Vladimir Putin Recognizes Donbas

What do you think?

I think Russia sees Ukraine as a vital interest.

Aside from the foreign policy establishment, I don’t think Americans see Ukraine as a vital interest. It looks like this disconnect is about to be exposed in 3, 2, 1 …

Note: Canada is a different story. We have far closer ties to Canada. We might need to deploy troops to Canada to liberate our fellow Anglos from Justin Trudeau’s dictatorship. Perhaps Alberta and Saskatchewan could be annexed to the United States and bring in four new senators to nullify New York and California’s delegations?


  1. Put it to a vote. Or is a democratic vote on secession contrary to the “rules based international order”?

    • Robert browning, peaceful secession is a pipe dream, will never happen, these antichrist rulers we currently have, would try too kill everyone of us, before they would let that happen, our confederacy will rise out of the ashes of babylon, if it rises at all, God in heaven, will bring babylon down, but he does use the nation’s, to chastise and implement judgement, I reference ancient Israel and judah as example’s, courtesy of ancient Assyria and ancient babylon, if it’s gods will, our southern confederacy, will stand again, something we should all pray for, if we are serious that is….

  2. My sincere hope is that Russia and China bowl over Ukraine and Taiwan with such lightning speed that ZOG will not have time to get a bunch more Southerners killed in pointless faraway wars.

    • Blip blip, we don’t need our people, killed in evil, unnecessary wars, whether their, southern, western or northern, what counts, is what is in their hearts, not their zip code of origin…….glad your back guy, where you been?…….

    • The U.S. Government will probably call for conscription after the November elections because of the crisis in Europe and the probable capture of Taiwan as the U.S. Government’s attention is focused on Ukraine. The geniuses in Washington can only focus on one problem at a time and are ignoring the threat to Taiwan which is only 100 miles from China. The loss of Taiwan would be a grievous blow to the prestige of the Deep State especially after Afghanistan and Ukraine.

      Conscription would be called “National Service” this time because of the public’s opposition to conscription from the Vietnam War. N. Vietnam was forced to sign the Paris Peace treaty in Jan. 1973 after their military was destroyed in 1972 from U.S. bombing and a naval blockade. U.S. prisoners were returned beginning in Jan.1973 which was also when conscription ended.

      This time the Government will probably try to conscript women until there is tremendous public opposition. The Government will claim everyone must serve; “we’re all in it together” but naturally the wealthy, well connected, Usual Suspects etc. will be exempt except for a few tokens who will get safe spots. The burden will fall on White, Christian males as it always does to make the current diverse, multi-cultural, homo, clusterfuck military function efficiently.

      Whites need to absolutely refuse to cooperate with the Government’s conscription program else your sons will come back dead or maimed and for nothing, too. Non-cooperation on a large scale, not violence or threats will stop conscription cold, the Government will have no answer. If Dementia Joe, Rush Limbaugh, Trump, John Bolton, GWB II and a host of other scumbags and warmongers can dodge the draft then so can everyone else.

  3. “We might need to deploy troops to Canada to liberate our fellow Anglos from Justin Trudeau’s dictatorship.”

    Dream on.

    • “We might need to deploy troops to Canada to liberate our fellow Anglos from Justin Trudeau’s dictatorship.”

      Why the Jews would allow such useless move?

      They have money for wars but don’t have money to feed our children.
      — True American genius Tupac

    • Arrian, with this illigitimate administration we have, they would send troops to prop up olde illumanati trudeau, before they would help the canadian common people….

  4. Putin isn’t blind, he can see Russia is being surrounded, by NATO in the West and Japan/korea in the East, all under the hegemony of USZOG.

    We are in a new Cold War, with USZOG as the cunningly surreptitious aggressor.



      Its purpose is to occupy Germany, and keep that country from ever being White, again.. Or leading the rest of Europe to Freedom from US-UK-ZOG.

      Its purpose is also to keep Germany from making a lasting peace with Russia. Which would end USZOG hegemony in Europe.

    • Arrian, “Nato has no reason to exist,” yes it does, somebody has too hold England’s hand, but you are right, the European Union military is europe’s future, Tarshish, oops I mean england will be in alliance with her cubs, doesn’t seem to be , much of a presence of the United States of Babylon in the future…,.

  5. Everything is upside down and backwards in this world today. Citizens in Canada and the US are deemed terrorists by their own govt but they will send troops around the world to get involved in a pissing match between two countries we should have no interest in.

  6. Shlomo vs. Shlomo. Probably better to be part of Russia than be a direct Blackrock slave. At least Russia has not openly declared war on whites yet.

  7. The principles of self-determination for local peoples – even tho written into things like the UN charter – are too often ignored and trampled upon

    Russia itself sure trampled on Chechnya’s in order to hold on to their oil & gas revenues … the toll for that will one day be paid

    But it’s good to see secession happen when it does

    Ironically independence for the Donbass also justifies independence for Taiwan, angering Russia’s ‘friend’ China

    Maybe this will inspire Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis to think towards a New Confederacy

    Western Canadians indeed are on 4chan saying it’s time to cut the ties there too

    • Taiwan is not independent, low IQ retard. It’s an American puppet state. That’s why it’s the only Asian country with faggot marriage.

    • Balticus, mr.cruz or mr.desantis, will not lead a new southern confederacy, we’re not interested in same shit different flag, we can do better than that and so can you.

    • Western Canada, will be part of a northwestern confederation, after babylon falls, that is ,if enough people survive……

  8. The Ukraine for Russia is the equivalent of Cuba to the United States. Putin expects the anti-Russian bigots in the Empire of Evil to place medium range ballistic missiles in the Ukraine as part of a forward NATO deployment that could decapitate Russia’s command and control and civilian authority in seconds or minutes. Just like the U. S. feared in 1962 when the Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba to deter a second CIA/ Military invasion of that country.

    Putin WILL NOT allow a puppet regime on his border. The U. S. imperialist history makes trust impossible. So Brandon better not commit to war or Vlad and Xi will pull out the Final Solution, a combined EMP attack by China to blind our defenses and a Russian first strike to annihilate our capacity to ever harm anyone again.

    If they just killed liberals that would be a positive for the world. Of course, war can never be controlled. So let us hope the war machine recognizes this and either removes Biden or disobeys his orders.

    • Putin WILL NOT allow a puppet regime on his border

      There are already at least 7 puppet-regimes on his borders: The three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Poland, Finland, Georgia and Norway. All seven are puppet states of Globo-Pedo empire. Technically Russia also borders the USSA and its client state of Japan as well. Before the end of WW I, all but Norway were part of the Russian Empire. In the Soviet era, all but Norway were either part of the USSR (Baltics plus Georgia), the Warsaw pact (Poland) or neutral (Finland). The Zionist empire has made considerable headway in surrounding Russia since 1991, so Putin’s concern is understandable. He at least put his foot down in Georgia – though the Zionist client state remains there.

  9. I’m guessing our hypocritical government doesn’t want the Chinese to be setting up military bases in Mexico, either.

    • Jazzhands was shilling for Zion Don just a few short years ago so I wouldn’t be going to him for advice on who is and who isn’t a Jewish puppet. I think he is just embarrassed about the whole MAGA thing and so now he just calls every world leader a pawn to save face.

      Ask yourself this: Would Putin be helping the governments of Syria and Iran if he was controlled by international Jewry? Would ZOG be spending 750 billion dollars a year to encircle Russia if he was really on the same side as them? Putin and Xi are not ethno-nationalists that’s true, but they represent the forces of traditionalism and are a million times better than the west is in it’s current form. Russia and China expanding their sphere of influence is an objectively good thing.

    • There is excellent reason to wait.

      Prolonged action hurts Empire badly. This is the reason why uncle Joe handlers desperately need immediate war. Uncle Joe handlers know that they are bleeding resources . With every day Empire becomes weaker and everybody else know it.

      That is why Empire must move fast before losing last strength. Others should prefer stay away and watch Empire bleeding and weakening until incapacitation.

    • Belarus is nominally independent and I have been told there are parts of Ukraine that nobody really wants. Vlad is cherry picking I think.

  10. I’m glad that eastern Ukraine has broken away from the ZOG controlled gangster regime that controls the western part of that country. Now western Ukraine is landlocked with no access to the Black Sea. Those Atlantic Council assholes are FURIOUS!

  11. I always thought that the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine was similar to that between England and Wales, no?

  12. What can ZOG/the Atlantic Council/NATO do? Nothing. Sanctions didn’t work, vilifying Putin in the establishment press didn’t work, either. Russia has the support of most of the international community, either openly like in the case of Red China or indirectly, as with Germany. ZOG USA is the villain, especially with that senile, pants-shitting, daughter-molesting Irish nigger as its “president”.

  13. Nah, Canada should be left intact so they can annex New England, the Great Lakes region, and Cascadia. This situation is more like if Mexico invaded/supplied arms to California and Texas because “Anglo-Nazis are oppressing dem” and recognized their independence.

    Go ahead call me an infighter, Russian nationalists are stupid attacking other European states when they are being racially replaced by crypto-Jew Putin. This is about the Jewish State of Israel using the US and Russia to punish ourguys in Ukraine for actually being organized.

    • LightningPatriot,

      I was thinking much the same as what you wrote. A good comment. I do not share the high opinion of Russia that the vocal members on this website have. In fact I doubt if this website would be allowed in Russia.

      Still the forces against Russia such as the European Union, Great Britain, USA etc. are a bigger moral threat to the world than Russia is. The exportation of American movies, money, culture etc. are a bigger danger than the US military. One kills the body while the other kills the soul.

  14. Best possible outcome:

    -Putin annexes all of Ukraine. China annexes Tawain. The USA does nothing about it because they can’t do anything about it without risking WW3, which no one wants. China and Russia make a formal economic alliance with India to establish hegemony in the Eastern half of the globe

    -Emmanual Macron convinces everyone in Europe except Britain and Norway (since they aren’t part of the EU anyway) to break away from NATO and U.S. military dominance. Led by France and Germany, the EU becomes militarily independent of the United States for the first time since 1945.

    -The EU becomes hegemonic within its own sphere of influence. Britain has an intense internal debate over whether to align with America or this new EU, which makes formal military peace with Russia under condition that Russia continue to supply the EU with natural gas and resources, in exchange for the promise of Russian hegemony in the Eastern bloc (Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic states).

    -The United States, kicking and screaming, is reduced to hegemony strictly within North America and South America: A retvrn, of sorts, to the Monroe Doctrine. Every single Jew, Neocon, and Boomercon shrieks about Murrikan Decline.

    -A new “Concert of Europe” is established on the global stage. That is, a new balance of powers featuring the Ruskie-Silo-Desi alliance in the Eastern sphere, the European Union in the Western sphere, and a humbled, humiliated USA in the New World sphere.

    -The 5%ers and Appolonians commit ritualistic suicide, Jim Jones style, as they watch their “Unified White World” crumble to pieces, as Macron and Merkel turn the new independent EU into a mocha colored anal zone, and as White Americans turn every square inch of America outside of the shitlib Team Blue cities into some glorious cross of International Drive, Breezewood, PA, a college football stadium, and a shopping mall.

    And God saw that it was good

    • . . . except that China will probably turn towards India and settle their border disputes on China’s terms after dispatching Taiwan quickly. India is traditionally allied with Russia so this is likely to cause consternation in Russia especially since the USSR and China fought border skirmishes in the summer of 1969 and 1970. Russia fears Chinese encroachment upon Russian territory in their Far East, they share a 2,600 mile long border.

      The alliance between Russia and China is temporary and completely unnatural. U.S. stupidity and incompetence going back to the end of the Cold War has driven the two countries together through their mutual interest in checking U.S. aggression against both nations. Once Taiwan is taken over by the government in Peking new border disputes will rise to the forefront.

  15. HW,

    Would it be okay with you, if I post fundraiser information for Fred Leuchter on OD?

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    This is a video that Fred Leuchter made on February 19th with Jim Rizzoli.


    In the video, Fred Leuchter explains how his career was “cancelled” by the power of international jewry, and his very serious financial crisis he is experiencing. Both Mr Leuchter and his stepson could be homeless due to the malfeasance of mortgage bankers and the state of Massachusetts.

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  16. A lot of the donations to the Canadian truckers came from Americans. Now you have this—–

    Canada’s Justice Minister David Lametti says Trump supporters who donated money to the Canadian Freedom Convoy should “be worried” about having their bank accounts frozen.


    And that Irish retodd in the White House does not say one thing to defend his own citizens.

    No sanctions for Canada, no troops on the border or treats of reprisals, nothing. That is the Irish for you. Joe will do what ever Klaus Schwab and Moshiach tells him to. Joe is down with the anti-Christ.

  17. Russia sees the Ukraine as part of Russia, and for the last 1000 years it has been part of Russia with the exception of the Mongol & Turkish occupations.

  18. “We might need to deploy troops to Canada to liberate our fellow Anglos from Justin Trudeau’s dictatorship.”

    The illegitimate federal government trying to act hard on Russia’s tyranny with the backdrop of literal tyranny in Canada is kind of funny to say the least, quite the bind for the useless fed.

  19. “We might need to deploy troops to Canada to liberate our fellow Anglos from Justin Trudeau’s dictatorship”

    What… we’re going to send our black lesbians and our trannies under the command of the Negro Secretary of Defense to save whites in Canada?

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