Philadelphia Inquirer: Black City, White Paper

What is the brand of the Democratic Party?

How is the Democratic Party perceived outside the Acela Corridor Twitter Bubble?

Philadelphia Inquirer:

“CASSIE HAYNES STARTED the morning of June 2, 2020, as she does most mornings, with a copy of her hometown newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer. What she read that day horrified and enraged her.

For weeks, Black people in Philadelphia and across the country had protested amid dual pandemics. They had been traumatized and enraged by cell phone video showing a Black man, George Floyd, begging for his life as his windpipe was crushed beneath the knee of Derek Chauvin, a white police officer in Minneapolis. And the millions who poured into the streets did so despite a global public health crisis that was disproportionately ravaging Black communities.

That Tuesday morning, The Inquirer published on Page A12 a column by the newspaper’s Pulitzer-Prize winning architecture critic beneath the three-word headline: “Buildings Matter, Too.” …”

As I said yesterday, our entire culture seems to revolve around the axis of the woke professional class and its toxic relationship with blacks. The neverending psychodrama dominates the Democratic Party. Black narcissism and White self abasement inside the party feed off each other and have spiraled out of control. It is also racist to notice and mock this dynamic.

Note: Everything is racist.


  1. What about Moshiach, is Moshiach a racist?

    The devil has no reflection. The devil can not see himself as others see him. The devil is blind to his own flaws and short comings but only see the faults of others. If the shoe fits……..

  2. How many blacks read newspapers or ever did? How many can even read beyond a third grade level i.e. “on, off”, “stop. go”, “hot, cold”, “min. max” etc.? Search the liars from Google for stories on the Baltimore public schools for examples of black academic excellence.

    I will take the side of the blacks on this one however. To compensate black people for newspaper oppression all the staff of the Filthadelphia Inquirer and every other newspaper in the country should have all black editors, writers, business managers etc. For further righteous reparations all TV shows must have the foulest, ugliest, fattest, angriest blacks they can find gracing the TV screens 24/7 spewing their anti-White bile continuously. Where is the EEOC when you need them?

    Perhaps that will wake up White sheep while they are grazing on their chemically modified food products while watching feetsball played by people who hate them. Those who run and profit from the sports bidness hate them the most and are calibrating the anti-White hate just enough to not drive away their White fans. Feetsball and other sports are immensely profitable for The Usual Suspects unlike the (co-called) “news” programs of the Lügenpresse.

    Check out the recently ended 2022 Olympics which was as woke as NBC could get it. They highlighted colored “affletes” in a few of the winter sports and moaned about the lack of diversity because everyone knows from watching TV that blacks (and their White wives and friends) love being out and about when there is 8 inches of snow on the ground and it’s 20 Deg. F. out. NBC lost money hand over fist covering their miserable Olympics dog-and-pony-show because Whites didn’t watch it.

    Keep up the good work, keep going broke with woke.

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