1. Saying the Ukraine isn’t part of Russia, is like saying Texas or California are not part of the US. :nuke:

    Some may think they aren’t?

    • Many Ukrainians would disagree. Hopefully Putin restrains himself and makes the lying regime in Washington look ever more foolish an dishonest.

    • The Ukraine doesn’t have what it takes to be a fully independent nation. But if they had agreed to remain neutral in the US-Russia competition for influence in Europe, the way that Austria and Finland did after WWII, things might be different. Besides, the eastern half of the country is so heavily Russified that for all intents and purposes it is part of Greater Russia. The USA has no legitimate interests in that part of the world, it has been part of the Russian sphere since at least the 17th century.

  2. We going to save “democracy” around the world but in the meantime, our “democracy is being threatened by our own govt.

  3. Frt pg NYT

    “Booster Protection Against Severe Covid May Decline After 4 Months
    C.D.C. data suggest the shots may lose potency, raising the possibility that some Americans may need a fourth dose, the agency said.”

    Your booster’s booster will need a booster

    Pfizer shareholders, ” we shall come rejoicing rolling in the dough, rolling in the dough”

  4. That won’t be enough to make the world safe for fake and gay.
    Since there are no more elections and no more consequences Brandon is being thrown to the wolves by his fellow travelers who have no love for him.

  5. The senile pedo’s kike handlers need a war as a distraction from their catastrophic failure. They think that if they get it they can silence any opposition by screaming “TREASON!!”; plus, the MIC is surely champing at the bit for a replacement for their lucrative Afghanistan quagmire.

    If they do succeed in lighting the fuse, god damn, do I hope the Ruskies SLAUGHTER this sequined faggot army. No mob of butt-boys, dykes, shitlibs & muds represents me. They are not my countrymen in any way, shape or form. My only point of regret would be any decent White men who would die for Biden & the jews, but if they’d been paying attention, they wouldn’t be Uncle Shmuel’s cannon-fodder.

    • ZOG won’t send the official military to die in Ukraine, but lots of decent White people would be hurt and killed if this thing pops off. Hopefully Putin does not take ZOG’s bait. All they had to do was promise that UKR will not be joining NATO, but everything Washington has said to Putin has been lies, so he has no reason to trust them.

  6. You’ll know things are about to get serious if thousands of jews suddenly leave the Ukraine for some other majority white country, even though they hate, fear and resent us.

    • You know that’s right! The negro is the same. He can’t make it on his own, so he destroys White cities with his lazy, outstretched hand looking for a hand-out, while the other is in an unmentionable place feeding his insatiable sexual appetite. All the while, he hates and blames the White man for his condition in life. To your point, if we’re told “thousands are fleeing Ukraine,” we can rest assured they’re wealthy jews. Let them go no further than Russia, herself!

  7. It was the Russians, not the Western Allies, who defeated Hitler. And this is how Uncle Shmuli shows his gratitude towards them.

      • The USSR could never have survived without large amounts of aid from the capitalist USA. But 75% of Hitler’s forces were used on the Eastern Front to fight the Red Army.

  8. Our overlords keep the Cold War going and at a more aggressive pace after it ended over 30 years ago. Why? Who cares about Russian policies anymore? Certainly not the vast majority of Americans.

    • The Pollocks have always hated their Slavic cousins the Russians, perhaps even more than they do the Prussians.

  9. Get plenty of popcorn. If the SHTF, this will be quite the fiasco. It will be really interesting to see how the domestic and international jewsmedia spins a hot proxy war with the Russians.

    • November,

      I do not expect Russia to attack under current conditions. They currently lack Strategic Surprise. Several family members are officers in the military and this is their opinion. They said the Russians are smart and since they have less resources than their enemies they will be/should be very cautious and wise in expending their troops, money, and equipment.

      Anyway, my common sense tells me that you do not fight a war unless you gain more than you lose.

      • All of this is the evil regime in Washington trying to stir up a war so they can continue to demonize Russia to sustain the military-industrial complex and maintain GloboHomoSchlomo dominance over the Western European vassals.

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