Poll Watch: Americans Want To Stay Out Of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

It appears we are more polarized by age on foreign policy.

CBS News:

Note: It is also old people who think our democracy is in peril.


    • @Dart

      Unfortunately for us, they’re leaving behind younger protegés who will continue to drag out the 20th Century in America, for as long as they can, into the 21st Century.

      It may be 2100, before 1985 comes to an end.

    • @Dart – Well when they do, White people will become an even more powerless, weak and despised minority. Enjoy!

  1. The US govt and its proxies can’t even protect democracy for their own citizens but they’re going to save Ukraine and its “democracy”.

    • @Roland – I think some of what is behind that “hawkish” insanity, is that America was a much more powerful and prosperous nation in the youth of older people. They were heavily propagandized that America was a good and righteous force in the world; and since most had prosperous lives, they saw little reason to go against the messaging. They thought it was in their own best interests, and in that of their children, if America was the dominant super-power.

      And to the point “they won’t have to fight”, previous to the baby-boomers more working-class Americans knew or had someone in their families who had served in the military or perhaps even died in a foreign conflict.

      There is a point to be made that even though older generations had a lot less access to information that was unscripted by the regime, we certainly all DO have access to the vast information younger generations now have. Younger generation have an information advantage, as witnessed by all the clever young lads and lasses I read here on OD.

      That so many older people have chosen to keep their heads buried in the sand is despicable. Many young normies I know, however, are doing the same and are even more ignorant of the world than their elders were.

      • They have their noses in their phones at every spare moment, playing stupid games and sending pics over instagram, snapchat, and all the other anti-social media.

    • They’re stupid. Since the advent of nuclear weapons, it’s stupid to just engage in conflicts with major nations.

  2. The following is all make believe:
    The new president of Mexico, has begun to supply Mexicans living in Texas with military support. This he says is in response to the abuse the Mexican community has received at the hands of Texans. Indeed large groups of Mexicans have begun to carve out significant sections of the state immediately adjacent to the Mexican US border. Local law enforcement has pulled back in trying to maintain law and order in the face of heavy weapons including tanks being used by the insurgents against them.
    While the US federal government is alarmed, it has long criticized Texas state policies towards it’s Mexican community and has been reluctant to get involved. Local citizens have witnessed the removal of the US flag from government buildings being replaced by Mexican flags. It is believed that the Mexican presidents’ bellicose statements hinting at Mexico’s nuclear weapons arsenal is the reason for Washington’s muted response to the crisis.

    • @Data

      “The following is all make believe:”

      Except for the tanks and nuclear weapons, it’s not.

      “While the US federal government is(not) alarmed, it has long criticized Texas state policies towards it’s Mexican community and has been reluctant to get involved.”

      This part isn’t fiction, except for the bit about being alarmed. They criticise Texas, politically, period. As they do the rest of the South, and the Interior West.

      It’s very likely that the Yankees will side with a foreign nation, over a Southern or Western State. Both of which, Texas happens to be. In fact, they already have, and are. For a long time, now.

    • Here is another analogy. Under President Eisenhower Jupiter missiles with with a range of about 1,500 miles and nuclear warheads were deployed in 1959 to Turkey which shares a land and sea border with the former USSR. The Soviets protested this deployment to a bordering country but nothing was done.

      Fidel Castro overthrew the thoroughly corrupt and vicious pro-U.S. Battista regime in Cuba with his own vicious Communist regime in 1959. The CIA planned the ill fated Bay of Pigs invasion in response in 1960 to overthrow Castro which was carried out in April, 1961 and was a disaster. Fidel, fearing another attack asked for Soviet assistance resulting in the deployment of Soviet ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads to Cuba, about 90 miles from Key West.

      President Kennedy declared this intolerable and demanded the removal of the Soviet missiles. The Soviets gave varying responses eventually agreeing to remove their missiles under threat of military action. This was falsely described in the Lügenpresse as a unilateral U.S. victory.

      Secretly, JFK also agreed to the removal of U.S. ballistic missiles from Turkey as a quid pro quo and pledged not to invade Cuba. There would not have been an agreement without this quid pro quo. This ended the crisis.

      This was kept secret because JFK thought removing Jupiter missiles from Turkey would be perceived as weakness if it became public knowledge and hurt him in the 1964 election cycle.

      The Russians regard Ukraine as JFK did Cuba in 1962. They perceive (correctly) having a NATO country right on their border is an intolerable threat to their very existence. The Russians have proposed an eminently sensible solution; No further NATO advances to the border of Russia and Russia publicly agrees to no more claims against Ukraine, Georgia and the three Baltic States.

      The Russians have reminded the West of GWB I’s promise to Gorbachev regarding moving NATO East after the USSR agreed to withdraw from Eastern and Central Europe: “Not One More Inch”, now a lie, of course. Not One More Inch is the only peaceful therefore reasonable and just solution to the U.S. manufactured Ukraine Crisis.

      Apparently the Deep State running the Dementia Joe administration believes a war will distract from the insoluble problems devouring the administration now. They believe there will be a “Rally ’round the Flag” moment like with JFK in 1962 or the rotten GWB II after 9/11. They couldn’t be more wrong, there will be no rallying around the idiot Dementia Joe, he will be condemned and without public support.

  3. Top of photo below: Ukraine President Zelensky (Jewish) and his rabbi friends
    Bottom of photo: Russia President Putin and his rabbi friends

    These two nations’ rabbis all speak Russian and know each other, as well as link to some of the richest Jewish oligarchs of the world, it is a tight network

    Plus 20% of Israeli Jews speak Russian, and have roots in the Russia-Ukraine region, many still with contacts there

    Notice there is not a large Jewish outcry to stop this war … if war comes, however bloody, it is likely due to plan

    Covid panic is winding down … but death rates of vaccinated people are seriously 10%-20% over norm in every highly vaxed country, life insurers getting in jeopardy … that the vax seems to have been poison, is starting to hit normies, despite media suggesting a ‘strange new sudden heart attack syndrome’ etc

    Time for big distraction … war and chaos fits that need

    Rabbis of Ukraine and Russia with their Presidents:

    • Jews foment these fratricidal conflicts between white people then flee to the safety of some other mostly white country or to Palestine until the violence is over. Then they will return to the countries they fled from to resume their whining and treachery, as if nothing happened.

      Oy, such a bizness!

  4. Gee I wonder who owns the controlling interest in all these life insurance rackets which stand to lose money with folks dying of the jab? Your point about the needed distraction makes even more sense when you realize that (((Big Pharma))) has been completely exempt from vaccination lawsuits since 1986, even if they are proved to have engaged in criminal negligence in court. Funny how that works, no?

  5. It’s the boomers who want healthy young people to get “vaccinated” against the relatively harmless COVID19 virus, because boomers are afraid of getting sick from it. Has any other generation in history ever displayed such selfishness?

  6. 59% of Repugs think the Sniffy Joe is too soft on them Rooshins. Dumb-ass blind partisan alt kackers. Worthless oxygen thieves.

  7. While it’s true these polls show the boomer co-hort unable to get past the fact that Russian != USSR, the other group who show themselves most supportive of the Neo-Klown wet-dream of war with Russia are the Gay Old Pedbears, 55% of whom say Shitpants’ approach to Russia is “too friendly”. Since Dirty-Diapers doesn’t really set policy, the folks who are thought to be “too friendly” to Russia by the Repukes are the rabid State Dept. Jews who seek the extermination of Russia from the earth – who make Cheetohead the Clown look almost Chamberlainesque by comparison.

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