Morning Joe: Voters Oust San Francisco School Board Members Over Woke Politics

Mayor London Breed recently sounded the retreat from “Defund the Police.” Now, San Francisco is retreating from Wokeism in public schools.

Note: The culture war counter attack is working and drawing blood.

“The professional class essentially declared war on the “far right.” We intend to fight and win that war and unleash the most vicious counterattack on Joe Biden’s despotism ever seen in American politics. We were only joking around in 2015/2016 in the Trump era. We’re not joking around anymore.”


  1. This cancelling and de-platforming of people who are guilty of nothing except exercising their Constitutional rights to freedom of expression and association has to stop. And the homeless vagrant situation on the Left Coast is out of control. So is the situation on the Mexican border. Republicans have a golden opportunity to win back power and stay there for the next generation but they’ll screw it up, like they always do.

    There is no political solution™.

    • “Republicans have a golden opportunity to win back power and stay there for the next generation but they’ll screw it up, like they always do.”

      Always !

      They know how to play the common citizen.

  2. If only we could oust Board of Trustees members at various SEC schools. The University of Alabama Board has already voted to rename six campus buildings, due to the “racist” views of past heroes. The Office of DEI now requires all new hires to show a commitment to equity and diversity. There is not just an Office of DEI, but DEI administrators popping in the various colleges of the university, and its School of Law. And with DEI, there is little chance UA will raise academic standards as that would dramatically reduce the percentage of Black students.

  3. the indoctrination factories, alias “public schools”, need to be closed down altogether…at least until such time as the Jew-communist teachers’ unions have been liquidated.

    • E-learning is a viable alternate.

      The great trajedy, is none of our moneyed elite WHITES will finance free, race wise education for young WHITES. with the internet, it would be so easy , so effective.
      A few million dollars invested in programmers and teachers, in offshore servers would accomplish so much. The moneyed elite WHITES always fail the WHITE race, few exceptions. They failed us in broadcast media, by allowing all the networks to fall into the hands of ((( those ))) people.

    • The only way they’ll shut down is through economic collapse. That happens when a high enough percentile of white parents yank their kids from the indoctrination centers and stop paying taxes. Enough of us do this at once and the badge-gang’s precious (pensions) get looted by Larry Fink, et al. just before they load the bags of cash onto the planes leaving for Israel (where the phonebooks are known as Swindler’s Lists). Then the supply chains all go down and the real fun starts. School Boards have little control over what is taught, as they are starting to find out in Virginia. It’s all decided at Federal level and implemented by states under Federal orders (implement or lose your block grants).

  4. Once again, wokeness is for you rednecks and your redneck kids. It is not for the good White allies of PoCs who live in San Francisco or their kids.

    • “dept of education should be disbanded”

      We need more than that. They have infiltrated all levels of education, pre-school to post doctorate. Just like fungus, once established, it spreads into everything.

    • How many times have the Gay Old Pedos made that promise since the days of Ronnie the Raygun? A hundred? Perhaps six million?

    • It was a tragedy when schools were Federalized. My White rural state had a schoolhouse every two miles before the world went to hell.

  5. Much more serious is that Russia invaded Ukraine yesterday.
    And the tactic used was the “deep battle type” as predicted by the laughable imbecile Krafty.

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