1. All of the Covid policies have been illogical. Masks are a shibboleth, used to differentiate the faithful from the dissident. A visible sign of your submission to the illegitimate authority of a government thats far exceeded its mandate.

    When you cede autonomy by wearing a cuck muzzle, you cede the argument that the pandemic is even a serious threat and further legitimize the argument for lockdowns and forced vaccination which have done more harm than good, while greatly enriching the very elites who cynically seized power (undemocratically) in the first place after manifestly failing to prevent the pandemic to begin with (more likely having engineered it themselves, intentionally or otherwise).

    Masks are the thin end of the wedge.

  2. Rachel Gutman wants you to bow down to her assloving tranny Jew God, the Moshiach. Sorry Rachel, no can do.

  3. From the article:
    >Take my city, Baltimore, as an example. Everyone older than 2 must wear a mask “indoors at any location other than a private home,”
    In Europe it was no mask for those under 12. There were also no vax for kids under 12 in Norway and the UK, and if that had translated to more death or injury, Denmark would not had taken their recommendations away. for those under 16, it was only one dose, and young people got their double shot 8 weeks apart. Denmark aspirated the jab, but Norway did not, and Norway had 300% more myocarditis, because Norwegians got the intramuscular vaccine in the blood stream.
    Denmark had a bit stricter mandates than Norway, yet Norway had less dead.

    Health data in the UK and the Nordic countries are in real time, so the countries looks to do things a bit differently, and then copy what looks to work, so when it comes to the vaccines and various mask and lockdown measures, my guess is that the regime followed in the Nordic Countries and England, is the most rational given what is known. For masks that is mask up indoors if you can’t keep 1 m distance, and don’t bother with kids. This cuts down on random transmission on buses or in shops, but masks are of no use if you are to stay in the same room over time. If you thus want to stop the spread in schools, bars and restaurants, they need to be closed down.
    I also had to admit that the Swedes were right, in letting kids be the first group that was intentionally infected, since kids don’t always infect the parents.

    That was a lot of text, just to say that we can expect
    1. a lot of dead and maimed kids and young people from the vax in the USA, from the simple reason that they never adjusted their recommendations as live data started to come in from N-Europe.
    2. the data on masks in the USA can never be any good, since they could not see in real time how the various mask mandates effected spread.

    The Norwegian “CDC” had such good control when Omicron happened, that they shut down bars and mandated masks, not primarily to stop Omicron, but to stop Delta, Influenza and Rhino virus, and once those were gone, every mandate was taken away, so all could be infected with Omicron.
    Norway also never had any vaccine pass or mandates.

  4. Tell me how a unsealed mask is going to stop a microscopic virus of any kind? Wearing a mask all day is doing more damage but you can’t tell the sheep that.

  5. Can you think of an equivalent period in history?

    Has there ever been such elite insanity without a comeuppance?

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