Secular Talk: Kyle Censored By Spotify

The final show of Secular Talk will be when some woke brat at YouTube pretends to be offended and throws a huge tantrum about Kyle’s old tweets and YouTube pulls the plug. These are the people who he has chosen to align himself with on the Left.

Note: Those people already have a Twitter account dedicated preserving his old takes.


  1. Apologizing can make things a lot better or a lot worse, depending upon who is asking you to apologize.

    In a European Christian background, apologies occur within the context of forgiveness of sins. The prodigal son is welcomed back into the community because we’re all sinners. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Some religions, like Judaism, do not have concepts of Sin and Hope, at least not with any theological heft. This means if you’re being asked to apologize, it is an attempt to make you look weak, humiliate, get something from you, alienate you from other people, etc., and not an honest attempt to make amends.

    In a medieval ghetto, if you broke one of the neurotic rules and didn’t grovel to the charismatic rabbi, you could be punished with the banhammer. They called it Herem, or censure — total exclusion from the community. Being outlawed was bad news, since you’d be at the mercy of outsiders. There were lesser forms of ostracization, like Niddiu and Nezifah. So it turns out that “cancel culture” is just part of Jewish culture.

    It is obvious why in such a culture you wouldn’t want to look weak under any circumstances. Chutzpah! Double down, triple down, quadruple down, pretend like losing never happened, mistakes never happened, etc. Where do you think Dump learned this shit from?

    • @Some Dude — ^^Excellent post! Really does put things into perspective.
      I read something related once (long before I learned about Jewish power) on the Jewish conception of “hell”. Years later I recalled it thinking, “Oh, now I get it.”

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