Krystal & Kyle: How The Post-Occupy Left Abandoned Class For Wokeness


Wokeism is a religion.

These people are not engaged in democratic politics which is a game based on teams and is essentially a popularity contest. This isn’t anything resembling liberalism either which has traditionally left such matters to the private sphere. The people who are immersed in this cult are busybodies who are constantly surveilling their neighbors and especially random strangers and subjecting them to absurd moral purity tests. Politicians only want your votes. These people want your soul.

Once again, the Elect or Saints of Wokeism are trying to force their unpopular religion on the country. They are obsessed with policing words. They are iconoclasts who topple statues. They are puritans who are damning a huge swath of the country as evil sinners who need to be stripped of their constitutional rights, silenced, shunned and driven out of the public square. The Saints alone should have the power to decide who can raise money online or participate in a public protest or speak their mind on the internet and everyone who disagrees with them is a rightwing extremist who is in league with the devil.

This is the Left’s image or brand now. This is what comes to mind in Middle America, not FDR and social democracy. As long as the Left is identified with this sect in the public mind, you are wasting your time trying to sell the more popular aspects of your agenda because too many people are disinclined to vote to empower them.


  1. Its not heading toward enforced purity of character at all. They have prejudged Whitey to be innately and unalterably racist, therefore irredeemable.

    Why should I listen to these swpls who are acting as apologists for the modern left whose explicit raison d’etre is being anti White? The left isn’t misguided. Its totally aware of what its doing and why.

    These quasi populist independent media people have every reason to want to maintain the status quo, they just don’t want to be swept up in the fallout from the backlash that always follows the kind of aggressive over reach we are witnessing by the monoparty elite.

    Fuck Bernie Sanders. He’s no paragon of anything. These people aren’t speaking truth to power, they are just exploiting general discontent, trying to keep people from wandering across the line to the right, no different than “conservatives”, who only conserve the right flank of the left.

  2. …yeah and the new religion is design to give cover to the predator, the wolves in sheeps clothing, the beast that only seeks to devour and consume. Who could that be? Who, who a thousand times who.

    The wise old owl asks who.

  3. The “post-Occupy left?” Hell, the Occupy left abandoned class for wokeness. Where does anyone think that the concept of the progressivetard stack got really popular?

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