Airbnb Cancels Russia

No, we are not “united” against Russia.

The same weapons being used against Russia have long been used against us. Everything that is used against Russia in this campaign will also assuredly be turned against the domestic opposition.

The Guardian:

“Airbnb has suspended all operations in Russia and Belarus, and also stopped users of the home rental site from both countries from making any bookings, in the company’s latest response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. …

The company elaborated on Chesky’s tweet, adding that the ban would extend to Airbnb members of those countries trying to make any bookings on the site.

“This means that we will block calendars from accepting new bookings in both countries until further notice,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We will also restrict users in Belarus and Russia from making new reservations as guests. We certainly hope that as we look to the future, a path to peace is forged.” …”

This is all part of the same totalitarian trend.

It was Canada’s finance minister who came up with the idea of waging all out financial war against Russia based on the precedent which had just been set with the Freedom Convoy.

Last month, Tucker Carlson covered how Airbnb had deplatformed Michelle Malkin and her husband for attending the Amren conference. Less than a month later, all Russians have been booted from the platform. Airbnb has been blacklisting political dissidents since Charlottesville.

Last month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki led the charge to censor Joe Rogan’s podcast for spreading misinformation. Less than a month later, we are being deluged by misinformation and propaganda which is being spread by the corporate media over Ukraine.

Welcome to the club.


“It has been reported that Apple Pay and Google Pay are no longer working for Russians as they attempt to use Moscow’s metro system.

This news comes as Western nations agreed to block some Russian banks from the Swift international payment system, as well as the restriction of Russia’s ability to use its foreign currency reserves. …”

I was banned from Google Pay years ago for maintaining this blog.

Before joining the mob that is out to cancel Russia, you might want to stop and reflect on the fact that this same mob is being led by people who are far more of a threat to us here than anything Russia is doing in Ukraine. The last thing in the world that we should be doing right now is joining and empowering that mob. Why can’t this mob cancel our swath of the country?

Seriously, if RT can be taken down and Russia can be canceled, why can’t FOX News be taken down and Red America be canceled? Vladimir Putin might be an autocrat and authoritarian. We didn’t live in the same country though. Putin isn’t the authoritarian menace in this country.


  1. When we march on The Enemy and encircle the cities, they will be winning the propaganda war (in their own minds!)

  2. “”..FOX News be taken down and Red America canceled?..””

    They will do it. Counter move will be self defense enclaves with some sort of autonomy like Soviet Republics before Soviet Union collapse. Most important will be borders to defend food fuel and other resources from outside buyers. Also own money and payment system in case of payment cancelling like Soviet Central Bank did in 1990-1991 when they refused to transfer money to disobedient regions.

    Or direct trade. Like in the Soviet Union, where kolkhoz directors from cancelled territories loaded truck with food and drove to the industrial regions to change food against tractor and other machinery parts.

    Basically, classical path to secession.

  3. Communists have always used the tactic of calling Europeans Nazi, before they take their countries and ethnically cleanse them. So what they are doing in Ukraine is old school communist cancel culture. Why should I defend cancel culture just because Russians are using it against Europeans?

    “Seriously, if RT can be taken down and Russia can be canceled, why can’t FOX News be taken down and Red America be canceled?”

    They can take FOX News down any time they like. That is the amusing part. Supporting Russia will not stop the liberal mob from doing anything they like, when they make their mind up to do it. Conservatism only exists in America (or anywhere else) as much as liberals allow it to exist. Conservatism is so utterly useless, because they don’t understand what real power is, while liberals do.

    • Which European countries under communism were ethnically cleansed? While western Europe was importing Africans, Turks, and Arabs by the boatload, the communist states all remained European.

        • Dart is correct. The blog you reference has it wrong. The part of Europe under communist rule actually fared better culturally than the so-called “free” world did, despite being poor. The poison of Jew subversion and inversion was interrupted to an extent. It’s probably a mistake to credit communism per se though. The Polish population remained solidly Catholic (in the traditional sense) while Christianity utterly rotted away in the west, where Italy, Spain and Ireland were the last holdouts to fall to Vatican II. The part of Eastern Europe under the empire is rotting away fast and with an Pedo Anti-Pope installed by the empire even Poland is now in free-fall. EUSSR and NATO will complete the job unless the people of Poland and Hungary come to their senses and see who the real enemy is – Wokeunduh and Pedowood is far more dangerous for Poland and Hungary’s continuing existence as nations than Putin will ever be. Let Poland and Hungary be countries No.112 and 113. Expel the spawn of Satan.

  4. why can’t FOX News be taken down and Red America be canceled?

    A month ago, when the Rogan thing was going on, the prospect of that happening might have frightened me. But now, its a moot point. Fox News has devolved into 24/7 WW3 propaganda. They are worse about it then even CNN or MSNBC, which are “merely” calling for sanctions, as opposed to political assassinations like that potato boy Hannity.

    Red America has already been cancelled by virtue of the fact that any “Red Wave” we vote for will just be channelled into psychopaths who get us $9 per gallon and bikes through the snow, which is exactly what the Left has always wanted, only their justification was “saving the environment,” whereas the Right’s justification is “protecting Democracy values in Ukraine.” Its all so tiresome.

    I honestly didn’t think the 2003 playbook had anymore currency. Hannity, Lindsay Graham, and Fox News have proven that the playbook still works. I’ve been raging and seething against the Shitlibs in this comment section for the last two years, and to be clear, I still hate them. But if Red America is going to go along with this “Putin wants to conquer the world” garbage, then well, they get what they deserve with CRT in their classrooms and trannie pedophiles in their bathrooms.

    Its time for the White Race to grow up, evolve, change, adapt, whatever. We either innoculate ourselves against the indoctrination and become Noble Ones, or we let our herd instincts lead us off the cliff like the demon struck pigs from that one Bible story.

    My patience for lemmings has its limits.

  5. Does that mean Comrades Wallace and Anglin won’t be renting that cute little dacha on the Black Sea this summer?

      • Haven’t you heard? He’s supposed to be 115% smarter than you because Mr. Science sez. He’s also a true-blue paper-amerikan who reads his Scofield daily commentaries with the Talmud inside, faithfully serving Moshiach. You’re just a goy, so what would you know?

        (@ Punkass bitch: Please do tell us why you haven’t yet joined Azov battalion? They need you desperately. As a jew, you’d be an officer on the spot. Money-Laundry 404 will be just a shitty little memory before you know it, but Joey Shitpants said Putler will never win the hearts and minds of the Iranian people. All of Twatter agrees. Hurry up now.)

  6. Red America and Blue America are fundamentally on the same team. It’s only at times like these that this becomes obvious. Conservatism’s only purpose is to create the illusion of choice.

    • You’re absolutely correct. Our local conservative radio talk host was actually ranting and yelling on my way home from work tonight. He was like Sean Hannity. He’s mad that no one is starting a real war. He kept calling Biden “stupid” and
      “an idiot”, like he thinks trying to goad them into really starting WW3. He did some squealing and some weird sounds—he thinks he’s funny but not to me.
      I think Biden and company have been more than effective at destroying the US. Saying his decisions are
      “stupid” or “mistakes” is saying Biden just makes the wrong choices and has no real agenda. There’s nothing like underestimating your enemy by pretending he doesn’t know what he is doing.
      How do these clowns get on the radio? I guess to be a “conservative” talk show host, one has to kiss the wall and act naive, and insult people by calling them “a Jefferson Davis” or make fun of Hitler.
      I’ve always thought both sides were one side. It’s a theater. We all know the conservatives are not on our side any more than the liberals are.

  7. Seriously, if RT can be taken down and Russia can be canceled, why can’t FOX News be taken down and Red America be canceled? Vladimir Putin might be an autocrat and authoritarian. We didn’t live in the same country though. Putin isn’t the authoritarian menace in this country.

    Yes they’ll take down anyone who goes against the narrative. FOX news has nothing to worry about since they are part of the narrative. There is absolutely nothing to stop them from doing this, or anything else they want. This should have been obvious quite a while ago. I have my disagreements with Vox Day (mainly over Zion Don), but he’s gotten many things right too. Like build your own platforms (to give one example). Andrew Torba seems to have gotten the message too.

    Think Amazon, Apple, Faceberg, Disney, Twatter and Wall Street are even neutral about all this?? If some blue-cheka bitch in the land of Castro’s blackface little bastard can doxx any American who donated to a convoy and seize their money by decree, she can do it to any one she wants to target. You really think any of the blackrobed Kritarch-klowns or Merrick Garfinkel’s Just-us Dept. will say no? We also got to see the badge-gang in full action there. The ones here are no better – maybe even worse. That one bitch and all of her allies in the Wokeunduh establishment are 1000 times the treat that Xi and Putin are combined.

    So-called “conservatives” who are screeching about the danger of the “authoritarian menace” of a Putin halfway around the world as they completely ignore the direct assault on their own citizens are in fact a fifth column. This would include basically all Republicans (including the “God-Emperor”), by the way, not just Mittens Wormney, Lady G and her retarded house-nigra. Voting moar harder just produces more R-jerseys who will slip the knife in your back as they have done without fail since the days of Richard Nixon. The D-jerseys are a scam for the populist left. Time to start thinking out of the box they have constructed for us. The voting booth is just a roach-hotel.

    The Russian government did something today they should have done a decade ago or more: They banned Faceberg in Russia. China (who is far more astute about this) has their own versions of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, etc. Hopefully the Duma will start banning Jew-Tube, Disney, Pedowood and the other oceans-worth of “freedumb” – pure evil spewed across the planet by the Empire of Lies (Putin’s term is an excellent one – it even rings of Solzhenitsyn). They might want to start invalidating all copyright and patent claims from the empire too. Just take anything of value and leave the rest. Payback of a sorts for Larry Summers’ season of looting and asset-stripping described as “biznisss-advice” in the Yeltsin era.

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