Tucker Carlson: Democracy In Peril!

I still haven’t figured out how I am threat to American democracy.

What does that even mean? I didn’t vote in the 2014, 2018 or 2020 elections. I’m not a partisan voter or even much of a voter. I haven’t told my own supporters to go out and vote in the midterms although I think some of our people should run for office and try to ride the backlash.

Note: These people are synonymous with “democracy.” If the professional class loses an election, “democracy” is over.


  1. Paranoid schizophrenia is endemic to Jew blood. Jews have been producing children with their sisters and cousins for centuries in order to keep their blood Jewish. These Jew breeding practices have created all sorts of ills in Jew blood.

  2. The reason I dont like arguments like “if the professional class loses an election, ‘democracy’ is over” is that this is precisely what Trump was arguing about the 2020 election on his own behalf(who else?). Is it so hard to believe that Trump could lose, given his behavior?

  3. Democracy in peril? Well from what it’s delivered so far, should we give a fuck?
    America, Canada, Australia, NZ, most of Europe……..are all woke, diverse, effeminate cesspools. Going to have your vote at the ballet box never seems to make your country suddenly less woke or brown.
    Most people don’t want more wars………we get more wars.
    In the current dynamics, there’s no way out for us.

  4. @ Double speak, double speak, a litmus test in a way, founding stock america, knows that we are a constitutionally limited republic, a ” democracy,”, that lying dog ass notion, came with the hyphenate Americans, the ellis island crowd, Jeffersonian federalism is what works, till we repent of this “Democracy ” tripe, this will never get better, so the “party of lincoln, has taken on the mantle of white advocacy, well, we shall see what happens…………


  5. Niggers, Jews, shrill womyn, and Fags. I want NO PART of ‘their’ democracy. Because it is nothing less than a SATANocracy. And along came Hillary…. Q.E.D.

  6. “The end of democracy” means our Anti-White overlords can see the real possibility of losing their power and control over us. That’s what they’re shitting their pants over.

  7. The World as a Jewish Stage is the same as the Two Worlds Paradigm. Those who understand that have taken the Real Red Pill, which is the one (((they))) don’t want you to take. Instead they want you to take:

    QAnon’s False Red Pill.

    or Donald Trump’s False Red Pill.

    or Fox News’ False Red Pill.

    or Tucker Carlson’s False Red Pill.

    or Alex Jones’ False Red Pill.

    or Noam Chomsky’s False Red Pill.

    or Mike Stone’s False Red Pill.

    or Lin Wood’s False Red Pill.

    or Henry MaKow’s False Red Pill

    or Fiona Barnett’s False Red Pill

    or Isaac Kappy’s False Red Pill

    or any other False Red Pill that they offer through one of their agents.

    Jews purposely offer the Goyim a million false red pills to choose from so that nobody will take the real red pill that will really open your eyes and your mind to the hidden truth about the world and what happens in it. I offer you the Real Red Pill and I highly recommend you take it. I also warn those who are truth seekers to be wary of any counterfeit or substitute that is saying anything substantially different from me because these are all False Red Pills meant to prevent you from seeing the deeper truths I am trying to show you.


    • Thanks for reminding me of Mr. Kaminski. Paul Craig Roberts needs to take notes from this man.

      • @Tikkun – Yes, he really does. I had to quit reading PCR because of his repeated comparing of Leftist tyranny to “Hitler” and “Nazis”. It was like a headline a day with that trope when I gave it up. He does have two fabulous cats, though, that would sometimes crash his video streams. I do miss that!

  8. The only ones that proper from Democracy are politicians and the rich and powerful. The rest of us become victims are democracy. The times we are living in is the proof.

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