1. When this country was almost all Whites, it was equal but you can’t have equality with inferior races. Look at what we accomplished in the early 20, 30s,etc before we were blessed with the civil rights and immigration acts. Diversity and multiculturalism destroys societies, not makes them better. We are living proof of that.

  2. Egalitarian equality of results of all enforced by mommygov with the barrel of a gun or at war with nature and reality.

  3. A simple definition of what ‘democracy’ means to those in power, today:

    “When Whites find out there is a pedophile raping kids they come together and lynch them, like in the case of Leo Frank.

    When jews find out there is a pedophile raping kids they come together and form the ADL to defend them, like in the case of Leo Frank.” – courtesy of GAB

  4. Equality is man’s rebellion against God’s order. Its driving force is the hatred derived from envy.

    Excellent observation. Exactly true. The rebellion lies in the striving after what ultimately is a lie. Equality is a unicorn – something that does not exist in the created order of the universe. After all, what did Satan say to Eve about eating the one fruit – in an entire garden with many fruits – that God forbade them to eat: “You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God (e.g. equal to God), knowing good and evil”.

    This passage (Genesis III, vv.4-5) is widely known. It used to be recited and taught in Sunday schools – though I expect most now consist of exhortations to worship the Golden Dindu or Pope Nosferatu. The promise of equality is a lie, for those making it are promising something that does not exist.

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