Mass Shooting At Antifa Protest In Portland


The LARP ended in a gunfight with a local homeowner in his own neighborhood.

The smartest move we have made in recent years is that we stopped engaging with these people. We have left them alone to fester and rot and LARP in their metros.


  1. Contributors at /pol seem to believe this was black gangbangers vs antifa. If true it would seem even groids are sick of these freaks. Interesting…and amusing.

  2. You make it sound like the dissident right took the highroad and is just biding its time, waiting for the perfect time to emerge into the mainstream.

    What actually happened is that the DR so lacked institutional and popular support that it got stuffed in a locker, where it remains to this day, in self maintained ideological ghettos with absolutely no idea how to organize itself.

    • 1. There was a conscious decision around early 2018 to stop engaging with these people. The consensus has largely held since then. Even when there are real world events, it is things like Patriot Front doing flash rallies and avoiding engaging with Antifa. There used to be all of these public standoffs, but it doesn’t happen anymore because no one sees any upside to it.

      2. There isn’t any need for a “Dissident Right” anymore because almost everything it stood for has gone mainstream over the past two or three years. There are only a few exceptions. It is still taboo to talk about the Jewish Question, but even that taboo has faded somewhat over the past two years. It is becoming easier to talk about the issue. As for basic stuff like immigration or trade or foreign policy, that stuff is mainstream now

      • OK, it’s mainstream to “talk” about immigration, trade and foreign policy. But not much is actually being done especially on the migration invasion.

        Typing on computer key boards in comments sections isn’t stoping the migrant invasions.

        Why can’t some local sheriff like the former Great Sherrif Joe use the COVID issue to target illegal aliens.

        Do these migrant invaders have COVID vax cards or TB, Measles vax cards? If they don’t they get rounded up and deported.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          The leaders of both your parties wish and maybe even pray for your destruction. The best way to destroy a people is what I have called the 3 I’s—-Immigration, Integration, and Interbreeding. This is being done at fever levels.

          It is truly amazing to see a Republic where the Presidents can arbitrarily invoke a mass invasion of a country. The idea that the USA is a special country with institutions that protect her are a farce of course. When a people and her government are corrupt then nothing can protect them.

          As always I enjoy your comments.

  3. In this upside down society we live in nothing will come of these lowlifes. No mass arrests, no shutting down their finances and no consequences of any kind. They’re free to terrorize any one they want. Meanwhile in Canada the opposite is happening.

  4. Truthfully, the best way the deal the pestilence that is antifa, and their advisers and donors was demonstrated by the SA and NSDAP.

    • Agreed. But who can do what needs to be done here in North America with these ANtifa, BLM scum. Yeah, we wish we had the SA of the NSDAP but we don’t.

      The Proud Boys were the only ones to contest the streets in in USA 2018-2020 and they got broken up.

      I always thought White biker clubs were our best best. There is even a biker club called “The Cossacks” – they would be perfect.

      • @Jaye Ryan,

        Yeah, outlaw biker gangs could easily lay the hurt on antifa, but they have their own rivalries with other MCs, and they’re smart enough to see that both BLM and antifa are under under the protection of the FBI, ATF, Dead, and all the other alphabet agencies of the jewnited states department of judeo-justice. They would prefer to keep a kid on the federal heat they already have to deal with.

  5. My news sources say it was a White biker club.

    I’ve always favored recruiting White biker clubs to contest the streets with the worst Antifa, cult marxists maybe not Black riots.

    There is a USA biker club called “The Cossacks” – they would be perfect for fighting J perverts, J cult marxists, sexual degenerates.

    • @jaye ryan – You’re on to something there! In an area adjacent to my location, a small local biker club actually did stand up to BLM. They simply showed up, and they peacefullly and (relatively) quietly outnumbered the raggedly little band of Negro worshippers just by occupying the space.

      There is just enough of the old-style traditional male motorcycle riding culture here to do that. But it is fading fast.

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