Louis Theroux Meets America First

Here are my thoughts:

1. Louis Theroux is a museum quality specimen of the woke professional class which I write about here on a nearly daily basis now. He is carrying on the family business. His father Paul Theroux is also a travel writer. I reviewed his book Deep South a few years ago here.

Basically, Louis Theroux’s shtick for decades and which has made him one of the most famous “journalists” in the UK (he is of French-Canadian heritage) has always been going on safari, sitting in judgment of the natives and gawking at heathens and their customs. Nick, Baked and Beardson all see him as one of these pretentious, sanctimonious mainstream media elites which is no doubt the way that he comes across to all of us.

2. Louis Theroux correctly points out the continuity between the Alt-Right and America First. The idea that Fuentes and the Groypers are somehow “optical” was always hilarious. If anything is true, they are far more extreme on women. These guys tend to be incels and far more defined by bitterness in that aspect of their lives.

3. The real divide here isn’t racial. It is religious. Louis Theroux is a pious atheist. He has his own secular religion in which the sins of Christianity have been replaced by the -isms and -phobias. Nick, Baked and Beardson are infidels. He spends all his time trying to expose them doing a “racism” or a “sexism.’ They obviously don’t share Louis Theroux’s religion and spend most of their time mocking and transgressing on the sacred norms of his faith completely oblivious to the fact that their souls will burn in hell for all eternity for enjoying and partaking in racial humor.

Note: Beardson gets doxxed in the documentary.


    • A good rule in general. Certainly, if you’re a stupid subhuman spic cuckservative, don’t talk to the media. In fact, don’t ever open your mouth, including for catboy dick.

  1. (((The media))) is their dishonest gaslighting apparatus. No one to the right of Chè Guevara is going to be portrayed as anything other than a normie boogeyman.

  2. Theroux is a white anti-white – the worst kind of adversary. (I don’t allow myself enemies, only those perspective different than my own – and that’s just fine; let’s wish each other well & go our separate ways.)

  3. The height of morality and virtue of the civilized human being is the protection and defense of the weak and the innocent that is why Christ, Christianity and the Christian faithful are supreme. To attack others who do not think as you do is an assault on the innocent, is an inferior moral believe system and is anti-Christ.

  4. Theroux actively goes out looking for these people as his job as a journalist, then pretends to be ‘shocked’ at anything they do or say. A Klansman once said to him:- ‘if you like like the answers you hear, then don’t ask the question’.
    The reason these types hate what we say, is because it’s mostly true.

  5. HW, you should do a post about the Stupor-Bowl.

    Of course I didn’t watch it but millions of cucked Americans do. 8 of the highest 10 viewed television programs in the last 10 years are The Super Bowl. This year was no exception. 100 million viewers tuned in to see 90% knee-grow teams coached by white head coaches compete for the NFL (Negro Felon League) title. They also got to see knee-grow rappers with an all knee-grow supporting cast put on a Halftime Show display worthy of dog vomit.

    If you agree with Andrew Brietbart that politics is downstream from culture, then this annual cultural event speaks to the future of American whites.

    • Halftime Show display worthy of dog vomit.

      It’s right there in the Bible: As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.

      So 100 million viewers, a significant percentage of them whites, returned to their folly to watch niggaball, with teams owned by Jews and ads worshipping negroes – yet again. The interesting question would be which whites are watching the blatant Jew-run propaganda (both game and ads)? The college edumacated goodhwytes? The working-class whites who’ve been targeted by the regime and its allies? This is even after all the BLM kneeling bullshit.

      Some folks are so profoundly stupid they will never get it. Any white who goes to war for the empire has fully earned his Darwin Award at this late stage. Even a Nigerian Musloid in London ‘got it’ over a decade back when (after beheading the disarmed Sgt. Rigby) he stated, almost like a modern-day Baalam’s ass: Remove your governments. They are not for you. What can be done when the truth is spoken even by a stupid donkey, yet none have the ears to hear it? Whites seem to be under a spell of some sort, literally bewitched. Perhaps the donkey knew this and his truthful statement was a kind of Satanic boasting. Such collective white behavior defies all logic and common sense.

      I did not watch it, and was only dimly aware it was happening this past weekend. Stopped watching long ago.

  6. That Thoreaux guy always looks as if he’s got a stick up his ass. Like all other humorless shitlibs he wants everyone to be as miserable as he is. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone in his “gotcha” documentary to root for.

    • Likely he’s perpetually angry because he’s far less talented than his far more respected author father and he’s stuck doing this unsavory Jerry Springer act year after year.

  7. In the nineteen nineties (or early 21st c.) I watched one of Theroux’s documentaries about American militia types. He stayed in the home of a militia guy and his wife and kids and while disagreeing with his views on the Federal government etc. really liked them as people. He made a show of being concerned about what would happen to them. He had trouble squaring their deplorable beliefs with the fact that they were decent folks.

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