1. As stale as it seems it might replace Kamala and be the D-rat nominee. Voting clearly doesn’t matter anymore. The baby blood drinkers have unrealized plans for Newsome somehow too.

  2. Hillary? No.

    But Vlad could take back Ukraine within a week, which will provoke a huge shortage of gasoline here as the refineries are dependent on Russian petrol.

    No one will stop them, only because no one can. The Russians would massacre the American military in a week.

    This is why the markets are crashing.

    Buy ammo, if you have guns. They will soon ban it. There are 150 million reasons for you to buy it. That is the number of feral savages in American cities, who will soon be starving as the system expires.

  3. Maybe she will run against Trump again. When they have their last debate, Dump can tell her he is going to lock her up if elected.

  4. Bring. It. On.

    If the Democrats actually run her in 2024, she might be the one candidate that would cause me to vote for whoever the GOP candidate is just to spite the other side. Biden himself doesn’t elicit that level of disgust in me, because at least he got us out of Afghanistan, and also he doesn’t even know where he is at any given moment. Hillary running in 2024 is personal entitlement and narcissism at a level that shouldn’t be possible. Her feminist supporters are the absolute worst, as any Bernie Bro knows. And she would nuke Moscow within a month of getting elected. Eff her, eff her base, and eff whoever told her she was so special.

  5. I’m still hopeful the country has enough sense left to recognize how unwise a gorgon in The Oval Office would be.

    • It might be punishment. Shlomo looks at us like a master looks at their slaves. Never give a slave what they want because they will want more seems to be an underlying tenet of the blood drinkers management style.

  6. Hillary should be behind bars but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. She is the personification of everything that went wrong with the boomer generation.

    • She is the personification of everything that went wrong with the boomer generation.

      So is Trump in a curious way. He used to be best buds with the Clintons back in his Epstein-customer days. Now that he’s picked up on the populist-patriot grift (after noticing the vast sums grifted by the Tea-Party Patriotards), they’re at least officially enemies. Cankles represents the full evil of Boomer Bolshevist-feminism, while Trump represents the full feckless fakery of Republicans and conservatism – created to “oppose” the Bolshevism of the boomers like the Clintons. Their whole argument boils down to “vote for us, or you’ll get cankles” – “Let’s go Brandon” for short. The only question which should be considered is which course will bring the empire crashing to an end the fastest, or if neither will effect the speed of the collpase.

  7. I never understood why the Democrats didn’t run Hillary Clinton again in 2020 since they took her Russian Interference ball and ran with it. If the election was stolen from her in 2916, why not give it back to her in 2020?

    Moreover, if Biden doesn’t run in 2024, won’t there be hell to pay if the Democrats don’t run their ultimate intersectional Affirmative Action candidate, Afro-Asian Kamala Harris for president in 2024?

    That said, Ms. Clinton lost in 2016 thanks to her inability to behave herself and not use the Clinton Foundation to conduct a fire sale on the country to the highest bidder AND to accept that people like Slick Willie more than they like her.

    Even with Biden’s issues, I think it’s highly unlikely that people will reward Clinton’s trouble-making tantrums with the presidency in 2024.

    • The problem with Kamala, from the Left’s perspective, is she has that unwoke record as a DA. Truth be told, the Democrats are waiting around for AOC to be old enough to run. Her “squad” is the future of the Democrat Party, and the future is now.

      Its hard to tell who the Democrats are going to run in 2024 because of the internal struggle between the Centrists and the Wokes, but since the Wokes have conviction and zeal, whereas the Centrists are milquetoast political players, I think its inevitable the Democrat Party will totally consolidate around Wokeness and the agenda of the College Educated White Professional Class.

      If that happens, the Democrats may cease to be a nationally viable political party. I don’t see a version of events where the Rust Belt states vote for someone like Elizabeth Warren over a generic Republican. Joe Biden was by far the most electable candidate the Democrats had in 2020, and he’s basically a lame duck.

      Once again, the GOP has a golden opportunity to consolidate itself into America’s Party and create a (short term) future where White Americans can coexist on acceptable terms with multiracialism and multiculturalism. Its up to the GOP base to hold their feet to the fire, which the Boomers failed to do, and make them pursue and enact National Populist policies.

    • “I never understood why the Democrats didn’t run Hillary Clinton again in 2020 “

      Probably because black men hate her. In the end it didn’t matter when the harvested all the endless “mail in ballots” but the probably feared in a normal election a lot of black men wouldn’t bother to show up at the poles for her.

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