufactured goods to the American market. Whose fault is it that we free traded away our industrial base? I would say it is the fault of the State Department and always putting geopolitical concerns ahead of protecting and developing America’s industrial base because that is what really explains it.

            The conflicts we have had with China – the Korean War, Vietnam War, the ongoing conflict over Taiwan – are all the result of relentless meddling in the region. In particular, the Taiwan issue is the result of backing the nationalists in China’s civil war. Even with COVID, it was the United States and France which literally built China’s capacity to do these experiments with frankenstein viruses. Much of the cultural garbage in the United States is kept out of China by the government too.

          • The jews have obviously been destroying the West while they have been building up the East. Other than White normies, not even a blind moron can deny that. Jews were here plotting the whole time controlling both sides, weakening Whites, in every way imaginable: demographically, physically, spirtually: poisoning our minds, bodies, and spirits: turning our women and all nonwhites against us, flooding our borders with third world scum, and even turning Whites against ourselves, all while, at the same time, building up communist China out of nothing…or rather, out of everything they have stolen from us. Historically, over and over again, the jews have always just picked up and moved on. Jews are responsible for transferring American wealth, industry, technologies, and weaponry over to their next host and they didn’t do it just for the hell of it, “for profit”, or simply as a contingency plan. They have every intention of using their Chinese Shabbos Goy against us, to finally murder us all, just as soon as they weaken us enough.

          • Re: “it was the United States and France which literally built China’s capacity to do these experiments with frankenstein viruses”:

            I hope you aren’t implying that the SARS CoV2 virus was created in a Chinese lab or that it was ever held in any of their research facilities. There is no evidence for that, and I believe the Chinese authorities who say they never had it. Samples of human waste sewage taken in cities around the U.S., and cities in Spain and Italy, in 2019 contain the RNA of the virus prove that the disease was present in the U.S. and in Europe at least four months before the Chinese discovered it in Wuhan.

            Speakiing of “frankenstein virus,” samples of human waste sewage from treatment plants around the U.S. continue to be taken and analyzed, and recently, in New York City’s sewage a new strain of SARS CoV2 has appeared that has never been found in humans. It is theorised that it comes from animals, likely from rats that are infected and have developed their own strain. One third of white-tail deer blood-tested in the eastern U.S. carry antibodies to the virus, and many domestic animals are also carrying it now, forming reservoirs of new wild strains to infect humans. Remember, Bubonic Plague (Black Death) spread from humans to animals in California, and became endemic in rodents in many western states – because of some U.S. and state health authorities’ deliberate negligence, and presstitute journalists who followed orders to put a lid on the story.

      • Hunter how is it possible any of these people really believe it is “muh Chinese Communist Party’ the same line a Fox News. Peter Thiel who finances everything on the “right” is an openly gay Zionist NeoCon and we know who is on the Left. WHERE DOES CHINA FIT INTO ANY OF THIS. Bannon is the only one who gets any money from China, and Guo is trying to overthrow their government and people. He wants rampant Zionism and capitalism as well.

        But its the Chinese. What a joke

    • I also disagree. You do have something of a point here though:

      Our continued singular focus on the Jews is myopic at best. They will largely be cast aside if a successful revival of an ethnically aware White society can be brought about in the ashes of this shambling late stage empire…

      Excessive focus on Jews can be a strategic problem. If their empire (based on usury and its power to enslave) is to be brought to an end, we must concentrate whatever fire we can muster upon the weakest links in their chain of control: the white normies – especially alleged Christians who have bought into the dispensationalist heresies popularized by Cyrus Scofield’s wicked bible. By supporting Jews and the Zionist state, these idiots are literally supporting the minions of Satan, since Talmudism is a form of Satanism. Trump (the God-Emperor of the Magatards) serves the Talmudic Satanist Jared Kushner, and his own daughter a ‘convert’ to Satanism. If enough whites stopped borrowing and doing business with organizations controlled by Kosher Nostra, the scam would start to unravel and ultimately collapse as all Ponzi-schemes do eventually.

      Ditto the Chamber of Commerce Cucks who are in debt up to their arses from borrowing fake-money from the Jewish banking cartels which have license to create money from thin air. White PMCs need to be brought down as well. Pope Nosferatu and his tribesmen would not be where they are without much cooperation from the folks they openly advocate exterminating. You’re going to have to name the Jew, but there are others who’ve taken Satan’s offer of world dominion who are not of the tribe (Gates, Buffet, Fauci, et al). The oligarchy is not exclusively Jewish. Always leave the enemy a path on which to retreat.

      In many respects, whites are their own worst enemies. Part of this might stem from the fact that English are not the same as Germans who differ from French, etc. Any pan-white organizing outside the US is pretty hopeless. Once the evil empire collapses, Jews should be purged ruthlessly. You also raise the point that Chinese view whites as inferior, which is true. They are not going to be allies and it’s an error to automatically assume the enemy of our enemies is our friend.

      • I don’t disagree with your points on the Jews at all. The mistake comes from people not understanding that its not just the Jews.

        You can see it in how he just disregards the fentanyl thing because it doesn’t fit the sinophile narrative thats pervaded the dissident right for years now.

        Doesn’t matter. The center of gravity in normies minds has already shifted against the Chinese.

        Alabama is pretty far from the upper Appalachian and midwestern states I’ve grown up in. The folks here have plenty of hate to go around for everyone involved in fucking over the heartland of the country and creating this great rustbelt. And beneficially they don’t have this baggage of twenty years of habit and confirmation bias keeping them hyperfocused on the Jews.

        Zionism is a problem for sure, but the general drift away from religion of any kind has dramatically reduced the influence evangelical wing of the Republican party already. You can see that in just how much less zionist all younger people across the spectrum are, while there has been basically no meaningful increase in the number of antisemites in the same demographics. Basically nobody cares about the Jews specifically anymore (including the Jews, increasingly) because there’s nothing unique or exclusive to what they are doing anymore. There are so many people involved in this late stage looting phase that it just doesn’t make sense anymore to point to the hook nose banker who is taking your house because your job got sent to China by the goy business owner who just offshored after selling 51% of his business to a Chinese state owned investor, while a nigger steals your TV, a blue haired teacher convinces your son he’s actually your daughter, and your daughter kills himself with a fentanyl overdose.

        The Jews are so far from being the most prominent issue in anyone’s minds in meatspace that its going to be impossible for any of the actual good things that are discussed in dissident media to gain any legs. Its bafflingly dumb at this point how counterproductive it is.

        The reflexive defense of china by dissident “intellectuals” isn’t any different than the boomer reflexive defense of israel as muh greatest ally despite all evidence to the contrary. Its not done maliciously, its just laziness.

  4. I hope Rogan is victorious and winning with this, because censorship is being used against all (white) Americans.

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