Reporter To Jen Psaki: Why Should Any American Bear The Cost of Defending Ukraine?

Excellent question.

Gas prices were already approaching record highs before Vladimir Putin sent troops into Donbas. How much are we willing to pay for Joe Biden’s grandstanding which isn’t going to do anything for Ukraine but will succeed in making life even more unaffordable here for working class Americans?


  1. Why hasn’t biden been charged with sedition and treason ? His elimination of the former border with Mexico is enough to charge, arrest and try him for treason; high crimes and misdemeanors.

  2. The Deep State is petrified that public opposition to meddling in other people’s business will lead to the U.S. Government not fighting more wars for Our Greatest Ally. There are other reasons for U.S. meddling overseas of course (i.e. MIC, banking, oil etc.) but support for Our Greatest Ally dominates everything else. The Usual Suspects own the Ho House known as Congress (recently acknowledged by DJT) and the Presidency. Both scumbag parties of course are owned too but public opposition to more wars may overwhelm the usual march to war especially after the fiascos of Iraq (twice!) and Afghanistan.

    As Herr Epstein showed the world for the 100,000 time it isn’t just money that keeps the professional scumbags in the U.S. and foreign governments in line, it’s also the extensive ‘Kompromat’ accumulated over years by experts. The Lügenpresse has been remarkably incurious about the whole Epstein affair especially his convenient “suicide”. There is also a compromised juror throwing the Ghislaine trial into limbo and the latest convenient suicide (again!) in France of Jean-Luc Brunel, some kind of “fashion designer”, whatever that is. Down the memory hole go those inconvenient stories that show how corrupt and compromised the ruling class truly is.

    Of course the Lügenpresse’s job is really to reinforce the narrative and suppress the truth so they are doing what they are paid to do. Their problem is that the internet has broken their monopoly like never before so they must resort to censorship now to suppress the truth. Dementia Joe’s manifest unfitness for office, Cackling Kamala being a public embarrassment wherever she goes and a collection of perverts, misfits, angry colored people and the mentally ill leading the U.S. Government don’t exactly inspire confidence or fear in serious people however. Just look at how Vladimir Putin has successfully guided Russia back from the brink compared to U.S. “leaders” plunging the country into the abyss.

    Dementia Joe has been a cheap crook in Congress for decades, subservient to loathsome banks and credit card companies and taking bribes from Ukraine and China. Cackling Kamala literally got on her knees, Lewinsky style, to have her career, such as it is. There is a tranny ‘Admiral’ in charge of the Public Health Service, an Energy Secretary who doesn’t know anything about oil, a four star general who told China he would defy the President, the head of the DOD looks like Idi Amin, a Federal Reserve funneling money to Wall Street, impoverishing everyone else, a fool for Secretary of State and a Cabinet member, openly queer nicknamed “The Buttplug”.

    Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time having confidence in this clusterfuck of an administration?

  3. Controlling nuclear weapons, such as arms control agreements, are a good thing. When the USSR collapsed, Ukraine was left with the world’s third largest nuclear weapons arsenal. The US and Russia convinced Ukraine to give them up in return for security guarantees for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Russia has violated the Budapest Memorandum. The US and Britain are trying to adhere to the agreement by sending Ukraine military assistance. So if Iran or North Korea are watching this, they clearly see that making nuclear weapons deals with the West could be a mistake. This makes it ever more likely that North Korea or Iran will continue to develop their nuclear weapons program. Which makes it ever more likely that once they have the capability, they could threaten or even use them against the US. The US ‘broke’ Ukraine’s nuclear weapons deterrent, they now need to ‘fix’ it.

    • Russia was promised NATO would not expand to the east. They were lied to. Any country with nuclear weapons would be wise to keep them. Any country working on nuclear weapons would be wise to continue, if they value their independence. The US is just one more mad dog among many.

  4. Be prepared for higher gas and food prices and of course the left will blame it on Russia. Blame everyone except the guy in charge, Biden. I thought the buck stopped with him?

  5. Biden does not represent the interest of the American people. Biden represents the interests of Klaus Schwab, the World Economic forum and of course the Moshiach. The fruit does not fall far from the tree.Treachery is a dominating trait in Irish blood. What do you expect from the Irish? Fidelity to the rule of law, allegiance to God and country, from the Irish? BAHA you gotta laugh at this filth.

  6. One of the latest woke media Big Lies is that fear of “muh Russia” is responsible for the recent weakness in the financial markets, specifically of Putin’s threatened Ukraine adventure de jour. This is the equivalent of Jake the Snake whispering in the ears of the goyim, “heh heh, see that retirement plan of yours evaporating, it’s HIS fault.” It’s more bait to lure us all into yet another brothers’ war, one meant to be only the first in THIS century’s Western hate, and by that I mean the seething, virulent hatred of the West from the culture distorters living within it.

    The fact that has little to do with it is laid bare under the cold light of reason.

    There is no denying global stock markets have sold off and continue to do so in what has been from the start of the year a steady, now almost orderly, fashion, punctuated by increasinly infrequent, and ever weaker, “buy the dip” rallies, the stronger, kinder cousins of which rewarded the laptop class time after time in years past. The winds of the central bankers, who are now breathing on life support in a “quantitatively eased,” COVID-induced coma, were always in their sails…never mind the stench.

    Ordinarily, when market price action is tied to news, there is a large move in one direction on anticipation of the news, then a smaller move in the other direction once rumor becomes fact; hence the axioms, “buy on the rumor, sell on the news,” for good news, and, “sell on the rumor, buy on the news,” for bad news. The idea is rumors tend to overdo it. Human nature is reflected in the price action. Humans, not Big Tech AI, move market prices.

    However, and this is the key to exposing this particular woke media Big Lie, in the hours immediately after Putin formally recognized the Donbas separatists and issued an order to deploy “peacekeepers” into the Donbas on Tuesday, markets generally went sideways. They resumed selling off, later, as they had been doing before, but there was little on-balance price movement on the news itself.

    Keep in mind what prompted the initial selloff that began this year’s market “correction” had nothing to do with Ukraine. It was Wall Street’s “fear” of the inflation Main Street already knew is here.

    This, from those having the nerve to accuse others of spreading “misinformation.”

  7. “Our values”: Forced integration, open borders, gay rights, trans rights, abortion, forced jabs, perpetual war for perpetual peace, silencing all opposition to “our values”. This list by no means exhaustive.

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