Tim Pool: Majority of Democrats Back Trudeau’s Crackdown on Freedom Convoy

This poll demolishes Thomas Main.

Far from being a radical fringe, woke progressivism is now the governing ideology of the Democratic Party. These people DO NOT believe in traditional small-l liberalism which is an impediment to progressive activists. In fact, they are far more intolerant and ready to embrace authoritarianism to ruthlessly crush their opposition than our side, as we generally don’t give a shit about things like whether Joe Rogan or Chapo Trap House has a popular podcast that reaches millions of people.


    • Scratch a leftist and you get a dictator no matter how fatuous a fop like Justine True Dolt seems as he flounces away, hiding behind banks and even anonymous UN troops posing as police officers.

    • That is why the time honored practice of valiant manhood confronting a wannabe tyrant like True Dolt was an abject failure.

      Feminine tyranny must be countered by the “feminine,” but very effective weapon of Passive Aggression.

      In other words, when Miss Justine True Dolt ordered the truckers to leave Ottawa, they should have interpreted her order to mean that they (and their deliveries) were no longer welcome in Ottawa as long as True Dolt and her party controlled Parliament, then acted accordingly.

      The truckers, if course, would only deliver to cities and provinces that appreciated them and respected them as sovereign citizens who had a right to make their own medical choices.

      It would take about a week (if that long) for True Dolt and her allies in the media to stop acting smug and self -congratulatory as Ottawa descended into total violent, anarchic chaos.

      Washington and New York and Los Angeles would not benefit from another truckers convoy which they could Ray Epps even worse than they did the Trump supporters in January 6th.

      The wake-up call these places need is nothing whatsoever coming in by truck AND a run on the banks by the lumpenproletarian masses reeking of Wal-Mart whom they despise so much.

  1. Why does this come as a surprise to anyone? Totally predictable. Just read the little books authored by Vox Day – which would have been called pamphlets in an earlier more literate era: SJWs Always Lie, SJWs Always Double Down, and Corporate Cancer. The Church of Woke, which is the only one SJWs believe in, has a set of dogmas more rigid than those of most religions – the closest parallel being that of Talmudism (quelle surprise!). Castro’s bastard was just following the dogma. Of course all the blue-chekas approve and applaud. They’re more devoted to their cult than the Trumpkins are, who are more into a cult of personality.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Truckers was out protesting against Diversity and Multiculturalism instead of whatever issue they’ve been talking about? Oh but that would be racist? Hmmm kind of sums up the right wing in general. Perfect reason why our people should be White Nationalists. Deo Vindice !

  3. Trudeau has just announced unilateral ending of emergency powers after funds began to be withdrawn from Canadian banks, due to mobile capital now doubting the safety of funds in the Canadian financial system. In other words, when the Oligarchs suffer, the punishment meant only for the little people stops. Fancy that.

    Brandon best be taking notes. If the organizations funding U. S. government deficit spending stop loaning money to Uncle Sam because they do not trust Sam to return their funds, with interest, GAME OVER for the Empire of Evil.

  4. True, but this reversal points to another avenue of resistance: withdraw your money from banks and move it into accounts safe from the U. S. banking system. This would cripple the financial system because fractional banking means they have insufficient funds available to meet a bank run. Combine that with rolling two week wildcat (that is, unorganized) 100% work stoppages, followed by three weeks of malingering, then another two weeks of hard shutdowns of economic activity, and we bring both Leviathan and running dog capitalist swine to their knees.

    The time is now. Shut it all down. They can’t handle that form of combat: nothing to fight, no one to detain. Do it, citizens.

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