Ross Douthat: A New Class War Comes To Canada

Ross Douthat has a new article on the great divide in Western politics.

New York Times:

“A great and mostly unknown prophet of our time is Michael Young, whose book “The Rise of the Meritocracy,” published way back in 1958, both coined the term in its title and predicted, in its fictional vision of the 21st century, meritocracy’s unhappy destination: not the serene rule of the deserving and talented, but a society where a ruling class selected for intelligence but defined by arrogance and insularity faces a roiling populism whose grievances shift but whose anger at the new class order is a constant.

This year it’s Canada’s turn to live inside Young’s somewhat dystopian scenario, set in the 2030s but here ahead of schedule. On one side of the trucker protests you have Justin Trudeau, a condensed symbol of meritocracy-blurring-into-aristocracy — with degrees from two of Canada’s three best universities, but also the pedigree of being Pierre Trudeau’s son — and behind him a Canadian establishment that has followed public-health advice on Covid more closely than the United States, imposing more stringent restrictions throughout the pandemic.

Then on the other side you have the truckers and their allies: A complex mix of forces in the style of France’s gilets jaunes, organized in part by right-wingers but inclusive of all kinds of characters and ideas, defined by an exhaustion with pandemic restrictions and a strong connection to the physical portion of the economy, the part that relies on brawn and savvy, not just the manipulation of words and symbols on a screen. …

Still, once you recognize the divisions that Young prophesied, you see them in some form all over, as a novel class war that constantly raises the old question: Which side are you on? …”

This divide is extremely complex.

White Nationalists frame the divide as a conflict between White people and Jews. There is a grain of truth to this. Jews are vastly overrepresented among oligarchs and PMCs and the conflict definitely has a racial dimension. Jews also tend to be secular, urban, leftwing and highly educated. These characteristics are strongly associated with being on the other side of the divide regardless of race or ethnicity.

The divide is also now routinely framed as a class conflict between PMCs or the Zoom class and the working class or the Virtuals and the Practicals. This certainly captures another important dimension of the divide. As we have seen, there are PMCs who graduated from college who come from all racial and cultural backgrounds, but what unites them as a social class is their worldview and values.

It is easy to punch holes in both of these narratives. The most bitter divide in Western politics isn’t racial. It is between two groups of White people who hate each other. The working class isn’t neatly aligned with either party in the United States. It is split down the middle. Finally, only half of college educated Whites support Joe Biden. It is not like everyone who has a professional class job or a college degree is a super woke shitlib or a leftwing authoritarian technocrat who lives on a coast in a big city and who looks down on ordinary White people. It just so happens that there are a lot of these types of people there.

I have a college degree. I am highly educated. I am part of the laptop class too, but I am not on the side of these people. In my case, it is due to the fact that I was born and raised and still live in the rural Deep South. I strongly identify with my cultural background and my own people. I could have easily moved to some big city, repudiated my own background and absorbed the values of the people who live there. Instead, I have rejected those people mainly because I despise their cultural values.

The divide is only partially about race, ethnicity, religion, geography, class, profession and education. This explains a lot, but it isn’t sufficient. You can easily find White people, Jews, blacks, “Latinx,” AAPIs, Yankees, Southerners, urbanites, ruralites, Christians, atheists, PMCs and working class people on both sides of the divide. I think is ultimately about values, ideology and attitude. It is about social liberalism and specifically antiracism, modernism (cultural liberation), cosmopolitanism and political correctness.

How can anyone be on the side of Justin Trudeau and not the truckers? Supposedly, this is about the vaccine mandates, but it is not really about COVID. This divide existed long before COVID. It has been exacerbated by COVID. We’ve loathed Justin Trudeau for years on this website. In France, the Yellow Vests rebelled over the gas tax, but that was only incidental. As the Confederates would have said, it was the occasion of the rebellion, not the cause. It is about, you know, those people lording it over us.

Some people just embody the divide. Hillary Clinton is one of those people. Justin Trudeau is another.

Note: In particular, Trudeau illustrates how social liberalism has left behind traditional small-l liberalism in favor of pure authoritarian technocracy.


  1. Jews also tend to be secular, urban, leftwing and highly educated DEGREED.

    I’d argue that they aren’t so educated as they are degreed. Jared Kushner being a good example, Getting into the ivy league, even though grossly underqualified.
    I’ve seen this with doctors, j doctors that are not up to par, but mama pushed them through medical school with dad’s big bucks.

    • After 30 years in academia, I would concur. They are seemingly bright, but are often just nebbish, annoying, conformist little bundles of fear and psychosis. Think “Portnoy’s Complaint”… or Judas Iscariot.

  2. “The Rise of the Meritocracy,” …….. a ruling class selected for intelligence but defined by arrogance and insularity ‘

    Huh ? That’s a baffling contradiction.
    “ruling class selected for intelligence “……where’s that, on Mars ?

  3. “White Nationalists frame the divide as a conflict between White people and Jews. There is a grain of truth to this.”

    Southern Nationalists’ hatred for the Yankee makes them say goofy shit like this.

    • It’s not so much a divide between Whites and Jews. It’s a divide between Pro Whites and Anti-Whites, the worst of the latter being White Anti-Whites of which there is no shortage.

  4. I’m also a college educated laptop class member that feels more loyalty to my fellow rural Alabamians, so I truly get where you’re coming from with your take. It often feels like our fellow travelers from the North East cities don’t quite understand how we are different, but we are.

  5. You can easily find White people, Jews, blacks, “Latinx,” AAPIs, Yankees, Southerners, urbanites, ruralites, Christians, atheists, PMCs and working class people on both sides…

    While whites indeed are found on both sides, the overwhelming majority of Jews (90% or more) are on the Trudeau side. The split is only slightly less lopsided with blacks, somewhat less lopsided with “Lantinx” and other non-whites (though still nothing resembling the near-even split among whites). Asians – despite having high IQs and being the victims of black criminality at a very-high rate – still largely side with their Jewish overlords and blame black criminality on “white supremacy” (an utterly stupid lie). If the polls are to be believed, the non-white males are the ones who are starting to smell the bullshit and walking away. The females, as with their white counterparts. are more likely to fall for it – following the pattern established in the Garden of Eden.

    A good part of the divide indeed has to do with education, which in the west now consists of little more than Judeo-Satanist indoctrination from K to PhD. Those who believe their teachers will be shitlibs, blue-checkas endlessly parroting talking-points fed to them by Pope Nosferatu et al. Those who come to realize their educators were lying sacks of shit, or were spared the indoctrination will likely come to oppose to the dogmas of the Church of Woke at some level.

  6. Trudeau embodies the naked expression of liberation through coercion. All must be forced to be “free.” Their ideology demands that the state explicitly punish traditionalists and reward liberationists. The end of liberation justifies the means of coercion. The elite force the non-elite to embrace their values. The mask has dropped. Democracy, the rule of law and human rights function only rhetorically. We have seen this before during the American, French, and Russians revolutions. The naked use of power helps our cause. Those who worship at the altar of the Statute of Liberty may yet see the idol for what she is: a barren whore.

  7. The only ones that side with Little Castro are the leftists and communist because they both hate freedom and personal choice.

  8. “”…highly educated…””

    Well. They inherited greatest Empire and run it into ground so now we have massive financial and economic disaster and revolution on the front door. up everything and probably getting killed is barely an education

      • Edjewcation has never been synonymous with intelligence & wisdom. Today, even niggers are awarded Ivy League degrees like Pez. Unless they’re for hard science, they’re ruinously expensive (((Cultural Marxist))) toilet paper, albeit the essential prerequisite to access to the levers of power & control.

        The control of everyone’s lives by this exclusive club of smirking shitlib snobs must be stopped, by hook or by crook. Only the demonstrated knowledge & ability to do any given job should be considered. As it stands now, commies with degrees from “elite” schools in any subjects are automatically handed the control of virtually all high positions in gummint & the corporations; their “brilliance” & competence is taken as a given by their fellow Ivy Leaguers who hire them.

    • It’s not education, it’s what the judeo-masonic “corporate” culture allows you to think and believe publicly. Didn’t they strip James Watson of his honors for speaking about racial differences?

    • Not highly educated but highly indoctrinated with a mix of Anti-Whiteism and Marxism. This is called a college “education”. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Maybe not so accurate that groups are ‘split down the middle’. The reason is that many voters – more so unmarried women – really just follow a herd instinct, which is driven by media manipulation, the major media being run by the oligarchy.

    Urbanite / Dem voters are in recent years, if not PMCs, much more in the category of manipulees of the media. Women are much more media-swayed, hence the female-Dem bond. Working-class Dem-voting whites are the most royally duped of all voters, some of them boomers with nostalgia for pro-worker Dems of long ago.

    It takes independence of mind – or a sharp experience of feeling betrayed – to reject dominant media narratives, and thus to vote Right-populist, but that is increasingly happening.

    Tho ‘smart people’ have another problem, as they can see the political class of Repubs are often betraying them despite lip service, and so can back off of voting, as Hunter sometimes does.

    So the main split is maybe between media-guided NPCs plus gibs beneficiaries (Dems) vs more-independent thinkers plus tradition-keepers (Repubs).

  10. It’s not education. You don’t get a job like that these days without towing the PC line. This is why there is such a fear of being “doxxed.” The former CEO of Mozilla, fired for his political activism.

  11. They might not all be Jews both they have all been indoctrinated and inculcated with Jew thought. And what is Jew thought, ideas that are contrary to the teachings of Christ i.e. no harm must come to the innocent. The Jews have created a class of high browed predators to server their will and to do harm to those who the Jews hate the most, the weak and the innocent.

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