Secular Talk: Charlie Kirk Says Ban Lefties From Moving To Red States

OMG … this is the most awesome and based thing that Charlie Kirk has ever said. This is like vintage Hunter Wallace at the League of the South conference circa 2014!

If we could get that National Divorce, we should do it tomorrow. Short of a National Divorce, it would be great though to start vetting transplants to weed out the rabid libtard carpetbaggers and building a border wall around the coasts with checkpoints to keep them out. Sure, it is unlikely to ever happen that way short of drastic constitutional reforms, but we can still dream about it, right?

Kyle is right that what Charlie is proposing is unconstitutional and a non-starter. I’ve been completely consistent on this. The states are sovereign. The states created the constitutional compact. The power to join the Union can be exercised by the states to leave the Union. Ideally, we should get out and form Confederacy 2.0 like Gray Ghost has been saying in the comments here for years.

Libtardia and Shitlibistan should become independent countries. We’ve been saying it for years. It is encouraging to see even Charlie Kirk coming around on this.


  1. When Kirk starts mentioning Whites should have a place for themselves in those red states and mention who’s behind the degeneracy that has taken hold I’ll might take him serious. Until than it’s all theater.

  2. Charlie Kirk is a washed up has been at this point. Trump leaving office spelled the end of his mediocre milquetoast career of “socialism sucks.” How about actually pushing Trump to be more pro-White in the first place instead of selling out to big donors and Israel?

    Next these conservatives are going to try to say “David Duke isn’t as bad I suppose” in order to win elections. Conservative INC. and elected Republicans are charlatans. Deo Vindice!

  3. Just get rid of Yankeedom and the Left Coast urban strip from Los Angeles to Portland-Salem- Seattle, and be done with it.

    I think a rump United States, consisting of Dixie and the Interior West, could do quite well. We could certainly elect dog catchers, without half the State of Minnesota showing up to interfere in the election, or in our state governments.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • The Pacific coast is too beautiful to let the homos and shitlibs have it. They should be banished to northern Saskatchewan.

      • @Spahnranch1970

        “The Pacific coast is too beautiful to let the homos and shitlibs have it.”

        The folks in the Inlands of Washington, Oregon and California, will take care them. They’ll cut off the food and gas.

      • The are lots of good people in Saskatchewan. Let them return to their home.. the ‘Jewish Autonomous Region’ in Siberia.

  4. We all know living next to Charlie Kirk, based homosexual black guy Rob Smith, Laura Loomer, and Jared Kushner would be so much better than the vegetarian lady who thinks Capitalism is flawed

  5. THIS is as bad as what the Leftists want, and it gives credibility to their censorship demands.

    He’s so naive and DELIBERATELY CLUELESS to think all Californians are liberal. He’s showing how uninformed he is.

    But then, I never thought much of Kirk, and never thought of him as a resource, and he certainly does not represent me. He’s just a religious leader.

    • Just like James Owen on here. Throws entire states out the window when it’s mainly just people in the cities and college towns that are the problem.

  6. It’s currently not realistic in our current paradigm, but it does sound glorious in theory, how could it not?
    I also support mass Yankee deportation squads, lol.

  7. Wow, it’s a good start!
    But Eastern European countries, especially Russia, should also wake up and ban the migration of any american and british to our lands. The problem is genetic not cultural i.e. Jews ruling the americans and british.

    • I mean in context of our fake political dialog. Emma Watson just de-personned herself here.

  8. But WHY is such a sycophant like Kirk even saying things like this? HW, you state that “Kyle is right that what Charlie is proposing is unconstitutional and a non-starter.” But only…. until it isn’t.

    We are all aware on this site that the J-Left and the Stelter talking faggots have no real legitimacy left; that the Biden Coup can only survive by turning the police and military on its own citizens… oh, wait. Antifa/BLM…. Meanwhile, Truckers all over Canada continue to gain adherents and devotees the world over, via GAB. While the Twittertards chirp in their ever-smaller soundproof bubbles ad nauseam….

    Loudon County continues to defy the taxpayers that fund their salaries….

    And AOC is giving makeup tips on YT?

    You yourself have not written on the Plan/scamdemic, for months now. And yet, the “academic institutions of higher Indoctrination” continue on, as if Northam were still in office, De Santis’ approach were killing millions, and (as if) Trudeau reigns from his bunker somewhere NOT in Ottawa…

    What right does a despotic bunch of faggots, Jews, libtards, Lysenkoist phony science, and Great Reset multi-billionaires have, against a sovereign people- a world population? Calling us traitors? The BIDEN CROOKS are opening sitting politicians’ MAIL, before it reaches them!

    Truly, adopting an ‘Escape from New York’ style regional government, with mandatory ‘re-education’ against WOKEISM, LIBERALISM, NIGGERISM, FAGGOTISM …..sounds eminently Doable. And constitutional.

    • I don’t write about it because 1.) I am tired of it after two years and 2.) it has long been over around here anyway. The only thing that is going on is service workers who are required to wear masks.

      • It’s pretty much over here, in the Red River Valley of Texoma, too. It didn’t last more than a few months, anyway.

  9. You know… I love this idea. I am a lover of all humanity, and the immediate decrease in the amount of evil that would occur in the world as a result of the end of the American empire would be a greater boon to humanity than all the combined efforts of every Nobel Prize winner (and I don’t mean just the ‘Peace prize’ has achieved) in all of human history.

    Does it work out the same way for the current subjects of ZOG? I think where it mainly falls down is how the mountain west would defend itself from aggression from zionist-occupied Californistan. While it would host many nuclear weapons bases, actually launching on former ‘americans’ in close contact, especially when you’d be contaminating your own area with fallout as well, would be a pretty big lift. That’s a big old border, and California alone would have a lot of submarines and nuclear weapons from old US Navy bases, and plenty of human trash to send east to invade. I don’t see how it works unless the South and Appalachia spring to the defense of Wyomingstan, and the better parts of the NE stay neutral.

    Can something like that happen? I hope to God, for the future of humanity, that it does.

    • @John Brown You said, ” I am a lover of all humanity”.
      I don’t believe you. No one knows everyone. You can’t love unknown people. You don’t know them, you don’t even know what they are like. It’s like saying, “I love every restaurant in the world.”

  10. “Libtardia and Shitlibistan should become independent countries.”
    ^^Thanks — I needed the laugh!

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