Russia Launches Special Military Operation In Ukraine

Here we go.

I got this one wrong.

I assumed that the ceiling wouldn’t collapse on Joe Biden before the midterms. I have repeatedly overestimated him and assumed he would get some lucky breaks.

Note: In a follow up post, I predicted that I would get at least one major thing wrong this year. I also brought up this scenario as a shoe that could drop on Biden. I expected it to happen in the long run, but not so soon. Joe will be lucky if China doesn’t move on Taiwan.


    • It could be another fake, manufactured incident like the Gulf of Tonkin. But Vladimir Vladimirovitch is no fool, he knows exactly what he’s doing. If he didn’t he would have been assassinated or exiled to Siberia decades ago.

    • Tikkun,

      It does seem like Putin is playing the part of an exaggerated villain. Like a cartoon character with his actions and language. Because of the weather in Texas I am off today but in religious class Friday I am sure we will discuss this war and vote on who we believe is morally in the wrong.

      I believe the USA will huff and puff but as long as Russia keeps their actions with restraint and with limited goals I suspect Russia gets her way.

      If this escalates and many thousands die then I would hope that even the hardcore supporters of Russia on this website would find it hard to continue to support Russia. I still find it strange that white nationalists support Russian support of communist “republics” in Ukraine.

      Probably it is because the enemies of Russia are evil and twisted beyond words and the men on this website live under governments that constantly berate their race, sex, and everything about them.

      • His actions and language have been rational and restrained, given the fact that the west was openly threatening to start building nukes and plant missiles all along the Russian border in Ukraine. He explained exactly the situation, Russia’s motives, and how Russia planned to respond to western aggression. That’s more than you will ever get from Western leaders, who will tell you all of their wars are for “freedom” or to stop comic book evil guy from being evil.

        • Dart,

          By that criteria Russia could conquer most of Europe. If a country plants weapons in their own territory that is their affair. Russia is free to do the same and they already have nuclear weapons that could destroy Europe. Also there already exist enough nuclear weapons from the USA that could bury Russia.

          I could not care less about western leaders or what is called freedom as they interpret it. Because western leaders and their societies are morally dubious does not by magic make any action by Russia correct.

          I imagine Poland is pretty nervous right now. My family and relatives have military officers including an American one and they have been discussing this a lot. Probably now Poland will end up with more weapons, missiles, and thousands more American soldiers.

          Should Poland now be invaded by Russia?

          My conclusion is that the invasion has happened but that hopefully it will be contained with limited damage and objectives.

          The cheerleading for Russia on a white nationalist website is bizarre and contrived. It goes beyond dissatisfaction with the moral decay in the so-called West.

          • Re: “cheerleading for Russia on a white nationalist website is bizarre and contrived”:

            Yes it really is bizarre and contrived.

            The true sympathies of all of you CIA/Mossad site handlers and real fascists, neo-nazis, falangists etc. are with the anti-communist Zio-Nazis of the fake “nation” of Khazar-kraine, and against the real organic historical nation, Russia, with its Soviet tendencies.

            Both the right and the fake left belong in the Khazar-krainian camp, not with Russia, and the difference is clear cut; there is no third position.


          • No, one nation planting weapons at another’s border is not the sole affair of the former party. That is the most absurd thing I have ever read.

            As for Poland, obviously their entire country ought to be leveled to the ground. But that is beyond the scope of the current conflict. Poles are absolute scum, with a fake country created by bankers in the early 20th century. The entire Polish “culture,” if personality disorders can be considered a culture, consists of nursing a deep inferiority complex and envy in relation to the West, topped with heavy doses of American cold war propaganda.

            What your worthless parasitical military family members believe or talk about is irrelevant to anything. Working as mercenaries for the US military or US vassal states places them all firmly in the enemy camp.

        • Dart,

          I forgot to mention that a sovereign country called Iraq asked that the Americans leave Iraq but the United States refused.. There are still a few thousand soldiers there.

          So of course it is true that the United States believes in selective morality.

          In January 2020, during massive protests and following an escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran, the Iraqi Council of Representatives passed a non-binding measure to “expel all foreign troops from their country,” including American and Iranian troops.

          It is possible that the non binding wordage provided the US with just enough self justification to remain.

  1. There is no reason that China wouldn’t move in after seeing what is playing out with Russia. It does look like Biden will be remembered as the worst president in United States history.

    • We will remember him as the greatest American president. The man who brought the American empire to its knees. The American Gorbachev. Long live President Brandon.

      • Well, he might be remembered as the least evil president, although he really did nothing on his own.

        However Gorbachev was not great. Gorbachev was a traitor.

        • Yes, Gorbachev was a traitor. But in the American context that is a good thing. Traitors to America are to be praised. Or those, like president Brandon, who may think himself loyal but whose incompetence inadvertently harms America’s standing. That incompetence is also praiseworthy.

  2. Russia is simply protecting the newly independent breakaway Ukrainian provinces of Lukhansk and…..I don’t know, Mordor? Gondwanaland? West Memphis?

    • Russia is protecting the pipeline they’re building. This isn’t about Ukrainian independence. The elite dont want them having the oil. No one talks about this.

      • I suspect this has much to do with it. Germany needs Russian gas and oil. Globo-Pedo wants their German cuck-colony buying only from the middlemen they own, not from Russia. Their puppet presiding over the German colony on Globo-Pedo’s behalf just nixed Nordstream 2. Vox Day has some halfway decent analysis here:

        If the Russians are doing a full scale invasion they could do the world a favor by arresting every single gaslight media “journalist” there as mercenaries along with the numerous members of the empire’s military sent there to organize the war against Russia on behalf of Globo-Pedo, who are in fact mercenaries. Mercs are not subject to the Geneva conventions and can be tried and executed as criminals if their actions warrant the penalty. These are folks willing to take money to protect the borders of a fake and gay colony of the Globo-Pedo empire while the borders of their own country are left open to invaders from around the planet by those who employ them. They deserve whatever they get, not matter how brutal it is. Perhaps a decade or two in a Russian prison at hard labor would fo them good.

        • It IS all about supplying fuel. If it were another country, there would be more support, but people just keep demonizing Russia.

  3. Just three words: Don’t give a shit.

    No Russian ever called me deplorable. No Russian ever said I should be sent to the gulag for my beliefs. May the best Slavs win.

  4. Mr. Wallace,

    Do not feel too badly I also recently wrote on this website that Russia would not attack without strategic surprise like my Army relatives told me was necessary. Evidently Russia does not fear American sanctions or a war.

    I consider this invasion/attack to be a grave situation that could get out of hand. War is a serious affair and not to be casually engaged in especially with modern weapons.

    • I didn’t discount the intelligence because it is not in Joe Biden’s interest for this to happen. Now, here we are

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I too did not discount information but then I am no military expert. So I relied upon common sense and the opinions of others. I was wrong. Playing Risk with my family does not qualify me as a military wizard.

  5. Putin isn’t invading. He’s “demilitarizing” and “de-nazifying” Ukraine telling its military to lay down their arms…

    By any reasonable definition its the invasion the media has been hyping for the last couple weeks.

  6. None of our business. No Americans should be going to die in Europe. Have we learned nothing from the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  7. The war is over. The entire Ukrainian military has abandoned their posts. All the airports have been destroyed. Cabinet ministers are packing their things and fleeing to Poland. Columns of Russian troops are now driving unchallenged to Kiev.

  8. Even it’s true Vlad is kicking their arses … So what? Ukraine is a fake and gay country. A rusted-out, hollowed out, strip-mined territory of Globo-Pedo empire with a literal Jew-clown as “president”. Send Ms. Cupp-cake, along with Vicky Nuland, Gen. Silverback, Adm. Levine (in heels) and Lady G to fight for Globo-Pedo’s colony.

  9. Racism flourishes in a time of war, who blood is calling for others to go fight and die. Whose blood Mr Hannity?

  10. Biden should be concerned about our borders and sovereignty but his criminal dealings in Ukraine are more important.

  11. The U.S., Europe, Khazar-kraine, and Russia, and even China, and nearly all the rest of the world are infected with Usury. Some nations are sicker than others but the global Hegemon, Anglo-Zionism or Babylon, or whatever you call it, is the sickest of all.

    As long as capitalism rules the world, the poor you will always have with you and there will always be war.

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