Poll Watch: Most Americans Have Experienced True Love

As we approach the most miserable day of the year for incels, a salty new poll is out which shows that most Americans have experienced true love and believe it exists.

CBS News:

Note: The incels over at the Daily Stormer forum are creating Elliot Rodger banners.


    • I think what we need to talk about is what women are doing to our society. Not condemn those who do. There are reasons for what women are doing and explanations of it exposes their true nature. So, you don’t think the actions of women that are destructive, in fact, profoundly destructive to our society, are deserving of criticism?

      It’s easy to empathize with women and give them the benefit of the doubt. Too many men do. After all, we love them. The problem here is feminism. Throughout all recorded history, men have dominated women because it is the natural order. Feminism separates us as a people. It causes dissention and hatred within our race, from our own women. And we’ve stupidly empowered them.

  1. “most miserable day of the year for incels”

    Incels, a direct result of the jevvish poisoning of our culture.

  2. Nick is confused, he’s making a choice, it is his own volition.
    Uh, Hitler had a very close companion in Eva Braun.

  3. “True love” is a meaningless term. We have the stats on real things like marriage rates, divorce rates, and birth rates. None of them are good.

    • Agreed. I think that when most people are asked if they have experienced “true love,” they answer as if the question were “Have you ever loved someone (including from afar)?” which pretty much everyone, incels included has — not, “Have you ever loved someone reciprocally?”

      • I’ve had people tell me they have “an online boyfriend”. “He’s on the other coast.”
        How does that work? How do they love someone they’ve never met? Is it like being in love with an idea?

        • >>>>> How do they love someone they’ve never met?

          It’s an illusion/delusion.
          Most Women are suckers for nonsense.
          Go to the stores, look at all the romance novels. Women love fantasy.

          That’s why the biggest BS’ers score the most tail.

          • The low IQ people. There are equally dumb men. The Bell Curve is real. Any man peddling this stuff is just as bad.

      • Exactly this. People have had the feeling … but too many have seen the commitment reality go up in smoke.

        What is needed is a culture where people have some shame and regret in ending a marriage … instead of women feeling it’s clever to dump a husband and have him continue to pay for her lifestyle, as the corrupt USA / Western legal system and media have been encouraging.

        In the USA the loyalty culture is more found in rural areas. With city women it’s gone. This is part of the pull for those many ‘right-wing’ white men taking Latina or South-East Asian brides … the women from those cultures have more of that loyalty impulse via their family and cultural ethos: You take a husband, you try to stay with him.

        • >>>>>the women from those cultures have more of that loyalty impulse via their family and cultural ethos:

          Until they get to the US, then they change into a western shrew, most often.

          ( if you marry foreign, DON’T BRING HER TO THE U.S. OR GET HER A GREEN CARD (few exceptions). Also applies to women.)

    • Marriage is like friends/business partners with sex. Money becomes the, or one of the, big link.
      True love is emotional, but finding someone who really views the world the way you do…is better.
      Finding someone like yourself is not narcissistic. I think we feel more comfortable with people who are more like ourselves. I think it’s far more fulfilling to find someone who one can relate to in many ways, than to just be emotionally attached. To be able to trust someone requires far more than knowing they like to watch movies or play on their phone.

      I’d say a lot of people seek a friend or partner based on what they get from the media. Women with plastered on makeup, guys who drive the right car…it’s all superficial stuff. When I read about what people seek, it makes me think they are just products of media and consumption.

    • >>>> “True love” is a meaningless term.

      No it isn’t.
      I’ve seen several elderly couples with the dèepest love for each other.

      A 70 yr old woman attacking a grizzly that is mauling her husband,
      that takes real love !

      (Only the courage a WHITE woman can muster. Any POC would just stand back and shriek.)

  4. “Alright, fine. You can’t marry a man you just met!”-One sister

    “You can if its true love!”-The other sister

    “True love is bullshit!”-Harley Quinn

    Got to side with pop culture on this one. It reflects reality. Things are grim between men and women.

    • “Things are grim between men and women.”

      Thanks to jevvs controlling the media , thereby setting the social agenda.
      Every female malefactor in the 50 yrs of hate filled feminism has been jevvish.

    • >>>>>“True love is bullshit!”-Harley Quinn

      Sounds like something produced in a jevvish culture.
      Oh yeh, it’s America.

  5. *When Stalin’s common-law wife died during his days as an outlaw he told a friend at the burial service that this would be last time he would ever shed a tear for anyone. A few minutes later agents from the Tsar’s OKHRANA secret police showed up to arrest him. But he managed to jump or climb over the cemetery wall.

    *Everything I know about love I learned from reading Charles Bukowski.

    *Elvis said he could never date a single mom. I seem to have a fatal attraction to ’em.

  6. Poisonous incel subculture only makes things worse for men who are already having a hard time of it, but they’re not wrong about everything.

    Stats I’ve seen show that women on social media rate something like 85% of men as “below average.” Damn, that’s pretty tough on the average dude out there.

    It’s not entirely a recent phenomenon either: we have twice as many female ancestors as male. Godlessness and internet may have pushed female selectivity into hyperdrive, but it’s rooted in something deeper.

    • Rate on what?? Income, looks, physique, what? If any guy cares that much about what dumb people say…it says a lot about him.
      Blaming “women” is like blaming “men”. The men blame the women and the women blame the men. But it’s the low IQ crowd. The people who pick up a box of beer every night. The people who live to go to bars and casinos. The people who live and eat at sports bars. The people who watch TV shows.

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