Breaking Points: Russian Invasion Imminent?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Yes, the “intelligence community” are a bunch of serial liars, but the Russian military buildup speaks for itself. Joe Biden is also a weak and flailing president presiding over a country that is consumed with domestic problems and which isn’t willing to fight over Ukraine. The Europeans aren’t willing to fight over this. The weather is also optimal for a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

If you are Joe Biden whose poll numbers collapsed after the debacle in Afghanistan, do you want to be further humiliated on the world stage? Do you want to give Dump and the Republicans another albatross around your neck to run on and a stick to beat you with in the midterms?

Note: I’m dreading the fallout with gas prices. I have been watching gas prices in my area going straight back up. That’s another reason why I don’t see Biden driving this.


  1. What Vladimir Putin and Slavic Russia understand about the US:

    The Democratic Party=The Homosexual Pederast Party armed with nukes….

  2. Unlikely. Just more gaslight media generated hysteria to keep the idiocracy living in fear of the bogey man. Putin probably has more sense than to waste valuable resources to occupy a failed, looted country like Ukraine – which never actually existed as a country in history apart from two brief periods: 1) a few weeks after Russian Empire’s WW I collapse before the (((Bolsheviks))) took over; and 2) under German occupation during WW II. It was traditionally (since 988) regarded as part of Russia. The languages are not very far apart and mutually comprehensible. For a time in the 17th century it was a province of the Polish-Lithuanian state – heavily tax-farmed by Jews. If Putin attacks it will be to defend the Russian populace in the eastern part of the empire’s dancing monkey trailer-park.

    Boomertards and Trumpkins by and large seem to have sided with (((Victoria Nuland))) on the matter, whcih is not very surprising.

  3. It seems like the elite pedophiles have just said ‘f*** it.’ We’re basically violating the Russians personal space like those creeps that stand two inches from you on the check-out line and then look puzzled when you get upset. After all they didn’t physically touch you despite the fact they were breathing down your neck. The Russians are edgy, emotional and unpredictable.

    I don’t know about this…

  4. Biden needs someone to change his diapers, His handlers are running the show and they’re warmongers. Sounds like Neocons to me.

    • The Russians Vladimir Ukraine’s Putin? Let them do whatever they want. This is not the US’s fight.

      But if Americans be sent, let it be the bulldykes, trannies, kangs and nancy boys. White Americans should not squander their lives in service to ZOG-USA, which wants to make them 2nd class citizens.

  5. “If you are Joe Biden whose poll numbers collapsed after the debacle in Afghanistan”

    Biden is irrelevant.
    It’s Ron Klain and the jcrew will make the decision.

    >>>>watching gas prices in my area
    Brent 96/bbl……wholesale gasoline 2.80/gal

  6. ZOG is obviously trying to provoke the Russians into making the first move so they can be accused of “aggression”. Lincoln, Wilson, FDR and Bush Sr. all pulled the same damn stunt.

  7. Once again Uncle Shmuli wants white gentiles to kill each other for his amusement and profit. But how will he convince us to get on board with his latest fratricidal scheme? Something something defending freedom and democratic values might work!

  8. Only the US the ZOG cops of the world are allowed to invade sovereign countries to spread democracy.

    Afghanistan would be the double standard when it comes to the US hypocrisy.

  9. By this time next week, Jen Psaki will be claiming that they made Putin back down, and what a great political victory Biden has won.

  10. Biden can’t even anticipate the movement of his own bowels. Accurately predicting the movement of Russian troops is beyond his pay grade.

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