Justin Trudeau Invokes Emergencies Act To Assume Dictatorial Powers

This is illiberalism.

This is authoritarianism.

This is a full blown police state.


  1. Just like Russia, Canada has the same strategic advantages of?


    Take note Dixie boys?

    Whites we thrive better in colder climates!

    Just saying HW,

    It makes you?


    Last advice I will give?

  2. Cry me a river dude. Peopke like you facilitated people like dear Justin with your covid totalitarianism equals our betters acting like a loving father shilling for Leviathan. Don’t doubt for a second that Joe is not going to do the same thing in the Fall 2022, in order to duplicate the ability to steal the midterm elections as was perpetuated in the 2020 elections. You heard it here first.

    Once that happens, the gloves come off, the vaccines will be forcibly administered, and the refuseniks will be denied jobs, access to health care and their own funds, and so forth. You wanted Joe to spite Donald. Well, the consequences will be felt by the rest of us. And you will not escape either

    • You’re wrong. By that time this shit will be so weak and the vaccines will be correctly acknowledged by most to be highly ineffective, and often harmful. They won;t be able to pull any of that off.

      • In what version of America will the sheep suddenly wise up and discover the truth about covid or anything else? Your faith in the CNN watchers is touching. Report back to me from your gulag in January 2023 when the Dems increase their representation in Congress.

        They got away with it, so why would they stop? In any city over 5,000 people the Dems absolutely control literal access to the election machinery. They can fill out as many single vote ballots as necessary to win. Simple. Unless the opposition infiltrates their operation in a counter-intelligence gambit, game over forever.

        I am right and you are wrong. Normies will correctly determine that the odds of overcoming their wage slavery with cooperative collective action among the insecure 99% against the Oligarchs is too difficult to risk their modest kitty.

        600 billionaires who have future multiple trillions at stake if the feudal chains are removed can and will cooperate. Millions who would have to risk it all to gain a few thousands, and whose lives are diverse enough to make agreement on how to fight impossible, will never fight. They haven’t in the entire breadth of human history. Ain’t gonna change now. Truth

        • I guarantee I will not be mandated any vaccine this fall, and will not be in any gulag in 2023. You’re wrong. I don’t watch CNN, or Faux, either. I can’t pretty much guarantee Dems aren’t going to increase their representation, either. Not that it matters for Whites, though.

  3. Suspending personal bank accounts for anyone involved in the blockade? WTF? I’m guessing that doesn’t happen for people in the country illegally, or career criminals? Just people fighting for legitimate causes.
    Just another libtard fag who’s out of touch with everyday people.

    • @Robert Browning – Your comments would be much less obscure sounding if you would simply use the more straightfoward term, “the anti-Christ”. Great links, by the way.

      • I want people to make the connections for themselves, the Jew messiah is the anti-Christ. The Jews worship the man of sin. How could you be a civilized human being and worship sin?

        The Jew religion belief is purification through transgression, doing bad things brings you closer to God. What God? It can not be the father of Christ. What God?

  4. Western liberal democracy is an iron fist in a velvet glove. As Frank Zappa said:

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

  5. Shows you the stupidity of anglo conservatives over the last several generations adhering to a “fair fight” when the liberals intend to use such weakness to seize power and then hold on to it by force. These people took too many high school civics classes and watched too many Errol Flynn movies where he tosses the Sheriff of Nottingham’s sword back to him so they can continue their “fair fight.” There is a reason Kings kept a very tight grip on things 400 years ago, they knew these little things can easily metastasize into bigger things and result in them losing their head like Charles 1 or all the Spanish inspired plots against Elizabeth 1 and James 1. To think, this little effeminate shit thinks he commands respect. Looks like the elites in Canada want zero compromise and people walking around in masks and vaccine cards forever like a new PRC. This crap was supposed to be for two weeks, the commie progressive traitors used it as a permanent means to power.

    • Can’t disagree. The stage was set a long time ago. Soviet Kanuckistan doesn’t have a 1st amendment or a 2nd amendment (though it’s not as if they hold much force in the Murikan gulag either). The PMCs like Castro’s bastard have been running things in that pathetic dump for a long time. The ‘conservatives’, like their namesakes everywhere else in the west, are fake and gay – conserving nothing whatsoever apart from gains made by the likes of Justine Trudeau.

  6. @ Government should fear the people, not the other way around, the Canadian’s are nice people, as they have shown, the satanic overlords, have their gun sights on us, next, as the weather warms, this will accelerate, the empire will strike back, grid down? another virus? War? Monetary collapse, supply chain interruption, pick your poison, stay ready folks, stay vigilant, this is book of “Revelation” time…,.

  7. @ the English speaking people’s, the Anglo/celts of the Occident, north america, britannia, australia, New Zealand, are target number one, soon and quickly followed by the rest of Christendom, we are at a historical crossroads, let our battle standard, let the Southern Cross, the cross of Andrew , who walked with our lord, who they nailed too a”X” fashioned cross, who paid with his blood, for bringing us the good news, let our Rebel Flag, be the symbol of defiance, too this Satanic onslaught, being brought upon our peoples, there is hope, we shall prevail, we have something our enemies don’t have, a FUTURE !!……..

  8. Meanwhile Castro’s son will send weapons to Ukraine to protect “democracy” while he declares war on hos own people.

  9. Neoliberal totalitarian tyranny are judeo-capitalism and “democracy ” in decay. This is what betrayal by gentile elites will do for fleeting power and a stack of shekels will do for their sociopathic and malevolent descendants of Jacob.

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