Tucker Carlson: Prepare To Shut Up and Sacrifice

This is Tucker Carlson’s finest hour.

He had the honor of being compared to Father Coughlin at The Bulwark this morning.

Tucker, of course, is entirely correct to focus on the things that Americans actually care about like inflation and skyrocketing rent and gas prices, not to mention soaring crime and record illegal immigration and Wokeism and failed COVID policies. Above all else, no one should have any confidence in the Biden administration to wade into this Ukraine mess in light of the litany of other blooming disasters on their watch. This isn’t the Taliban that Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin are dealing with in Donbas.


  1. WOW. I’m always a little shocked by the chutzpah of these people, despite my outer jadedness. They absolutely have zero shame, and kudos to Tucker for saying it.

  2. “inflation and skyrocketing rent and gas prices, not to mention soaring crime and record illegal immigration”

    “The goy will get use to it, that’s what gentiles are for.”

  3. He should take it as a badge of honor to be compared to Father Coughlin. Thank you Tucker and Father Coughlin for naming them.

  4. I am telling you, Klaus Schwab, the WEF and Moshiach are calling the shots here. Biden does not care what the American people think. Biden answers to a higher authority. Treachery runs in Irish blood. We are being betrayed by this filth.

    • Funny, I didn’t know Klaus Schwab was Irish, thank you for that insight and for displaying your usual level of intelligence.

  5. Listening to that filthy little butt-boy whore Graham lisping about the coming “sacrifices” we Flyova White Trash are going to be forced to make yet again by his god damned kike & MIC pimps…

    I want this whole fucking shitshow to crash & burn.

    • The only thing I want to sacrifice is some of our “leaders.” Imagine Miss Lindsay sharing a tumbril ride with Mrs. Rodham-Clinton, Harris, Schumer and Romney on their way to the scaffold: I can’t imagine bipartisanship and shared sacrifice much better than that.

  6. Anyone dissenting from the dictates of The High Anti-White Church of Politically Correctness is a “Nazi”, the latter-day term for heretic.

  7. Any time you hear that sacrifice term, know that you will be sacrificing.
    More for them and less for us. (H/T-George Carlin)
    The golden goose has left the building and Mad Max X Hunger Games is coming for a soft weak virtual world population who live in fear of a vapor or mist whipped up by comrade Fauci.

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