Joe Biden Gives Update on Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Joe Biden has said that Russia is invading Ukraine either tomorrow or by the end of the week. I guess we will see what happens over the next 24 hours.

The thing that worries me is that it is obviously not in Joe’s interest to get humiliated again on the world stage or to spook the markets and have gas prices go through the roof when inflation is his biggest political problem. This is about the worst thing that can happen to him before the midterms. He is saying here that gas prices could imminently go to the moon.

So, you have to wonder why he is saying this. Does he believe the intelligence community? Are they lying again as usual?


  1. Last month, Gerhard Schroeder former German Chancellor was nominated to the board of directors of Gazprom .

    Schroeder is also a board member at Russia’s top oil producer Rosneft.

    Hunter Biden, no Gazprom board seat for him. He is getting the crack pipe concession though.

    These Irish Micks make you laugh. What a bunch of maroons.

    • “The US warmongers in Washington will claim it’s a victory.”

      They won’t. Jen Psaki will. Because Biden and his handlers won’t be taking questions at that time. Especially any that require a simple yes or no answer. Which Psaki can’t answer, either.

    • Schroeder has been making big bucks from Gazprom right after he left office and probably before.

    • and the Russian spokesgal has requested the US-ZOGlobohomo regime to give the world a list of “future Russian invasion dates”. Funny stuff.

  2. He’s trying to shift the blame of rising oil prices onto the Russians. By pushing Ukraine into a battle with Russia, he can then blame everything else on the war as well.

  3. The orthodox rabbis that have both the ears of Putin and Zelensky called off the dogs of war because it didn’t serve international jewry’s bottom line. It certainly wasn’t diplomacy that a difference in this unnecessary crisis.

  4. The last thing ZOG USA wants is for Germany and Russia to develop a stronger political and economic relationship. If that were to happen then Washington’s influence in Europe would be severely diminished. Both countries must be kept down indefinitely, otherwise Uncle Shmuli will start to feel threatened.

    • “The last thing ZOG USA wants is for Germany and Russia to develop a stronger political and economic relationship. ”

      A Russo-German Alliance would be invincible, and dominate Europe. That’s what the Washington-London wannabe one world government fears. The power axis in the West will shift from Washington-London, to Berlin-Moscow. Washington-London are resisting this with all of their might and main. What’s left of it, anyway. This is why the Anti-German and Anti-Russian propaganda hasn’t ended in a century.

      • Berlin-Moscow-Beijing. Washington-London’s worst nightmare. If the West wasn’t completely insane, it would court Russia against China. That’s obviously not going to be allowed to happen.

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