Breaking Points: War In Ukraine

The bottom line:

  • Ukraine falls
  • Europe is destabilized
  • Joe Biden is humiliated again on the world stage
  • Gas prices and inflation explode
  • China is emboldened to take Taiwan
  • The timeline of the decline of the American Empire has been greatly accelerated

Let’s be clear.

This is the inevitable result of Joe Biden’s foreign policy. These people overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014 when Obama was president and have been pumping weapons into Ukraine for years and inviting Ukraine to join NATO. They’ve been running Ukraine out of the State Department to the point where Donald Trump was impeached over a leaked phone call with Zelensky.

This ISN’T a situation that people like us have either desired or created. We are 100% ideologically opposed to this. We don’t support the American Empire or NATO. We think even less of the idea of expanding the Empire into far flung places like Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan which the geniuses who run our foreign policy in Washington have been doing for the past twenty years.

Now, it has blown up in their faces again and not for the first time. This is how all decadent, radically overextended empires crumble. If it had been up to us, we would have never gone down this road, but this is where we are now and where the foreign policy establishment has guided us.

You are about to pay for it big time.

Note: I disagreed with Saagar Enjeti on the likelihood of Putin invading Ukraine. I thought it was plausible in light of Russian troop deployments. The “intelligence community” is usually a bunch of liars, but the fact that nothing that is happening in Ukraine is really in Joe Biden’s interest and will likely prove to be politically disastrous for him spoke for itself.


  1. How ’bout a rousin’ chorus of Springtime For Hitler and Germany? No wait, that’s Springtime For Putin And Russia!

  2. Shoes! Shoes! It’s another Holocaust! Well at least Shlomo has the Ukrainian gold reserves safely evacuated and tucked away somewhere for safe keeping. Whew!

  3. The Yankee and Judeo/Catholic establishment are only pissed because someone else invaded a small country they can not tolerate the competition

    Russia this time beat them to it, no more “Pride” parades in Kiev and that´s a very good thing

  4. Maybe Putin will march all the way to the Atlantic and execute Macron, Merkel and the rest of the traitorous faggots en route, setting up a based imperium to save Christian Europe.

  5. First, their disastrous response to Covid, now this. It’s as if our overlords are deliberately doing their damnedest to destroy what’s left to dwindling White America.

  6. Asshole Eyes doesn’t dare send his “White supremacist”-purged mud/trannyfag “army” that couldn’t whip a few thousand Taliban rags to war against a REAL army, and the Russians know it.

    The chinks know it, too: look out, Taiwan…

    Brandon & his kike scum butt-puppeteers have already lost; it’s just infuriating that we Whites who were against this shit for years will now have to foot the bill…

  7. The western response here has been so funny. Western front men like Macron coming out to give buzzword speeches about “our values” and “who we are.” President Brandon just lying low in the white house nursing home with a case of depends and freezer full of Ben and Jerry’s. NGO goons telling people to donate money to LGBT organizations because Ukrainian trannies are being threatened. The entire image of western power was just shattered in a few hours.

    All they can do is threaten these impotent sanctions. But China has Russia’s back, so what good are western sanctions? Russia won’t have access to Western markets? They won’t be able to import ponzi schemes and insurance scams from the west? What exactly does the west have to offer anyone? The only thing the west had going for it was the illusion that it was an unassailable powerhouse, and they destroyed that illusion themselves with their bungled Ukrainian coup. How many western allies are going to see the writing on the wall and jump ship after this?

  8. I see no particular reason to think that China will liberate Taiwan Province any time soon, but I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

  9. Oy Vey, The “Nazis” are invading Ukraine again and implementing gas chambers, masturbation machines, holocoasters and concentrations camps.

    • The American and British mockingbird
      jewsmedia has already said and written that the Russian have “hit lists,” and are using mobile creamatoriums. No BS.

      It’s anaddah shoah.

  10. Don’t suck off Putin too hard, he’s still a little false flagging oligarch lovin scandemic extortionist gangster. Don’t get googly eyed just because he and his government said some based shit.

  11. “our values”
    men who are women
    women who are men
    others who are neither
    dead fetuses
    impotent parents
    censored opinions
    canceled accounts
    neverending regulation
    constant surveillance
    unsafe streets
    safe spaces
    smart phones
    retarded bluechecks
    know-it-all journos
    invasive advertising
    compliant consumers
    “our values”

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