The Hill: Joe Biden’s DHS Is Labeling Free Speech “Domestic Terrorism”

Would you say this blog with all of its various takes on politics, culture and history is disinformation, misinformation or malinformation from the perspective of progressive technocrats?


Cynthia Miller-Idriss of PERIL has been calling for a “whole-of-society” totalitarian approach to dealing with rise of “domestic extremism.”

Note: Is this illiberalism? Is this authoritarianism?


  1. If you lack trust in the government, you’re probably a “domestic terrorist”? Never mind the fact that the country was founded on the premise that the government can’t be trusted and that that was the rationale for free speech.

  2. It’s been a good run, lads. We’re definitely going to give up our wrongthink and wrongspeak, and not develop into doublewrongthink and doublewrongspeak.

  3. Fuck this Zionist Occupied Government! How’s that for free speech? I’m Michael Weaver and I approve of this message.

  4. Mis-information is not a lie or a non-truth it is just thoughts and opinions that are not “acceptable” by those in power.

    Do you see where this word acceptable is leading us to? It has been used for quite a while to condition us to accept only state dictated opinion as the only “acceptable” way of thinking.

    Similar word play is taking place with “our democracy”, right now.

  5. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We didn’t defeat communism, we studied and learned their ways.

  6. Our government has been doing this for years, openly. Where has the Hill been hiding its head to have just noticed this?

  7. The DHS=ADL+AIPAC……Of Course this has nothing to do imaginary Jew Power over America….I mean who would ever think such a thing?

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