1. As long as you don’t tell the truth about jews you should be alright. I’m sure the algorithms are set to flag any mention of the chosen.

  2. You can always hint at it by talking about Ellis Island Immigrants taking over the elite and disparaging the people who were here before them. Smarter people can figure it out, but unfortunately a lot of dolts will think you are saying Tony Soprano is pulling Biden’s strings.

  3. Brian looks like he’s constipated, and is trying to pass something in that picture. Is he always this ‘up-tight’? I cannot abide to listen to the little twerp.

    Gab has a lot of people talking about “Truth” but so far, Torba has been positively ON FIRE with his comments about what it means to be a Christian…. though he has a long way to go….

    Oh, and FWIW – DS is back online

  4. Trumpstein & Kushner’s TROOF social media. Just don’t you dare ask about that Schlomo behind the curtain. The grift that keeps on grifting. Maybe Kang Cyrus should move to Haifa or Tel-Aviv so he can be listed in an Israel phonebook … better known as Swindler’s List.

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