1. She isn’t following the science, she is living in fear as the govt wants. Meanwhile, she is breathing in all the dirt, dust and everything else that get stuck to the mask. She is also breathing in her our expelled CO2 and cutting down her O2 in take. These people that wear masks 24/7 even while driving alone in their car are doing more damage ti their lungs and immune system than the so called virus could ever do.

  2. # She is addicted to the virus and all the ensuing attention, what s catalyst this lab created pestilence, has turned out too be, it’s worked so well for them, why stop now!?

    • The monopoly media forces these ((uglies)) on us.
      That’s the reason ((they)) took control of the major networks that dominate the media for the past 70 years.

  3. JEWY Behar, psychotic YID. Sounds true to form. But hey, as Tikkun said, “It’s a mitzvot- Who wants to look at that face, anyway?!”

  4. joy Blowhard, should show some compassion for humanity and wear something, that would cover up her whole head completely…

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