Secular Talk: Kyle Discovers Real Reason His Rogan Episode Was Pulled

Kyle Kulinski has discovered the real reason his Joe Rogan episode was pulled by Spotify.

It is because Joe Rogan as a White man quoted Ye using the word “nigga” on the show and caved because he was put under such tremendous pressure by progressive activists for saying a naughty word. The whole episode has revealed how stupid and gay the Left has become which Kyle still proudly identifies with. They are a bunch of whiny busybodies now who are obsessed with policing words.

Rogan is getting indicted on the sins of racism and sexism and misogyny and transphobia, etc. He has publicly confessed to his sins. This is a good old fashioned witch hunt.

Note: I hope Kyle’s friends don’t find out about his own problematic tweets. Unlike Christianity, there is no forgiveness or grace in the woke progressive religion. There is no room for error or context. You’re either a saint or deserve hellfire.


  1. He probably pissed the govt off by having Drs’ on his show contradicting the official govt narrative on “covid” “vaccines” and cures. Someone in the govt found the nigger video and used it as a warning to not cross the regime again.

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    Links are being blocked from pasting correctly, so I pasted it in two parts to get around it.

    Anyway, this warrants a look.

  3. The leftists whined about Joe Rogan’s potty-mouth before, but nothing was seriously done. Joe Rogan only became a serious target because he gave Dr. Malone, and Dr. McCullough air time, it is for that, that he is seriously under attack. They have posed the most serious challenge to the poisoner’s narrative, and he will not be forgiven for it. If you have not listened to the interview with Dr. Malone, it is worth your time to do so.

  4. In the past 2 years the “responsible” liberals and leftists have allowed their own loonies, screamers and thugs to take things so far out of the “mainstream” that it’s too late now to walk it back. A perfect opportunity for Republicans, an opportunity they will squander like they always do.

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