1. If this is what Zelensky is pushing, then Russia will invade. I hope it’s a quick war, Russia achieves its strategic objectives and forces a quick peace. Otherwise, we are in for some hard times…

  2. Ukraine joins NATO…

    Iskanders incomming

    Azoz Nazi brigade fried by napalm…

    US Special Forces Faggots….napalmed into charcoal briquettes…

    America….The Global Homosexual Pederast Empire….from Hell!!!!

    God Bless Vladimir Putin!!!!!…for he is a devout Conservative Christian Man who protects the children of Russia…from Bill and Hillary Clinton…

    Richard Spencer is a contrarian lisping fag…

  3. This is literally the run-up to WWII all over again, and engineered by the same bad actors.

    Ukraine has been given inflammatory guarantees by the Western powers (just as Poland was, before the war), and so it is being belligerent and provocative — just as Poland was being belligerent toward Germany throughout the interwar years, but especially in 1939.

  4. Why does NATO exist ?

    It was organized to counterbalance the Warsaw Pact. The WP no longer exists, so why does NATO ?

    • NATO exists to justify the billions spent on $100,000,000 F-35 (each) stealth fighter planes, and all the other expensive military toys that consume a huge chunk of the the national budget, while our infrastructure falls dangerously into disrepair.

      NATO is a bully in search of a fight.

    • Good question. When the Cold War ended It transformed from a defensive organization into an offensive one.

  5. The WP no longer exists, so why does NATO ?

    That’s am easy one, once you see past the bullshit wall. NATO is there to keep the whites in the EUSSR from ever escaping their giant open-air gulag run by Uncle Schmuel – who’s the employee of the (((City of London))) and it’s fellow members of la famiglia. The really dumber zeks there are Poland and Hungary, who somehow think that handing over their sovereignty to an unaccountable organization is going to be beneficial for them. If they think being in the Warsaw Pact was bad, wait until they get to experience the full joy of Uncle Schmuel’s pink booties.

  6. If you join NATO, you are obligated to do the bidding of those countries. It’s like joining the mob. Be careful what you wish for.

  7. Do you think any sane American leader would put up with a Soros color revolution in California, Texas or Florida?

  8. (((Zelensky))) may as well of kicked a bear cub in sight of its mother because ‘The Bear’ has all the justification to attack.

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