Greg Gutfeld: The Great Flip

I’ve said the same thing here.

The Democrats are dominated now by people like Jim Acosta or Professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss of PERIL who advocates a “whole-of-society” totalitarian Yankee school marm approach to dealing with “the rise of rightwing domestic extremism.” PC Principal is now in charge of the Democratic Party.


  1. Great great commentary on PJ O’Rorke.

    Conservatives “the Right” have basically had a poll stuck of their Arses for the last 100 years. George L Rockwell wrote about that.

    Conservatives gave us “Prohibition” so honest hard working White men couldn’t legally have beer after hanging 80 stories about the pavement on a narrow iron beam building the Empire State Building.

    Conservatives have been:

    No beer
    No MJ
    No sex
    No fun

    Uptight White Conservatives even have tried to ban music and dancing – we’re talking great White classical music and just male led, female follow partner dancing.

    These uptight no fun anal Conservatives wouldn’t let the real Jesus Christ in to their churches because the real jesus Christ had long hair and a beard, plus he insulted rich Je*ish money changers like George Soros!

    Look at Cuckservatives like Mittens Romney.

    The guy is LDS Mormon presents a squeaky clean LDS image never had a MJ joint, never had even a beer or a glass of wine or even a cup of caffeinated hot coffee. Yet Mittens took the knee for BLM BlackLiesMatter hard drug (heroin and meth) dealer, dead by his own opioids and meth George Floyd.

    What a cuck and I ‘m afraid that’s the norm in the LDS Church of Latter Day Sissies.

    • Beer is estrogen in a can. It makes you fat and stupid. As evidence, I present to you….the American population.

      • All good things in moderation.

        Jesus Christ definitely served wine and probably drank some as well.

        The greatest White college basketball player Bill Walton smoked MJ, so did the greatest White swimmer in history Phelps.

        And folks, White men that have never had a beer, never had a glass of wine, never smoked anything, never received less than B grade every from the worst Je* anti White Marxist teachers, never been in a fist fight, always nod their heads and agree with the powers that be.

        These types are useless in these dark times. Totally useless.

        Time to embrace rebels, bikers, bar maids, escorts, bar brawlers.

        Look at the reining heavy weight boxing champion Tyson Fury. Look at his large beautiful White family. Listen to what he says and does – he’s very “based”. He even once or twice mentioned the JQ, the J media.

        That should be our model not some uptight Conservatives, cuckservatives.

  2. “the rise of rightwing domestic extremism.”

    They are very desperate, to slander the majority of American citizens with such pejoratives.
    Reminiscent of Hillary’s ‘deplorables’.
    Must be the same script writer.

  3. Anyone opposing any dictate of The High Anti-White Church of Political Correctness isn’t “wrong” or “mistaken”. They’re pure “evil” and must be punished to the fullest extent of the “law” shitlibs make up as they go along.

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