1. ” trying to bring Ukraine into NATO.”

    Which USZOG explicitly promised not to do.

    When jevvz run your foreign policy, expect nothing but problems.
    Oh, and lots of gentile blood to be spilled.

  2. As per a previous posting.

    Putin can just withhold a fraction of Russian oil production and send the global markets reeling.
    Russia can make mountains of money by pumping less oil, as supplies are so tight that per unit price will increase far more than the unit volume decline.
    If Putin decides to pump less.

    Libtard concepts create more than social chaos, their reality denial spills over into all aspects life, including markets.

    • I would like to see them get wiped out. Just more funny money,with no intrinsic physical value.

  3. We have allowed a tiny tribe of neurotic, hate-crazed physical weaklings to rule over us for centuries. Is that their fault or ours?

    • Boomers dropped the soap on this one. The rest of us are now along for the ride. Seriously, just questioning Holocaust nonsense/brainwashing in public schools in the 70’s would have started steering away from the iceberg.

      • @KT – Oh, right! Like grade-schoolers and high-schoolers (as were most boomers in the 1970s) have so much control over school curriculum, and over Jewish intellctuals, and control over politicians and Hollywood propaganda.

        No worries, though ! You’ll have the problem solved before you get out of grade school, no doubt.

      • Over $5/gallon in some places in California already, Wait until there are physical shortages of gasoline, not just high prices. People will go nuts, this is not a sane country in the best of times.

        If Israel attacks Iran because of a new JCPOA treaty which Dementia Joe is rushing to finish in Vienna oil could easily double from here. That is not sustainable, it will be the end of Globo Homo America just like the Weimar Regime came to an end.

      • The good news is N. Dakota drilling will open up again. I think their break even is/was about $55/bbl.

  4. Judeo-Catholics blunder into war.

    Did Zelensky, a Jew, decide to threaten Russia with nuclear weapons, before or after he talked to O’Biden?

  5. “Not one inch” was GWB I’s emphatic promise to Mr. Gorbachev regarding NATO expanding eastward, a worthless promise broken by his village idiot son also responsible for the Afghan and second Iraq wars.

    And the geniuses in charge of the U.S. Government wonder why no one believes them including Dementia Joe’s idle threats?

  6. Since the US govt and NATO can’t stop the Russian militarily, Biden deems by order of the jews in his cabinet, US citizens will pay the tab to sanction Putin.

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