Tucker Carlson: “Crush Them”

I’ve noticed a lot of socialists are angry about this.

How can you not be on the side of the truckers against Justin Trudeau?


“Right-wing populism, whatever its champions might say to the contrary, has no solutions to offer here. But a key lesson of American politics since 2016 is that reactionary sentiment cannot be beaten back through shame and moral condemnation, and will continue to gain steam in the absence of a strong populist left alternative to the COVID culture war. For a variety of reasons, millions of Canadians have yet to be vaccinated. We simply can’t afford to write them all off as irredeemably backward deplorables nor leave any more of them to be organized by the Right.”


“The so-called “Freedom Convoy” of truckers currently occupying Canada’s capital city claims to be a broad people’s movement concerned with the plight of workers — specifically truckers — who have suffered throughout the pandemic.

The convoy has received plaudits from the likes of Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson, sympathetic coverage from conservative media, and acclaim from some Canadian members of parliament. The Freedom Convoy’s GoFundMe has thus far raised $10 million in donations. Despite this wide recognition and support, the convoy presents itself as a scrappy coalition of working people who, fed up with the hardship they have undergone, are now speaking truth to power.

But a closer look at key “Freedom Convoy” participants reveals that many of the concerns of the protesters have little to do with workers’ rights or labor issues within Canada’s trucking industry …”

Stealing all this money from truckers and their gasoline and threatening them is illiberalism. It is authoritarianism. This isn’t even the worst we have seen in Canada.


  1. Workers of the world unite is only for the union comrades so they can pilfer the pockets of the working class.
    Also to get them to vote for the Reds or lose the job.
    We are wired differently and can no longer coexist.
    They won’t divorce amicably so there will be a fight for survival.

  2. China and their tyrannical authoritarian leader Xi does not do this stuff to his own people. In China they try to persuade you to get vaccinated but leave the choice to the individual. How can that be? We were the freest people in this world until the Irish and the Jews got here.

  3. You do know Yglesias is one of them Sephardic kykes like Alejandro Mayorkas? We are the enemy to these people, us and our Christ.

  4. Tucker the Cucker Carlson last night:”‘I agree with Trudeau….Canada needs more Sikh Truckers…”

    • Who the hell cares? That ship has set sail. I’m gonna put on my Richard Spencer contrarian cap and take a bold stand here: The United States of America and the nations of Europe *will* become Mixed Race and majority non-white. It is an inevitability. Spencer’s strategy to cope with that is Aryan Globalism. My strategy, and the strategy of many other disillusioned pro-whites, is going all in on Right Wing Populism, with a special emphasis on Social Conservatism and humiliating the Woke Left.

      White Nationalists are still fighting yesterdays battles. You guys talk as if 2015 never ended. The culture is shifting. No one cares about mass immigration or the Browning of their population. It doesn’t matter that Tucker or conservatives support “legal immigration” or whatever as long as they are opposed to Antifa, opposed to Wokeness, opposed to the enemies of Normal Whites – simply put, as long as they are Proper Reactionaries. Yes, Reactionary politics is a good thing, and its a necessary thing.

      Stop it with the What Aboutism. Nobody gives a shit about the White Ethnostate or the European Union or Racial Purity or any of that nonsense as long as there are literally tens of millions of spiritually evil White People who have revenge fantasies against “The Peasants” and “The Rural Retards” that rival Jews and Negroes. Half the White Race doesn’t even deserve an Ethnostate. They don’t deserve protection or dignity. Covid ripping through their degenerate, judaized urban cities is a fate the Whites living there so richly deserve.

      With each passing week, I’m talking myself into getting behind Castiza Futurism even though I know it will result in another Brazil, because the RMS Aryatanic hit its proverbial iceberg by the time Grant and Stoddard were publishing, and we are going down anyway. If Hispanics elevate themselves to the Middle Class and adapt the correct/proper values, then bring on the Aryan-Aztec alliance as it pushes white Shitlibs on both coast lines into the seas.

      No More Brother Wars? No. More Brother Wars!

      Lets Go Brandon

      Hail Victory.

      • I know it is easy to hate what most of our people have become. We allowed an alien tribe to dominate our minds and spirits, so Brazil Norte, here we come. The Celts and Germans are on a path to destruction. Maybe the Slavs will survive.

        • A lot of Americans are just fine with the southern border invasion. This has been going on a lot longer than just the Biden Admin. Reagan, Bushes, Clintons, Obama, and Trump, all pushed it along.
          The problem is the tribe is in charge of the global money. You have to wonder how some of them just start out, and wind up as multi-millionaires so easily. They literally run the world now. They control ours and other nations’ governments.
          Yeah, the white ethno-state is a dream, a good dream, but the chances of it happening are gone.

  5. All reducible to this:

    The ADL

    Leo Frank

    Mary Fiegen’s(celtic way Phagan) autopsy photo

    And this is the Universe Justin Trudeau lives in…worships in…

  6. This coming from the same crowd that overlooked or supported the “mostly peaceful protests” of BLM and Antifa that went on for months. I don’t think doubling down on the truckers will have the intended result.

  7. The chutzpah of these c**ksuckers is unreal.. The Canadian government abets the tearing down of the first prime ministers statue, race rioting, and burning down churches but the literally peaceful truckers with the bouncy castles, dancing, and flag waving is a state of a f**king state of emergency that deserves the whip? The same goes for the U.S. where was the state of emergency with the race rioting, the arson, the looting? We all know the bullshit. I seriously hope these government scumbags burn in hell.

  8. BLM was blocking traffic then pulling people out of cars and beating them. Not quite the same but good weasel wording by Shlomo.

  9. I’d like to see a bunch of bitch-boys like Trudeau try and “crush them”. Allowing childless, unmarried women to vote is how we got worthless creatures like him in charge throughout the West.

    • It won’t be little bitches like Justine doing any “crushing” but militarized units of Kanuckistan badge-gang, who will obey any order no matter how lawless for the sake of their ‘precious’ (pensions).

      • I’m tired of these people and their pensions. Why should they get to retire so young and live off the working peoples’ taxed incomes? What’s so special about them? They aren’t brain surgeons or rocket scientists.

      • “Childless, unmarried women really ought to be sent to live in psychiatric hospitals.”
        ^^ So should childless, unmarried MEN.

    • “Allowing childless, unmarried women to vote is how we got worthless creatures like him in charge throughout the West.”
      ^^ Gee, I don’t know…. Justin Trudeau looks suspiciously like a MAN, to me. (Even if he doesn’t act much line one.) You weak little soy boys need a new talking point. I know women are scarrrry to those of you who don’t know a real one, but take a look in the mirror. It was White MEN who lost this country and all of Western civilization by giving in to greed and serving the money god of the Jews.

      • He doesn’t look like a man to me. And yes, our predecessors made the mistake of allowing EVERYONE to vote. Voting should be an earned privilege for either sex, not a universal right.

  10. I love watching that arrogant little jew weakling Matt Yglesias seething over the trucker protests. “Call in the Marines! Get one of those Chinook helicopters to remove the trucks! Do something, you stupid gentile mercenaries!”

  11. Unlike Americans, who are forced to live with our mistakes for two to four to six years, the Canadians have a mechanism.to quickly course correct when they elect a corrupt clown to office.

    The Canadians should oust Justine Truedope, that Flouncing Fop, by forcing a No Confidence Vote through Parliament. Every single citizen should melt down Parliament by faxxing, emailing and calling non-stop until that creepy little moron flees the country.

  12. Half of America is free of Covid Communism. Sitting in my Kenworth in Georgia, reading that the FIB is arranging a trucker freedom convoy to the Boswash on March 1.

    Let a hundred flowers bloom. American owner ops with low IQs join the FIB freedom convoy, and join the Capitol Stormers in federal prison, getting tortured by Somalian guards. You can include me out.

    Honestly, I was surprised by the based white rural Canadian truckers. I didn’t even know many whites drove trucks up there. The Canadian truckers I see in the States are 95% or so Sikh, Hindu, or Moslems.

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