Poll Watch: New Poll Shows Drop In Public Blaming Trump For 1/6

I’m going out on a limb here.

These people haven’t watched all 380 episodes of Chris Hayes’ non-stop 1/6 coverage over the past year. Also, the fight against misinformation, disinformation and malinformation is being lost.

Note: Take a look at this. Joe has dropped to a new low. He is under 40% now.


  1. People today have very short attention spans. If enough time passes and the medi0a isn’t reporting on it, most will forget.

  2. He is responsible, and yet he didn’t have the stones to follow through.

    All he had to do was say the word and millions would have flooded the capitol to support him. Millions still will if he ever does. He won’t.

    There won’t be pardons for the people that got led into that charge of the White brigade on January 6th. There won’t be any arrests of the criminals running DC, only lots of “investigations” and fundraising when the midterms toss the bums out yet again so that the junior varsity bums can take a turn screwing us over. Mitch McConnel will undermine all enthusiasm in the party, McCarthy will fail to do anything but talk. Nothing at all will happen until 2024, when Trump likely wins the presidency again, and 2016 will happen all over again. His agenda will stall, again.

    The dissident right will thump their chests and scream into the void about Jews, forgetting once again that all of this was supposed to be about White advocacy and spend the next three years doing everything they can to blackpill White people into apathy again, just like after Cville, doing nothing at all to help White people just like last time.

    Nothing will change. I hope I’m wrong, because none of this is good for honest or hardworking White people.

    The only people its good for are pundits, bloggers, “intellectuals” and bureaucrats with their experts and consultants speaking the scripts given them by lobbyists working for the usual suspects in every industry.

    The path out of this circle jerk isn’t in Washington. With any luck, once all faith is lost in all of the current dysfunctional bullshit worldviews we are presented with, good folks will finally start to take things into their own hands again, actively asserting more local sovereignty at state and regional levels and stuffing this corrupted class of overly educated keyboard warriors back into the lockers where they belong.

    • I agree. It’s all talk, but it seems to work with most people. They just say what people want to hear, and that’s good enough. I’d rather the politicians be quiet, and actually do something.
      You know they really want to screw us, if they run Trump again.

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