1. It will take years to tame this inflation. The Federal Reserve is still waiting for March to do a 1/4% interest rate hike. One of the girls at the bank tells me that her favorite snack cakes have doubled in price.

  2. 7.5%…….hehehehehe…….goy, wanna buy some swampland!
    Anyone believing 7.5 is an utter fool.

    A good proxy for an inflation index is the price of ground beef,
    it was up 19%, last year.

    Inflation will get bigger, so will the lies.

    • From shadowstats.com :

      • January 2022 CPI-U annual inflation hit 7.48% [up from 7.04% in December], the steepest inflation pace since February 1982 (in 40 years); the ShadowStats “Corrected” Alternate CPI estimate hit 15.63% [up from 15.15% in December], the steepest inflation rate since June 1947 (in 75 years).

      (Even the Alternate CPI doesn’t take housing/rental costs into full account.)

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