The Biden Crack Pipe

This isn’t about race, Tariq.

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  1. They should designate them as the HB® model, in honor of “President” Shitpants’ son’s famous fondness for the recreational pharmaceutical. Perhaps Perdue Pharma can market them so the Sacklers can get in on the action.

  2. All of these pundits are mealy mouthed retards. She’s trying to sugarcoat (Iverson) these dumb ideas to soften public opinion. She’s doing the “partially true” fact checker cop-out.

    No serious country is going to fund ANY program that legitimizes something as unhealthy as illicit drug use.

    The equivalent is to give kiddie porn to pedophiles in hopes that the pornography subdues their urges.

    We live in a freaking nanny state. It’s insane. I’m not an absolutist. I don’t think that marijuana smokers deserve the death penalty or anything draconian like that. I’m not even completely idealogically opposed to legalization of less harmful drugs like marijuana, though in principle I oppose it. The quandary is when we give the more harmful problems like crack and meth any legitimacy.

  3. They gave clean needles to drug addicts. A lot of people get free medical marijuana. Medicated people are compliant.

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