CNN: This Is How Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Could Impact Your Wallet


This is the same guy who wants to censor the internet, purge the military, unleash the national security state on his domestic opposition and drive people into unemployment with his unconstitutional vaccine mandate. This is the same guy who last week encouraged Justin Trudeau to assume dictatorial powers and rollout a full blown police state to crush a protest in Canada.

Joe Biden has rolled back freedom both in this country and Canada. Inflation and skyrocketing rent and gas prices are already rolling back the standard of living for most people in this country. It is absolutely vital though to sacrifice to stand up for freedom … in Donbas.


  1. Different administration, same imperialist mindset. The regular guy and gal are the ones that always bear the true burden and cost.

    I don’t understand anyone who still believes in this system. How much more do they need to see?

  2. The US is one of those countries that if the UN really did it’s job….the US would have a military for self defense missions only and not be allowed foreign involvement. Why is that? Because the US has over and over again got involved in foreign Wars that do nothing but us here in the US and end up making everybody involved mad in the process. Take the Middle East for example….one year the US is friend with an Islamic Terrorist organization….the next enemies. What a joke that is for real. As for here at home…inflation is a huge problem but I don’t see it going down. Corporate America takes and takes and takes and care nothing about the Working Class, Students, and Senior Citizens. Deo Vindice !

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